The month of March

March, march, march. 
I didn't love you from the start.
But waiting for you.
I know He's true.

Oh, how this time has passed!
My dear sweet March.
I waited so many months.
Called you out with my lungs.

I'm so parched, 
Oh dear March.
But, here you'll be.
Can't wait to see.

I waited in search.
To quench my thirst.
It will be March.
Soon, at last.

Oh dear March,
just like starch.
Iron out the creases.
This research of Rhesus.

Sure, I've learned.
But it's time to overturn.
Can't wait to proceed. 
Harvest from the seed.

My sweet March,
I see you as an arch.
A rainbow in the sky.
A promise up high.

Β© Copyright Protected. All Rights Reserved.


    1. Wow Dawn…your birthday’s in March? When? When? When? You love all the romance in nature….that’s what you come across as…to me. I could be wrong….but that’s what I see in your poetry. You’re an observant soul infused with grace and a soul that siphons out positivity from all the negativity….somehow….atleast that’s what I see….I hope I’m not wrong…or gone too far and beyond my rights….
      Love from India.

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      1. I hope you are not wrong too! I would have described you, not myself, with such warmth and glow, but I would love to be. So thank you. I do love the created world that God made and saw that it was good. And I believe He made us stewards of it all. My birthday is the 2nd. Thank you for your vivacious spontaneity and love, Ruelha. Bless you. xx

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        1. Hahha…..Im pretty certain I’m not wrong. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‰
          You’re most welcome Dawn.
          Ooohhh 2nd… Dawn. We have something in common then. Well, I’m not a March baby. I was born on the 2nd too….but a different month.

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