Words of an abandoned …stray

You kicked me out,
all of a sudden one day.
Left me defenceless.
Hurt, it caused me tremendous.

Left on the road, abandoned.
Wasn't the physical state that had me saddened.
You were my family.
You took your responsibility casually. 

You made me a promise.
And now, I know you were dishonest.
You left me here out in the cold.
Played with me, but now I'm just too old.

To you I was just a pet, a dog.
One you'd selected from a catalog.
But I was always there.
Your every achievement to share.

I'm a dog so I just jump and bark.
But, you were my owner, my monarch.
I felt sad when you were sad.
Didn't know how to console you for the bad. 

You didn't notice.
But I always had you on focus.
And now you left me out alone.
To growl in isolation and moan.

Intelligent humans are too complicated.
Unlike us dogs, their egos are so inflated.
Always trying to control.
Even when they take you for a stroll.

On these lonely streets I struggled.
With no master to cuddle.
But someday you'll think of your dog.
When you need a furry paw to cope from the slog.

Once upon a time, called by name.
An abandoned stray, one and the same.
I was your dog.
Young, we'd go out while you'd jog.

To you I was just a pet, a dog.
One you'd selected from a catalog.
Left on the road, abandoned.
Wasn't the physical state that had me saddened.

© Copyright Protected. All Rights Reserved.


      1. Should not be broken is the key. People marvel at the amount of money we spend on our pets. We them ever cent for all the comfort and well-being they give us.

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        1. Absolutely….this fallen world could be a lonely and depressing place….pets fill up voids and fill our lives with cheer….then why not….it’s so adorable when they reciprocate …

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      1. My daughter Victoria has a service dog we adopted at a shelter, three cats, Gracie we got from a friend, Sadie came from a shelter and Sunshine is a stray cat we have been caring for over twelve years now, Fluffy died last month someone just drop her near our house seven years ago and she wiggle her way into our hearts and well. Over the many years we lived her we cared for more than thirty cats and kittens and found them homes as well.

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  1. A Christmas Story About A Dog Separated

    From A Family Will Relate the Modern Human

    Condition Rue As Well For Dogs Have Feelings For Humans Have Feelings
    too the Attachment of the Neurohormone Oxytocin The Warm And Fuzzies

    Likely Even More Intense as Love Flavors As Dogs Are Yet to Become

    Neo-Cortex Generated Abstract Constructs as Our Feelings

    May Become Swamped And Washed over with
    Problem Solving And Deadline Life

    No Longer Warmth More
    Now Fear All Contingently
    Connecting to Even Illusory
    Fears We Create With So Many
    Machine Parts We Make Again Drowning

    Out All the Puppy
    Dog Eyes Of Love until All

    There Is… Is A Thousand

    Yard Stare to Nowhere the Only

    Place Anxiety of Life Has To Escape

    Yes Pets Are Naturally Empaths More Tuned

    To Social Warmth and Yes Particularly Dogs

    Needing Packs of Cooperating Dog

    Friends Just To Survive as

    Humans Do Indeed



    Lifeblood Then Now

    And Sadly.. These Days

    At Least a Dog’s Behavior May

    Reflect the Teachings of Jesus More

    Than Humans As They Relate Their Lives

    Even Unmasked So Distant So Far Away From Furry Love

    What i often See More of is Men Treating Their Dog’s Nicer

    With More Hugs than Children And Wife as they may Instead

    Become the Furniture to Ignore.. And Then There is Mercy

    At the End of Suffering Life No Wait for 8 Days Without

    Food Or Drink When ‘They’ Say Otherwise Most

    Folks Go in 3 if they Didn’t Have such

    A Strong Heart of Love Like My Mother



    Been Without a Pet for 2 Years…

    Yellow Boy A Feral Cat From the Woods
    So Intelligent So Smart As He Brought the Call
    of the Wild Back to me And We Brought the Warmth

    Of Making Biscuits on Mother’s Breast As the Once
    Terrifying Killer of All Small Wild Life in the Woods Became

    A Lap Cat of Love And Empath too Reaching Out with
    Paws of Love Whenever His Finally Tuned Feelings

    of Affective



    Emotional Distress
    in Anyone Close Oh How
    Much We Will Understand

    About Humans Immediately in How

    They Treat Their Pets or Really if they Even

    Care to Have one at all… Disturbing indeed that

    Our Current President Didn’t Want Any Furry Friends

    In A White House Only Catering to Selfish Greed Of Him

    True Empathy

    Will Save

    the World

    Without that

    Human Days Numbered

    Both Breathing Life Alive and

    Just Dead Living or Dead of Love

    Dog Doesn’t Need To Travel Far to

    Understand Dog Is Love What A Dog Will Teach Us About Dog..:)

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  2. Whenever I observe stress in the facial expression of my mother, a typical senior, I also observe how that stress drains from her face and is replaced with joyful adoration when our pet feline enters the room: “Hi, sweetheart,” she’ll say. And I know that countless other seniors—not to mention myself (whether consciously or subconsciously)—with pets also experience the emotional benefits of hosting a cherished pet.

    She appreciates the healthy reciprocal relationships—some animal lovers would go as far as to describe them as somewhat symbiotic—that can exist between pet animals (many of us see them as family members) and their loving and appreciative human hosts, especially physically and/or mentally ill hosts.

    Indeed, animals have a beneficial influence over humanity that many people still cannot fathom; and this beautiful reality of animals’ positive effect on their human hosts can also be beneficial to the animals.

    Besides numerous studies revealing the health-benefits to humans (their high blood pressure is alleviated, for example) when in proximity, and especially when in physical contact, with a domesticated animal, the fact is, when a cat or dog, for instance, is lovingly petted down along its back, it acts as a sort of soothing and healing massage, and that animal’s lifespan and good health increase considerably.

    Many health-care homes are already adopting cats and/or dogs to reside at the facilities, and the data available has revealed the improvement in the health of many patients since the facilities’ adoptions of such pets.

    In a June 14, 2000, Vancouver Sun article it was written that scientific proof reveals a “powerful man-beast bond that transforms lives, alleviates depression and disease, gives direction to the blind and comfort to the lonely and fills homes with a measure of uncomplicated joy that is impossible to fully appreciate until it is gone.”

    This fact has but vastly increased in awareness and even measurability since then and will almost certainly continue to do so.

    Being a fan of felines myself, I often enjoy the presence of others’ pet felines. In fact, when I got my days mixed up and made the long trip from White Rock to Vancouver apparently for naught, I still felt some gratitude by the fact that I got to visit and pet the large black cat—who happens to look just like our family cat—at the veterinarian clinic near my destination.

    (Frank Sterle Jr.)

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