Television’s best dressed women

This article is more about the gorgeous pictures. In my personal humble opinion, Jennifer Aniston’s character in Friends wins here. She wore the most amazing clothes and they all suited her lovely figure. She has the hips and calves of a carefully-sculpted Greek goddess. I realized she wore lots and lots of skirts, mostly those cute itsy-bitsy ones that look gorgeous. Yes, I covet her wardrobe. It’s been so many years since ‘Friends’, but her wardrobe is still better than any other television actor till date. She had style, grace, poise and everything beyond and in between. In the entire history of television, there has never been a better dressed character. I would say her style has been consistently elegant. The colours and silhouettes have been graceful and defined, nothing too unconventional or flowy, body hugging mostly to reveal her toned body. A lot of knee high boots and classy closed toe shoes, mostly classy solid colors, blacks, so many blacks, greys and checks. Look at some of these pictures.

And since I love colours and all things bright and almost-garish, I think Penny’s wardrobe is the next best. I’m talking about Kaley Cuoco from ‘the big bang theory.’ Penny wears a lot of cleavage revealing spaghettis and tank tops with really tiny knitted shorts that very few perfectly sculpted women in the world would be able to pull off. Sometimes, you’ll see her in frilly, gathered flowy tops. But her character loves colour. Violet, lavender, blue, turquoise, green, a lot of bright yellows, pinks, orange and reds.

What do you think? Can you think of a female character better dressed than these two hotties? Let me know if you agree.

Stay Fabulous,
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