The Midas Touch

I don't believe in destiny. 
All of life can change aplenty.
There's always an alternate future.
You're not a pre-programmed computer.
Nothing is pre-written.
And nothing cannot be rewritten. 

That is one of the many reasons why.
From astrologers and fortune-telling, I shy.
I never cared to read those columns. 
Everyone around me knows star signs, in volumes.
But all I know,
is that I'm a Virgo.

But about twelve years ago,
I was paired with a colleague who claimed to know.
A flight attendant's job is rather dynamic.
Everyday a new set of colleagues.
Everyone was already excited to see his name on the roster.
All the girls flocked to him, so maybe he was not an imposter.

He seemed so peaceful, tamed, integrous and calm.
Unique for a boy so young, so even I stretched out my palm.
I wasn't expecting him to reveal my future.
Or base my life's decisions, so only for humour.
Reluctantly, I was the last one after he finished with those in line.
After he studied my palms, he looked up and widely smiled.

Apparently, my hand is quite unique.
The kind that many peopl would seek.
Wherever I go,
gold shall follow.
Whatever I touch shall turn to gold.
So I could choose anything in life with a blindfold.

While everyone else discussed with him,
about all their career prospects and life choices,
He gave me an open ticket.
Claiming I'll have a field day taking wickets.
You can choose whatever you fancy.
Whatever it be, there'll never be scanty.

Absolutely anything, whichever field.
This hand says you will always yield.
Success shall follow,
wherever you go.
But, I'll tell you something now.
You'll be an excellent housewife, somehow.

Seriously! You just said that I'll bathe in gold.
How is that possible with this that you just told?
But gold is refined by fire, you know!
You have to burn before, only then it'll glow.
So they say; I can be anything.
Gold always, back I shall bring.

And then he told me a funny little story.
About things with my sister-in-law turning gory.
He predicted that my future husband would have a sister.
And that I should be wary of her and his mother.
Then he added, you'll probably be able to manage.
Because you don't come across as egotistical and savage.

Wow, I don't believe in palm-reading, but I'm excited now.
Because he just disclosed, with the Midas touch I'm endowed.
Well, that is what he foretold.
Although technically, I'm still waiting for my gold!

I don't believe in any of these. 
Not even for a tease.
That was just the one time.
I thought it'd be a different paradigm.
But my dad did take some pain.
to calculate the letters while creating my name.

Almost all through, I always won something at housies.
Or just about any game at every party.
Everywhere I went, somehow work got done.
Up until my late teens, it was always so fun.
My mum's sister even gave it a name.
'Devil's luck', she called it. Such a shame!

But luck ran out, if that is what it ever was.
I don't know, whatever happened to my Santa Claus.
My mom always taught me, 'there's no such thing as luck'.
There's only God and the devil; and in between we are stuck.

In fact all through my childhood, I refrained from using that word.
Before every exam, friends, aunties and uncles, neighbours...
kids from the neighbouring desks would go around wishing all 'best of luck'.
In that typical way with the thumb out of their fist stuck.
But, I always said 'all the best'.
To keep up and reply differently itself was a test. 

Sona hi sona. (Gold, only gold)
Mere saath bas wohi hona. (Just that shall happen with me)
Ek zamaane mein kuch aise hi bataya. (Once upon a time, this was told)
Jis cheez pe chadh gaayi meri chaaya. (Wherever my shadow fell)
Well, it would have been fun if that were true.
But then, neither he nor I would have been crew!

© Copyright Protected. All Rights Reserved.


  1. This was so awesome Ruella! I loved your ryhming words, your insight and fun read too,
    Love this line “But gold is refined by fire, you know!
    You have to burn before, only then it’ll glow”. And Glow you do!!! I to believe we create our own path. There are some amazing truths of connectiion in the stars. Loved this and remember Santa’s visit is a gift from the heart so just enjoy the lil story of st nick to bring you some well deserved merriment!!! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Cindyyyyyyy😍♥️♥️😍♥️😍♥️😍♥️😍♥️😍♥️😍♥️😍♥️. You say nice things always😃🎀😃🎀😃🎀😃.
      I agree with you there Cindy. I’m Indian do astrology is an indispensable part of our culture. If I remember correctly, I seen it somewhere in the Bible too…I’m not very sure though….but I prefer to stay away from pleasing the rulers of the stars. I take matters to the one above instead.🤩😉🙏🏼✝️🤭😊😍
      Have a very merry and blessed Christmas 🎅🎄☃️🎁🎀

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  3. Yes, the magi followed the star, because of an old Persian prophesy – possibly retold from days of Daniel – of a star that would signify a new King is born. x I wouldn’t want to have my fortune told though – I’d rather not know! Enough to know that my name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

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