Enola, enola; m'a promis.
Mais tu as promis.
Ne jamais abadonner.
Pourquoi suis-je ici?
Onze, quinze.
Onze, quinze.
Ne jamais me tester au-delà.
Je suis humain.
As-tu oublié?
Lema sabachthani?
Enola, enola; mais tu promis.
Emporte ce verre.
Onze, quinze.
Onze quinze.
Nan tayarakka irukirren.
Moonra matangal.
Majhakadhe ata jaasti naahi.
Fakta teen...
...sodlela meen.
Mais, tu as promis.
Nibhana padega.

© Copyright Protected. All Rights Reserved.


        1. My, my….you recognized the Marathi in there…..
          You did spend a lottttttt of time in India…..
          You know ….truth is….I learned French only for 2 years in Junior college and it is was very basic.i can’t speak or understand someone if they’re speaking in French. I can read and maybe write very infant-level style French. I have to admit….I had to ask google for help here.😅🙃😉🤭🤫🤐
          I combined 6languages in this post….I just felt like doing something weird I guess 😅🤣🙃😁🤭
          Thank you….blessings upon you too, my friend.

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            1. I’m fluent in just three of them…the rest I know a few words here and there…so I used just that much…..
              But I must say….you really figured it out well Collin🎯…..most people thought it was all French….

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  1. Like your other posts, I am very sure this too is awesome, but embarrassingly, the only French I know is “Deux biers s’il vous plait.”
    Will look later for a translator.

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    1. No, no….this post …I’m not too proud of….that’s why I coded it as a mixture of different languages….more like a letter to God….momentary slip 🤭🤫🤐🙈🙊🙆‍♀️…..

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  2. uand Dieu doute
    Dieu c’est clair maintenant
    JusT Humain et Dieu
    Pardonne-moi pour i Excel
    Dans la logique en d’autres termes

    je plaisante aussi pour

    Je suis humain

    Pas vraiment

    je suis

    ne pas


    Être juste

    Partie de Dieu nu

    La nature pour tous

    Les THoRNS tous les FLoWeRS

    Les roses tombent et se lèvent et FLoWeR AGAiN

    Autre que cette heureuse souffrance

    Il est à noter

    Le soleil brille

    365 jours et

    Plus Oui sur

    Un quart de jour

    Toutes les années où nous nous voyons

    Sont seulement plus proches certains jours en acte..:)

    Hehe It’s True my Cajun Grandmother Is French Voila i Do Google Translate HAha…

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  3. When God Doubts
    God It’s Clear NoW
    We aRe aLL NoW ReaL
    JusT Human And God
    Forgive me For i Excel
    In Logic In Other Words

    i also Jest For

    i Am Human

    Not Really

    i am



    To Just Be

    Part of Naked God

    Nature For Real All

    The THoRNS All the FLoWeRS

    Roses Fall and Rise And FLoWeR AGAiN

    Other Than That Happy SuNDaY

    It’s Worth Noting

    The Sun Shines

    365 Days and

    More Yes About

    A Quarter Of A Day

    All Years We See We

    Are Only Closer on Some Days in Deed…

    Hehe C’est vrai que ma grand-mère cajun

    est française Voila je fais Google Translate HAha…

    Hehe too much Time on My Hands All i own only Left to Play With SMiLes now..:)

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    1. Oh no no brother Matt….I wish I were….
      I speak only 3 of these fluently….the rest I know just a few words here and there….I didn’t intend to fake it and sound like a linguist….I was just hoping to say something without anyone understanding ….so this became somewhat of a code….you know….just to get it out of my system….the odds of someone understanding all 6 of these is pretty low….so i felt safe writing this bit….😉🙃🤐🤭🙊😂

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        1. Actually….most Indians speak at least 2 languages. If they’ve had basic education, at least 3. And many speak 5-7 languages here. 4 is average for someone who’s had the opportunity to go to school. That means I’m below average🙃😅😔. English is taught everywhere….almost. so that’s one. Then the state language….in my case that would be Marathi. Then many people speak hindi because irrespective of the state language, most northern states speak/understand hindi. And then maybe your native language or the language of the people you interact with/state you live in…..I have been a slow learner….11 years in Tamil Nadu and I can barely say few words 🙃😳😅😅😅🙃

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  4. Only speak three fluently? lol. I got the French, but still not sure what 11:!5 is, except perhaps the time, and then the rest lost me altogether. I started learning Hindi this year, but in the devanagari script, so I wasn’t sure what your language was and didn’t recognise anything else. You got us using our grey matter though! x

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    1. Most Indians who have had the opportunity to go to school compulsorily learn at least 3 languages. Then they probably pick up their native language additionally and the language of the people around them …..so I am a shame here actually 🙈🤭😔🙃😅🙈
      11:15 is actually a Biblical verse….. now I’m not proud of quoting that one. But I’m human and I fall often. But I don’t want to influence anybody else negatively or even advertise that side of me that pops up sometimes…..so …..11:15😅😉🤣😅
      Wow Dawn….devanagari script…that has got to be difficult…..very impressive…..I’m sitting here in Tamil Nadu for 11 years and I barely know a few words….(that I incorporated in this too)…..shame on me🙈….I began to learn 3.5 yrs ago…then something came up….something that took a lot of my time and energies….I purposely didn’t write the hindi/marathi bits in devangari because i wanted it to be more confusing 🤣☺😉🤣☺🤣😉🤣☺🤣😉😅☺…..maybe we can communicate in Hindi someday….exchange chats/notes or something like that….🎀😊🎀😊🎀😊🎀

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      1. Dear Ruelha. NO shame on you at all! No shame. Christ nailed it all to the cross. You are His and blessed and beautiful and clever and full of love. He took your guilt and shame, don’t pick it back up or listen to the lies. xx

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