To forgive or not?

Whatever the cost.
Irrespective of the loss.
Forgive and forget.
Hold no debt.

And if you forgive.
You are doing His will.
You, He too shall forgive,
if this is how you choose to live.

Forgiveness is a choice.
Listen to His voice.
The choice is yours.
Are you keeping scores?

Yes, it's completely optional.
But likewise, it's conditional.
Mercy and grace.
Or justice and judgement?

Is it vengeance you seek?
Or to offer the other cheek?
The wages of sin is death.
Is that what you wish to bet?

Unless you are blemish-free,
cast the first stone, I agree.
If you seek grace, you must forgive.
But if you cry for justice, your deeds put through a sieve.

Our God is just.
Choose what you must.
If you seek the judge, so He shall be.
The law still stands; but mercy, you see...
...that is extended to the merciful. 
So in your choice, be very careful.

Forgive the ones who aren't even sorry.
The ones who caused your soul's destruction and agony.
Whatever the cost.
Irrespective of the loss.
Forgive and forget.
Hold no debt.

Forgive the ones whose crimes are abominations. 
The ones who annihilated your very foundations. 
Whatever the cost.
Irrespective of the loss.
Forgive and forget.
Hold no debt.

Forgive the ones who stole all that mattered.
The ones who left you naked, torn and tattered.
Whatever the cost.
Irrespective of the loss.
Forgive and forget.
Hold no debt.

Forgive the ones who still keep repeating.
The ones who keep trespassing and back stabbing.
Whatever the cost.
Irrespective of the loss.
Forgive and forget.
Hold no debt.

Forgive those ones, when you hold their dignity.
And have all the evidence to shame them publicly. 
Whatever the cost.
Irrespective of the loss.
Forgive and forget.
Hold no debt.

 And if you forgive. 
You are doing His will. 
You, He too shall forgive, 
if this is how you choose to live.

(Inspired by Matthew 6:14) 
© Copyright Protected. All Rights Reserved

It is my desire to study the four gospels. Writing poems helps me put some thought into it thereby making it fun to learn and remember. I was stuck on the book of Matthew for years and never really completed more than the first five chapters until I began writing ‘the Matthew Series‘. Now, I’m revising the contents of the book of Mathew by writing another series of poems titled ‘Inspired by Matthew‘. This one will not be as comprehensive as ‘the Matthew Series’ and may not be in an orderly sequence. This particular poem is the 18th in the series. I recommend reading the actual Bible because it’s a whole lot better than my poems. I’d be overjoyed if anyone out there would like to be part of this experience and go through the book of Matthew with me. I hope you enjoy reading each piece as much as I did writing them. 


  1. i Love These Verses
    About All Forgiving
    Thanks Giving
    Loving All Enemies
    Until It Gets to
    The Opposite
    Gas Lit Reality
    Of Dividing
    LoVE iNto
    And Burning
    The Goats Eternally
    Now For No Sin Greater
    Than Not Being
    Sheep Lost
    On The
    Of Left
    Logic my
    FRiEnD Just
    Simple Logic
    A God Who
    ‘The Same God’
    All That Veers
    God of Love
    It Doesn’t Get
    Any Clearer Now
    In 2020 For
    Goats to See🐐🌊😁

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      1. God Loves The Goats
        And Sheep Equally
        The Church
        i Visit
        God And
        In Other Words
        IT Has Nothing to
        Do With Agape
        Love As
        Not For All
        Really Simple
        Logic Gas-Lit
        Reality Gives


        Soul Burn Hehe..😁

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        1. I love you as a friend Fred💐… but to me….God is love.💟✝️🥰 He is the origin, source, creator, promoter and epitome of love. I’d be ALL sorts of crazy if God didn’t save me.. forgive and love me ……..He’s more real to me than each breath I take and I feel His love in the most indescribable ways….😊🙃🤩….

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          1. SMiLes
            Dear FRiEnD
            Love Is
            Truly Born
            THiS Way
            And Yes
            Gardened too
            Not Everyone
            Is Saved First
            Loses This
            Regains Breath
            To See How
            ‘The Other
            Side’ Breathes
            JeSuS And
            God is
            Love to
            Me Love
            All Forgiving
            Thanks Giving

            i Will Never
            BeLiVE iN
            Any Eternally
            By God
            i Wouldn’t
            Even Torture
            A Misbehaving
            Animal How in
            The Hell
            Do i
            Out When
            i Went To
            Hell Within
            True Surely

            if i Found
            For The

            God Forgives
            The Enemy Eternally
            Too At Least
            The Part

            Of The

            Matthew Does

            In ‘The Beatitudes’

            Before He Eternally

            Burns ‘The Goats’

            For Not Being


            And ‘Left
            Handed’ too
            Of Course no
            Mention of


            As They

            Were Not


            Worthy of

            A Man’s

            Spiritual Gifts

            Yet My FRiEnD

            THere iS Still
            The Part
            i Breathe

            So i Easily And
            Yes Still Forgive
            All of What

            Is Still
            That Still


            As that

            Is NOT

            The JeSuS
            i BREaTHE

            The ‘Good
            Cop JeSuS’
            Beatitudes Style
            To BREaTHE
            Yes You

            To Love Lots

            Like ‘The JeSuS’

            i For
            See And

            Breathe by
            Birth And


            mY FRiEnD😁


  2. Wonderful poem, when we forgive someone who has hurt us in someway, we are freeing ourselves and allowing God to hold them accountable for their actions. We also need to learn to forgive ourselves for our own mistakes, we are not perfect, because once we ask God to forgive us He wipes our slate clean.

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    1. Aah….that’s a lovely way to look at it Eileen….
      Oh yes, guilt is such a powerful burden…
      Learning.. learning….attempting….struggling to fight the flesh and soul….and let the spirit steer 🙃😅🙈😅😉😊….one day at a time eh🦧🤓😆😉

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  3. Another beautiful poem by my little sister. 🙂
    Forgiveness frees us from the situation. There are times that though we forgive the person, we still need to not interact with the person so as not to be harmed again.

    Jesus loves you little sister 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    1. Here’s to walking through opened doors!🤩🎀😍🎀💐 Thank you Rhemalogy 🎀😀🎀

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  4. Another new fan for the most awesome poet; I read this to my wife this morning and she lived it.
    I shall each day read her another of your masterpieces.
    Thank you for your awesomeness.

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    1. Thank you for those extremely kind words gldn2th 🤩🙏🏼🎀🤩💐….I’m so glad she liked it….thank you again😊….please give her my regards💐…
      You know when I started out with this poem, it got me annoyed and all messed up within thinking about someone. I thought I’d forgiven her, but thinking about her just got this poem looking very different. Then it was time to sleep so I had to leave the poem a bit incomplete. But in my sleep, these words kept repeating in my head….’whatever the cost; irrespective the loss’…. By the time I woke up I had to complete some chores and I really couldn’t note those words anywhere. I thought I’d forget. But somehow I didn’t and this poem shaped up quite differently. I think my poems help me…I don’t know if anyone really reads or makes sense of it….but it definitely teaches me stuff along the way….😅🤓😅👩‍🏫📝 j write and then I learn/remind myself 🤓😅😂
      hope you guys had a lovely day….
      Stay blessed 🙏🏼🎀💐🎀🙏🏼

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      1. I (along with everyone else) am glad this poem came together as it did.
        The most beautifu things about all your poems are the relatability and sense they make, and a different perspective/delivery system makes for better learning and understanding,helpful to everyone reading; this is why a book would be great, a book is more handy to grab and pass around as the desire arises. (This from a person who doesn’t have a smart phone).
        Forgiveness is tough. My wife knows a lady who hurt her many years ago, though she says she forgave the lady a long time ago, every once in a while she brings the incident up, with heavier breathing, increased pulse, and elevated blood pressure. I know enough now not to point out her anger means she hasn’t truly forgiven, but even though I can easily stay out of her arm’s length……. Sometimes, it is prudent to keep my trap shut.
        Thank you again for your hard work.

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        1. Thank you gldn2th for those very very very kind words 🙏🏼🎀🙏🏼🎀🙏🏼🎀🙏🏼🎀🙏🏼🎀🙏🏼
          Maybe ….hopefully someday…I really don’t know how, where and all those important things that go into making a book….maybe someday 🤗🙏🏼
          I agree completely….such a difficult thing….such a process it’s been….some of it has taken years and years of continuous conscious conditioning and resisting the flesh and mind… and still after all that…..sometimes a moment’s lapse and anger and hatred and all those negative feelings build up….all they need is a little spark….
          There’s no denying forgiveness is a difficult and impossible task for a mere mortal…..
          I guess that’s why they say….to err is human; to forgive – divine…I’m really trying to surrender all of my emotions and thoughts and bring them into captivity… to the obedience of Christ….as you can see….I fall….a lottttt🤭🤣😅😄 but it’s started to become a fun process…..despite…..😊🎀😊🎀😊
          ….you are a wise man 🤐😄🤐🤫😂
          Thank you for stopping by 🙏🏼🤗💐

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          1. I like the sound of being a “wise man”, it surely sounds better than “scaredy cat”, which is closer to the truth (assuming you were using this term because I have learned to control my tongue, and maintain a safe perimeter out of striking distance).
            Tomorrow, here in the states, we celebrate Thanksgiving Day. We will be expressing a special thanks for discovering you and your blog. Thank you for your excellence, you are always very appreciated.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Hahhahaha….yes yes….its exactly because of that….it is such a difficult thing to do .. taming the tongue..😅😂🤭…..
              Haha ….out of striking distance🤣😂🤣
              I hope you had a great day….I guess I’m late ….to wish you …but I’m thankful for a friend like you🎀💐🤩🙏🏼🤗.
              Hey ….I don’t know what to say to that….I don’t deserve that….but thank you….its extremely kind of you 🙏🏼🎀💐

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  5. Love your poem on forgiveness. When we forgive, we are the one’s who will be set free.
    And Ruelha i don’t know how you write poems so consistently and beautifully. You are so gifted dear
    You are an inspiration😉 love💕

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