Conspicuous Charity

Doing something to uplift.
Good deeds done in public.
Yes, He keeps every record,
not if you've already claimed a reward.
You've made of it a big show.
All singing praises to your name; they know.
It could have been a genuine act.
Kindness and effort you did not lack.
But if you did it for their praises,
forget about the extra graces.
Because in adulation/appreciation, already paid completely.
If you're helping a needy person, rather do it discreetly. 
Your closest friend must not know.
Don't try and make of it a big show.
Let it be a private matter.
End it there and close the chapter.
Father knows and sees everything. 
Acts of mercy and love more than worshipping.
That's what He prefers.
But stop displaying all your scores.
When you do some charity,
don't do it to gain popularity.

(Inspired by Matthew 6:3)
© Copyright Protected. All Rights Reserved.

It is my desire to study the four gospels. Writing poems helps me put some thought into it thereby making it fun to learn and remember. I was stuck on the book of Matthew for years and never really completed more than the first five chapters until I began writing ‘the Matthew Series‘. Now, I’m revising the contents of the book of Mathew by writing another series of poems titled ‘Inspired by Matthew‘. This one will not be as comprehensive as ‘the Matthew Series’ and may not be in an orderly sequence. This particular poem is the 17th in the series. I recommend reading the actual Bible because it’s a whole lot better than my poems. I’d be overjoyed if anyone out there would like to be part of this experience and go through the book of Matthew with me. I hope you enjoy reading each piece as much as I did writing them. (First image .


  1. “Acts of mercy and love more than worshipping. That’s what He prefers.”

    Coming to Be Where i Live; i’ve often Wondering What The Reception Now For
    ‘Jesus’, if He Will Come Back Today, Will Be Now; And What He Will Say in English
    Translated Of Course; Not Native Aramaic With No Written Words of Course As If
    He Comes Back The Same Way As Predicted As Illiterate And Relying still on


    Visiting Church

    Only FLoWinG
    STRAiGHT From
    SoUL As Holy and
    Creative Spirit With
    Tools of Written Words
    Does True By All Potential At
    Hand In Truth As Light Arises Now
    From Deepest Ocean Whole Soul Within…

    It Will Be So Easy Now to See For Him That
    Few Were Really Paying Attention to Anything He
    Said as What He Will Find is Folks Unmasked From
    the Rule of Love Worshipping Him as a God Rather than

    Focusing on the Mercy and Love That Actually Saves Breathing Life Now..

    But You See Jesus Also is reported to Say a Lamp Does Not Hide Its Light…

    There is No Choice But to Shine.. Yet Truly Any Man And Or Woman of Any True Real

    Loving Caliber Will only See Bowing Down to Them as Disgrace and This Indeed

    Is What Jesus

    Will find


    Today Lamps

    Mostly only Shining Bowing

    Down to Him In Disgrace oF LiGHT Unmasked…

    Listening to ‘the PR Bishop’ Shining Selling All His

    Books on YouTube… He Preached That If Jesus

    Isn’t to Be Worshipped as an Idol God

    That the Teachings of Jesus

    Brings are as Worthless

    As Any Other

    Teaching about the

    Natural Altruism of the Love Lamp

    Of Human For Giving Thanks Giving

    Sharing Free True This Naked Gift of

    Love is Inborn For Most With or Without

    Our Cultures and Religions Specific or Not

    But It’s Nice to Have Role Models… Yes Mentors

    Still Who have Succeeded in this Love And Mercy

    For All… Yet.. Sadly the Mentor And Role Model’s

    Lessons Are Lost in Dark Unmasked Now

    Without the Light of Mercy

    And Love that

    is so simple

    to Save A Breath of Life.. Yes

    Such a LiGHT-Weight Cross indeed

    But You ‘See’ For those Who Worship

    Idols of the Clothes the Tools We Wear

    And Create… What is Lost may Be What

    Shines Greater NoW As Lamp For Giving

    Thanks Giving Love Brighter than the Moon at Night

    Truly Katy Perry Delivers That Message of Love For

    All Mercy For All in A Video that Does Bring Profits but the ‘Same Prophet’


    on Her Arm

    my FRiEnD

    Love And

    Mercy in Truth Free

    A Light that need not hide…

    Sadly Lost in the Worship of
    Idols instead unmasked for all to see now..

    For You See There is More to my Story True As
    Well Rue for When i lived in the Forever Now Place

    Of Hell in So Much Pain and Numb The Specialists for

    Pain Turned me Away Giving Up As They Could find Nothing

    To Help Me.. i Wasn’t Attending Church Then But my Mother

    Still Very Catholic Pleaded With the Local Priest to

    Perhaps Exorcise My Soul For She Came

    To Believe my Pain A ‘HOLY CURSE’ Was

    From the Sin of my

    Catholic EX-Priest

    Grandfather Leaving the

    Church But Wait if he didn’t

    i wouldn’t Exist as he would

    Have Never Fell to the Dark Brown

    Eyes of that Spicy Cajun 17 Year-Old

    Young Woman in the Pews of the Church

    When he Was 36 Passing His Prime of Fertility too…

    Anyway He Broke the Rules and the Priest Never Called

    my Mother Back There Was nothing That could Reach even

    A Spark of my Soul From 2008 Until 2010 but Yes i Heard

    This Song By Katy Perry and as much as i could Tolerate

    The Sound With all That Pain it was the only Feel

    And Sense oF LiGHT that touched my

    Soul That Way for 66 Months

    it was truly a Drop

    of Water

    my Tongue

    in Hell Smiles my FRiEnD

    It’s all About Perspective Still Now…

    Some Folks are More Blessed this way now

    To Even See What The Message of Jesus Really is Just Love That’s It

    And if Love is not God Enough to Worship in Brightest Lights In Love

    For Mercy For all

    There is

    No Jesus

    Or God


    to Exist now

    iNDeed A LiTMuS Test my

    FRiEnD So Simple Unmasked NoW as Masked…

    All i Feel and Sense Is if Jesus IS to See Now And

    Hear this Song.. Katy Perry is Probably gonna be a first on his list…

    of anyone



    of Seeing ‘Him’ Now…

    It Will Never be a Situation

    Where He Doesn’t ‘Know’ Someone

    It Will Be the Case of those Who Are

    too far gone Asleep to see His Light…

    They Won’t Even Notice He Is Still

    Standing Under a Bridge… in Bare Feet… Unmasked for all to see…

    SMiLes my FRiEnD… truly it’s More An Issue of Even Seeing Light at all…

    ‘That Day’



    Katy Perry

    Shined Enough

    ‘Jesus’ For ‘A Devil’ in ‘Hell’ to ‘See’…

    It’s Easy For me to See The Effort She Put in…

    Hehe.. i surely Am Glad She Did not Do it in

    Private somewhere with SMiLes.. She Taught me ‘Something’.. i still do it LiT…

    i Verily See Her as A Greater Example of Jesus Than in Any Church i Visit…

    True She


    A REAL

    Devil Test

    IN Hell of Getting Through

    Such A Tiny EYe oF A Needle..

    Smiles my FRiEnD ‘JeSuS’

    Is So Trapped now in a

    Book See



    i Try

    To Help

    Him Escape

    JusT A Rhetorical Question my FRiEnD…

    i Do Believe i have at Least One Key for Real..:)


  2. Lovely expressed Ruella! Little things are such gifts where we can make a difference in our world. your light always shines like Katy Perry that I love soooo much! love this song. I love that you practce your faith going back and continue to grow and learn. “Baby, You’re a firework Ruella!!!! ❤️✨✨✨Thank you for lighting our world! Boom boom Boom brighter that the moon! ❤️🥰😎😘😍🌸😇🌞👏❤️❤️🌸🌷💐Cindy

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Ooh Katy Perry….I like her too …and I really loved this song a while ago…..boom boom boom….😍
      🎀🤗🎀🎀😍🎀🤗😍🎀🎀😍Cindy 🎀🤗🎀🎀😍🎀🤗🎀🤗🎀

      Liked by 2 people

        1. I read a quote once that I would paraphrase …
          ” Wisdom says that we are nothing . Love says that we are everything . Between the two, our lives flow .”
          In other words, Wisdom makes us realize, that we are as an extension of the divine source , are beyond any identification with any material stuff or world possessions.Whereas , The unlimited divine love , tells us that we are connected to the whole unlimited universal consciousness and therefore lack nothing and being everything as well…

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