The Village Girl

With friends out to play,
She'll go, maybe some day. 
In front of her father and brothers,
can't speak, considered a duffer. 
She dreamed of free speech in the city,
where girls could wear short skirts and be pretty.
Wear heeled shoes, just two inches maybe.
And independently say something witty.
Grooming and speaking, not a crime. 
Not having to hide her face all the time.
Maybe she could use some kajal or lipstick. 
Or even choose a colour she likes, her own outfit.
Not to be criticized for everything.
Atleast those are her city dreams.
The freedom to just be,
have an individual personality.
Not just an extension,
all day in the home and kitchen.
Assisting her brothers, the boys,
with their desires and toys.
In each and every place,
had to cover her face.
For you and me, leggings introduced a decade ago.
But for this village girl, even that too tight, you know!
To herself, was I born in the wrong city?
Or did my family do this to me?
Is it the fault of this village,
That their thoughts are so vintage?
If you were born with education and privileges,
of a supportive family, don't commit such a sacrilege.
To those without the freedom of choice,
help them, give them a voice.
Or at least be aware and grateful.
Most women die without even a handful.
If you're allowed to read this without hiding,
coveted by many women, without realizing.
Maybe just a moment of gratitude.
That is how I choose to conclude. 

Β© Copyright Protected. All Rights Reserved.

I do not intend to hurt the sentiments of any group/person/custom/tradition/gender etc. Please read with an open mind. Pic credit for first


  1. What Is A Bird That Must
    Hide Its Flowers to
    Fly Obviously
    A Bird
    Never Flies
    What Does A Man
    Have When He Loses
    Control of A Woman
    What Did He
    of Feathers At All
    SMiles my FRiEnD
    i See Your Feathers
    Flying They No More
    Offend me than my Naked SKiN Free

    For You See i am
    A Man i am Neither
    Afraid of Any Color SKiN or Feather Free

    i Stand Tall
    i Do Not
    Bow for
    God Shines
    In Lion And Lioness SaMe Tall

    Born Free to Feel Sense Be All Shine i AM


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