NY Bae Nail laquer Sugar Effect review and swatches

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Pricing: This retails at INR 75 for 6ml. I paid 38 for this during a sale. The pricing is very good. One really cannot complain. Non-branded comes that are sold on handcarts and in flea markets are sold for 30-40 bucks each bottle. So, a branded product that is of free from toxic fumes and carcinogens at this price point is definitely way better.

2 Wine Sparkles
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  • Formulated without Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde Resin, TPHP, Xylene, SLS, sulphates, Triclosan, GMOs or Camphor…..basically no carcinogens or harmful fumes. But some of the things they listed like sulphates, SLS, GMOs, triclosan are never really present in any nail paint. It’s like me disclosing that my chicken roast is devoid of any lamb, fish, camel, eagle, pigeons etc.🤪🙃
  • These are matte finish nail paints.
  • They have a unique matt finish with shimmer and sparkles texture…..refined sugar-finish like.
  • As it dries down, the colour also tones down a shade lighter. Because as it dries, it transforms from a glossy liquid to a matte solid….my best example would be clear glass vs frosted glass. Frosted glass gets muted and looks a little whitish. Same with these. Mute it down a notch from what you see outside the bottle to get an extremely clear idea of the shade.
  • It is not a glossy shade. If you want shine, you’ll need a top coat.
  • Although it has shimmer particles, it has an ectremely very matte finish.
  • Since, it isn’t glossy, the nail bed feels textured….like there are fine sugar sprinkles all over my nails. You can actually feel it….like free-flowing salt. It’s a little grainy.
  • Colour is not runny or thin. In the first use, the consistency was perfect. But, it thickened so quickly in the bottle when I tried to use this nail polish after some 6 months. (It expires somewhere in the end of 2021)
  • It looks great with a single coat also. It just keep getting a little more opaque with every coat. But the shade stays true irrespective.
  • Dries extremely quickly.
  • That also means that the paint in the bottle dries just as quick as the applied paint on your nails. It tends to get clumpy and goopy in th bottle rather quick.
  • High colour payoff. Very opaque.
  • Difficult to layer up because of the consistency. More coats results in smudging and getting goopy in between layers.
  • I did not apply any base coat or top coat. It stays good without one.
  • The application was easy the first time I used it. But even after the consistency changed, it wasn’t that difficult.
  • The brush is one of the best brushes I have come across. It’s nice and flat and not at all thin so it provides a very good one-swipe application experience (for my tiny nails).
  • It tends to streak a little due to the consistency.
  • The company claims it is chip resistant. But, as per my experience, once it begins to chip, it comes off in big patches….almost like a sticker.
  • This stayed put on my fingernails for just 3 days which included cooking and doing the dishes. The maximum time I get from any nailpaint is 6 days on my hands so I’d say it’s average, not too long lasting.
  • Choice of 20 different shades.
  • Cruelty free.
  • Does not stain the nails. It has a non-yellowing formula.
  • Has a 3 year use-by date.
  • Wine Sparkles is one if their best-selling shades. Charcoal sprinkles comes very high up in that list too. They are good shades that will suit almost anyone.

I have a lot of pictures for you. I bought two nail lacquers and have swatched both of them here.

  • Shade 2 Wine Sprinkles
  • Shade 19 Charcoal Sprinkles
shade 19
charcoal sprinkles
Stay Beautiful, Inside Out, 
Definitely one of my favourite shades

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