Whoever is angry shall be put to trial,
because by the devil's breath he is defiled.
Or if you call someone a good-for-nothing,
and dare to say something so soul-crushing,
Face the council, thrown into the fires of hell,
Where likeminded haters will also dwell.

        And as you are about to offer,
        and fill up the church's coffers,
        if you remember that faulter,
        just leave your gift at the altar.
        If your brother has something against you,
        It is still the right thing for you to do.

Leave your gift right there.
Go and resolve your affairs.
You must make peace.
Because you are His masterpiece.
Then you may return,
a blessing to have earned.

        For blessed are the peacemakers;
        they shall be called the children of God.
        Because they weren't wreckers,
        one day, the council of elders will applaud.
        Anger, anxiety, impatience and jealousy,
        can destroy you, if left unchecked so carelessly.
        A heart at peace gives life to the body.
        Do it for yourself, if not for another somebody.

(Inspired by Matthew 5:24) 
© Copyright Protected. All Rights Reserved.
It is my desire to study the four gospels. Writing poems helps me put some thought into it thereby making it fun to learn and remember. I was stuck on the book of Matthew for years and never really completed more than the first five chapters until I began writing ‘the Matthew Series‘. Now, I’m revising the contents of the book of Mathew by writing another series of poems titled ‘Inspired by Matthew‘. This one will not be as comprehensive as ‘the Matthew Series’ and may not be in an orderly sequence. This particular poem is the 12th in the series. I recommend reading the actual Bible because it’s a whole lot better than my poems. I’d be overjoyed if anyone out there would like to be part of this experience and go through the book of Matthew with me. I hope you enjoy reading each piece as much as I did writing them. (First image


  1. Anger is not a sin. It is what we do with anger. There is righteous anger when it comes to issues like children being harmed.

    The bible tells us- Be angry and do not sin. Do not let the sun go down on your anger.
    Jesus loves you little sister 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    1. I compleely agree brother Matt….momentary or fleeting anger on it’s own is just normal….but it makes us do things/actions/deeds we probably would never be capable of in a calm state….all emotions for that matter…such a task to tame the soul🤪🤭😂🤪🙈🙃
      oh yes I am familiar with the concept of holy anger too….difficult to maintain a balance between tact and grace there🙆‍♀️🙃🙆‍♀️🙃🙆‍♀️
      My personal belief is : if I get angry, I’m only human and that is part of my physiology so I am entitled to having that emotion. But if it persists (if I let the sun set upon it)and goes beyond my control, forming an obsession or even just a mental plan of sin, maybe giving rise to wrath and hatred and jealousy etc…..that becomes a big fat problem for me….so taming my emotions and thoughts and even stopping myself at the beginning, the root of evil….right at it’s conception works for me….that helps me from sinning eventually….you know….getting stuck in that evil thought->evil speech/plan-> evil deed….
      ….I don’t know brother Matt….forgive me.. but i believe beyond a certain point basic emotions can be sin(like if I let the sun go down on it)….I do confess ‘sin in thoughts’, words and deeds… despair, anger, jealousy, pride etc even when I haven’t acted on them because sometimes I have obsessed over these to a really really really awful point I’d rather not word out here 🤐🤐🤐🙈😅🙃🙈🙆‍♀️🤐😅🙈🤭🙃🙆‍♀️🤐🤫😔….shhhhh….nobody should ever get into my head🙈😅….ever….maybe I’m just a weird case 🤪🙈
      Jesus loves you toooooooooooo🎀🌸🥰🎀🌸🥰🎀🥰

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        1. Brother Matt….you’re just one of the nicest and kindest persons I have ever come across…..tha k you for eveything🙏🏼😍🙏🏼😍🙏🏼😍🙏🏼😍🙏🏼😍🙏🏼

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          1. Haha.. the Benefit of Glass Smooth Store Floors Gliding in Ease
            As Friends With Gravity on Totally Flat Store Lands.. Ahem.. lifting
            all my 247 Pounds With Many Flight of Stairs Against
            Gravity i surely will pay now but hey when i was
            closer to Your Age at 22 i was a Runner
            And Could Do 1000 Flights of
            Stairs and Never Even Get
            Winded At the Military Gym..
            Yes.. 38 Years ago and 70 Pounds
            Less too.. Anyway haha as usual
            Here is a Throw-Back Photo of
            me then with a Beard of Course
            Leading A Race of my Special Interest then…
            i ran for about a Decade Before that Yes it was
            Tennis For About A Decade my Special Interests
            Change A Floating Free Dance in Balance is Very
            Kind to 60 Year-old Joints and Nautilus Machines
            to Work-Out on at the Military Gym as Shortly before
            i retired yes another true story.. through Government
            End of the Year Money i Purchased Nearly 1 Million Dollars
            Worth of Gym Equipment tailored to my Every Work-Out Desire
            And yes.. i didn’t have to Spend an Entire Day Arranging For it
            as the Money Was dropped with an 8 Hour deadline to Get it all Purchased
            Like Some Government
            Workers i could have done
            less or nothing
            but that
            i do Human
            A Gift
            to Pursue
            At Best We
            Enjoy as Honestly
            Running and Playing
            Tennis Kinda got boring…
            Free Dance And Song Never Boring to me..
            in other Words These Special Interests of
            Dance And Song Won’t likely stop People
            Have been Doing this like forever now anyway hehe..:)

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  2. Hey sister Ruelha you are a funny little one. The thing is, you and Jesus are one. You already died, were already crucified, nothing left to be denied! Just walking in life, with Him inside, happy that you’re His bride–>so be not hard on yourself>>For He is happy being YOU.
    Grace and Peace

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  3. ♡ A Battery is No Good with Both Polarities Being Positive; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Negatives like “Anger” NEED!!! Management NOT!!! Total 💯 Elimination because Elimination is IMPOSSIBLE!!!


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    1. Sure I agree Yernasia, better management… maybe vomit it all into art or something that you’re passionate about….avoiding destructive things whilst letting that energy flow and being converted into something beautiful or productive….
      But being revengeful and destructive and filled with hatred and conflict is like harvesting lethal toxins within an ill-equipped body….it will most certainly destroy the harvester….that’s just my opinion….

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        1. ♡ “Vomit anger into art and creativity instead of screaming and shouting at others and/or giving others the silent treatment” ~ Ruelha, October 2020


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