Colorbar Nailpaint Swatches and Review

Colorbar nail polish review and swatches
Colorbar Nail Lacquer SwatSwatcSwatSwatches

Since Corona virus spread its ugly claws compelling women to hide their lips, the most decorated feature of a woman’s face, women have found ways and means to add colour to themselves, and nail polish is the perfect replacement for lipsticks because they’re in focus now. Everyone is watching their hands, your hands, being careful about hands, hands, hands… why not focus on this little body part that we neglected for so long. I bought a bunch of Colorbar nail lacquers a while ago. I have swatched five for you in a lot of different light conditions so you get a better idea of what the colour looks like in reality. I have swatched Mauve Allure, Soul Music, Goblin, Gracious and Skyfall all through this article.

Colorbar Mauve Allure
Swatches of colorbar Nail polish in Mauve Allure
Colorbar nail lacquer in Mauve Allure

Pricing: These nail paints are currently priced at INR 199 for 12ml which is a fair price. 12ml is a lot more product than the average bottle. Colorbar has nail polishes that sell for INR 250 and 299 too. This particular range is priced better. I have noticed there’s never a discount on Colorbar nail polishes anywhere ever. But, during this lockdown surprisingly there was a discount, so I got some for INR 146 each after redeeming points and codes and everything. Of course, prices are subject to change. Please check all details with your retailer before you make a purchase. But, most of the 5-6ml bottles are priced around this range so you’re definitely getting more product here.

Colorbar light pink nail polish in Soul Music
Colorbar nail paint – SOUL MUSIC
Colorbar 1151 Soul Music
Can you see the lilac hues? Soul Music
Colorbar Soul Music
Colorbar Nail lacquer swatche of Soul Music


  • These are glossy lacquers with good pigmentation.
  • Mauve Allure, Soul Music and Skyfall are all opaque colours with no shimmers or added drama. Mauve Allure is a berry mauve, like a cool toned maroon. It will suit just about anybody in my opinion. Soul Music is another beautiful shade. It’s a pastel pink which is almost tilting towards the lilac shade card. It is definitely not a lilac, yet almost there….like a pink with mild lilac undertones. It’s not the garish loud or overtly-girly light pink; it’s a very subtle and feminine, lady-like pink. Skyfall is adjusted sky blue with a hint of grey concealed within it’s opacity. Goblin is a deep bottle green that has very minute burgundy coloured iridescent shimmers making it look green at times and blackened green-purple in some lights. Gracious is a safe bet for us with olive undertones. It is a mid-toned frosted bronze with cool undertones. I have attached a lot of pictures so you can probably make a good decision if you plan to purchase any of these shades.
  • These are almost completely opaque and look good with a single coat too.
  • The colours stays true and only gets a tad more opaque with every additional coat. The shades look exactly like what is visible from outside the bottle.
  • They do not get streaky or patchy even with a single coat.
  • This nail polish is perfectly chip-resistant.
  • It stayed for a good for 5-7 days on my fingernails without any base/top coat …which I consider great because I cook and clean etc. As far as my feet are concerned they didn’t come off at all and went way beyond a month only revealing the uncoloured new growth. But, that’s something that happens with almost any nailpaint I use on my toe nails….even the really cheap ones that sell for 25-40 bucks. I have magical toenails, I tell you.😂😉
  • There is no stain or change of colour and yellowing of my nails after a single use but continuous use and change of nail polish every 7-10 days and cooking with spices like turmeric and kashmir chillies has caused some mild staining. I suggest you use a nocd base coat if you want to keep using nail paint continuously and often. That should help.
  • It dries quickly.
  • I used 2 coats on some nails and 3 on some others. But the consistency is perfect and did not smudge into a goopy mess either way.
  • It claims to be formulated with a 7-free formula: without formaldehydes, formaldehyde resin, DBP, toluene, camphor, paraben, and xylene which is great….no carcinogens or harmful fumes.
  • I have definitely used better applicators that are wider and perfect for single-double swipe applications. But, this one is not bad at all. It’s better than the average slim/flimsy applicators though.
  • Dermatologically tested.
Colorbar Gracious
Colorbar Nail Polisb in Gracious
Colorbar Gracious nail lacquer
Colorbar nail paint in Gracious

Verdict: This is the one of the few non-glitter nail polishes that has lasted so long on my fingernails without chipping. I absolutely love these nail lacquers. This one gets a thumbs up from me. I’m definitely crushing over them. It is totally worth every penny spent. These have become my favourite nail polishes now. I’m extremely happy with my purchases.

Colorbar Skyfall
Colorbsr Nail polish in Skyfall
Colorbar blue nail polish in Skyfall
Colorbar Nail lacquer Skyfall

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Colorbar Goblin
Colorbar Nail polish in Goblin
COLORBAR green nail polish in Goblin
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