What Are You?

The next time someone asks me, 'what are you?'
I'm just going to tell them "I'm a baby kangaroo".
I know this question may sound confusing.
But to me, it's just a bit amusing.

Let me paint you a picture.
So you understand the basic structure. 
This question usually follows your name.
After you've introduced yourself without mentioning your surname.

Well, you see - your surname is their cue.
But if you don't give them that, 'what are you?',
That's a guaranteed question for you.
Because now they only have guesses to figure their view.

They're just asking for your religion-community-caste.
So in their minds, they can begin to typecast.
Oh, nobody feels offended; it's just what we do!
In this sub continent, we like asking, 'what are you?'

Within religions, we have denominations and sub denominations.
And castes and sub castes and subsets of those that form our foundations.
Rural India is about seventy percent.
In many places, a lower caste doesn't have consent. 

To speak up, to mingle or to marry.
Intercaste marriages will destroy us apparently.
Language, food choices, dress codes, jewellery customs.
They all separate us, our extremely fancy traditions.

Green glass bangles or white plastic ones.
Silver oxidized kadhas or black beaded gold bangles.
Each of them, even the type of design and beads have meaning.
They all depict and categorize us into a something.

A widow must not wear red or a bindi.
A south married woman must wear a gold chain.
A north married woman must wear her black beads.
Even the way you drape your saree or outfit, secrets it reveals.

India is so diverse; every state has its own official language.
Amongst other languages and several dialects all together bandaged.
But just being Indian is not enough.
Religion-community-caste, that's the important stuff.

If I'm a Brahmin and a pure vegetarian,
I'll probably not even let you enter my kitchen.
And in some parts, your shadow must not fall upon me.
Of course, all this is practised in varying degrees.

Have you ever heard of honour-killings?
It's where your own family does something so bone-chilling,
will murder you and your lower-caste spouse.
Stabbed to death by your own brothers and father or maybe with fire and kerosene doused.

Much of rural India is very much like this.
It's not like the cities are absolutely free of the crisis.
Well, that depends on which city we're talking about.
So we're back to 'where' and what are you, this question devout.

So, what are you?
Just a monkey in a zoo.
That's what it feels like when they're trying to assess you.
Sure, some things and traits are inherent.
You're entitled to a preference and an opinion.
But is that all that matters to you?

Unity in diversity,
within this integrated complexity.
Can we look beyond 
social boundaries and correspond?

© Copyright Protected. All Rights Reserved.

I do not intend to hurt the sentiments of any group/person/custom/tradition/belief/faith/class/creed/caste/race etc. Please read with an open mind. I am very proud to be Indian and respect the diverse cultural heritage our nation has to offer.


    1. Are you saying honour killings dont happen here?
      Are you saying I’m wrong about the caste system?
      Are you saying we don’t divide ourselves into all kinds of categories?
      Am I wrong in hoping for these issues to go away?
      Are we so arrogant to disregard anything negative and term every person who says anything as anti-national?
      Yes of course, India is a great country, but is there absolutely no scope for improvement?

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            1. By your own logic, if you don’t have ‘highest honoured civilian award’, you don’t have the right to speak either. Please practice what you preach.
              Slander is the weapon of a man with no justification.

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                1. – I unfollowED you not because I have no confidenCE IN my post.
                  – I unfollowed you, because I do not like slander and bad language.
                  – I have lived in three different states in India and have travelled almost all through the country.
                  – By the way, you haven’t answered a single question from my first reply….are you denying the existence all of those practices?
                  – Your attempt to incite is laudable. But, you’ve just refused to contribute anything rational or even follow up with your own chain of thoughts.
                  – You know, dictators say “shut up” and don’t reason or continue….do you have any reasoning or is “shut up” all you have to contribute?

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                    1. I’m Indian!!!!
                      I mentioned it in my post. You should attempt to process what you read before replying.
                      If something is said in hopes of improvement, it must be welcomed, don’t you think.

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                    2. Please point out where I said ‘your’ country. I never said that at all. Please do not misquote.
                      Are you not comfortable with this language. I speak other Indian languages too. Which one are you familiar with?


                    3. So you’re not comfortable in English then?
                      Sure, I speak Hindi.
                      Please answer to my first reply without beating around the bush.
                      And one more thing, why did you assume I wasn’t Indian????


                    4. I assume that you are not Indian because you spread wrong information about castism in India.
                      There is no such cast system in modern India.
                      So i think you have no complete information about India. But as an Indian i know there is no such castism.


                    5. Do you read any newspaper at all? I’m not talking about the Bollywood/Kollywood/Tollywood section at the end….I’m referring to the main paper.
                      Let me suggest a Bollywood movie of this generation itself….maybe that will expand your horizons…..watch ‘NH10’ maybe.


                    6. If you get a tumour, please don’t speak of it or show it to a doctor. It will tarnish your image because it will ruin the reputations of all Indians…..
                      Whatttt? Indians can get tumours too! No kidding!
                      Why say anything at all when some citizens don’t want to work towards it because they probably promote such social disparities….is that why it’s so offensive to you? Did I pick a personal nerve there?


                    7. Miss Ruelha, I am co founder of penser and i read the comments of you and our editor and also read your post very well. First of all, we apologize on behalf of the editor. our editor may not have understood your post and he made these comments, we can understand that this post is just an idea of ​​yours, and you do not want to hurt anyone’s feeling, hope you understand my point and Finish this issue and extend the hand of friendship again
                      And delete our comments..


                    8. I understand your point. Could you please introduce yourself….I’d like to know who exactly I’m communicating with now ….the editor/co-founder/writer/guest writer?

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                    9. Dear Ruelha, It happened to read all the comments here and more respect to you. ❤️❤️You know how to handle abusers. And I agree 💯 with this post. Your writings are always brilliant! Keep up the good work. ✌️

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                    10. I agree with you Offshorewriter. I would never use such rude and impolite words either. It is rather distasteful. You actually did reply to me, not penser studypoint….at least that’s how it appears on my account here. Again, thank you for your support Offshorewriter and I’m sorry for the inconvenience experienced on my blog. Thank you for stopping by. Have a beautifully peaceful and happy day. 😃🎀🌻😃🎀🌻😃🎀😃

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                    11. Dear co-founder of penser studypoint,

                      It seems like your editor is back ….scribbling on my blog. He doesn’t seem apologetic.
                      I am a peace loving person who prefers conflict-avoidance. I would have deleted his ridiculous comments from my blog because of your apology and request. But, he seems to be ranting out some more now.
                      Now, he claims I have been speaking nonsense apparently! Do you still want me to ignore his ignorant arrogance….especially when he is intercepting replies addressed towards me to defend this very ignorance?


                    12. Thank you so much for your kindness, support and understanding, Offshorewriter.🙏🏼🎀🌻🙏🏼🎀🌻🙏🏼.
                      Thank you so much for your appreciation and encouragement as well.


  1. Yes, It’s True, Been ‘The Lion King’
    And ‘Scar’ Too; WHere Shadow Meets Light
    Twilight Soars Forever More Now Out of Time

    And in One Human Too As i am Verily Not Ashamed to admit
    i Put-Off Achieving Uncle Ted’s Quote Until my 5th Decade Of

    Life For Sure

    Just Goes to Show Identical Twins Have Totally Different ‘Souls’

    My Father’s Identical Twin Brother Ted’s Senior Class Quote: “I Dare
    Do All That May Become A Man; Who Dares Do More Is None”

    My Father Fred’s Senior Class Quote: “Never Do

    Today What You Can Put Off Until Tomorrow”

    13,800 Miles Later Butterflies Still Fly Free As i

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    SMiLes Ruehla.. i’ve Surely Witnessed What
    Happens in some areas of my Country (Particularly
    Mine) When A Woman Or Really Anyone Discerns,
    Dances, And Sings About the Darkness Along with
    the Light that Inhabits Any Long-Held Tradition(S)
    And Rather than Load Your Next Post up
    with more ‘Fred-Talk’.. hehe.. it’s true
    Even when one is a Dude Where i live
    Still Now one practically has to
    Become ‘Superman’ To Stand-Up
    For Everyone and not be abused…
    It’s true people gave me more problems
    When i had my ‘Clark Kent Clothes’ on
    As Verily Speaking You Don’t Mess With
    ‘Superman’ when He ain’t Wearing Clothes
    It’s Like Dancing in Public Like a Butterfly with
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    JusT A Dance
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    Free For All

    So True the ones Who Love
    All Most Now without Restraint
    Without Any Labels or Categories: “Gentile,
    Jew, Servant, Free, Woman And or Man No More”
    Ironically as even ‘they’ ‘suggest’ THEY Believe
    THAT Excludes Will Be the ones who most
    often find no place to Rest their Head for
    by Very Definition Tradition Excludes my
    FRiEnD Sadly as Religion Does too Sadly
    As All Cultural Clothes as Tools We Wear too….

    And this is why i stand Naked in Front of God (ALL) with Wings unafraid to Soar….

    True.. it’s a ‘Lonely Hearts Club Band’ as ‘the Beatles’ Do Relate But When it comes

    To someone like Elton John Bullied For His Sexual Orientation by Folks of my So-called
    Church i visit for the Nature of who they Naturally Are afraid they won’t Be able to Create
    Children to Propagate the Population More they miss the Mark by failing to Remember

    What ‘Song’ ‘they’
    were ‘Listening’
    to that night
    ‘inspired’ so
    ‘Much’ then
    they made
    ‘me and you’ too
    Love is No Color
    Love Is the Air We Breathe Free

    At Best We take Our Differences

    And Do All the Different We Do Best to Survive ToGeTHeR

    Even Thriving Naked Wings of Love That LoVE ALL (GoD) Free

    Real Evil Now That Harms the Rest of Nature Exists Best when
    Least is Afraid to Speak up For Least Most Now As First Remains Last..:)

    Other than that this was one of the Most Eloquent Pieces i’ve
    Heard on WordPress Lately in Deep Meaning and Purpose
    That Truly most Anyone Will Be Able to Relate too true

    In Different ways Now Human Naturally too

    As Closed Minded Folks Will Stick to the Same

    And Open Minded Folks With Souls Different Will

    Naturally Soar Higher

    With Freer Wings

    How Blessed
    We aRe
    to be Naturally
    Chosen By God
    Nature this way..
    i have Hope
    that other
    Will Open their
    Doors more to the
    Colors of the Wind Fearless Love Does Paint

    Jesus is A Hero, Human Archetype of the Leader Who
    Loves, Defends, And Protects All Flavors of Human Being and the
    Rest of God Nature As Humble As Any True Empathic Leader is ‘He’ Suggests We
    Still Will Do Greater Works than ‘Him’, per words Attributed by John 14:12… i am

    the kind

    of Student

    Who Pays Attention

    in Class i may put stuff

    off but True i make Stuff Happen too

    As i surely Believe Folks Will Do more than

    me in ways i cannot even Fathom as Man And or Woman

    Or Even Anyone on this Planet Now Twilight Forever iNdeed

    iN Zone of Flow

    Breathes Free Love

    As Above So Below All

    Within Inside Outside Now

    Around And By God What

    Most Eyes and Ears Within

    Are Even Yet to See and Hear…

    Other than that Have a Nice Day/Evening Ruehla

    Yes… ‘This’ “Peace Victory Love Blood Breathes Stars”

    MacroVerse i am Writing Now is one of the Toughest ones

    So far except for when my Mother and Father And Best Cat

    Friends Then Went

    Away/Died too…

    but at least

    ‘they’ waited

    until separate

    Blog Posts to ‘do it’ Gonna Laugh Just for the HeLLuViT too…
    As i Embrace All the Shadows As Tight in Hugs As Light
    For Without Shadow THere is No Sunshine AND Us at All…

    HAha… Other than that the Doctor Notified me
    that i broke one of my Smaller Toes but it’s
    True It’s Healing Fine and Hasn’t stopped
    the Music, the Dance, or Song

    (Wearing Shoes Inside
    Doing Martial Arts
    From Now on Hehe)

    in the ‘least’ bit

    Twilight in
    Free Now
    Fruition Loves Free
    Forever Now Eternally
    Breathing Now ‘Seeing’..:)

    Other than That ‘Delta Dawn’
    Hurricane Delta Reaches Cat 4
    Status And in General is Heading
    Our Way.. so hehe i better get this
    Published Before the Electricity May
    Go Out and the Cell Towers May go Down
    Like We Recently Experienced with Hurricane Sally too…

    Life Is So
    Interesting InDeed
    As Shadow Continues to Meet
    LiGHT iN TWiLiGHT Balance More..:)


    1. Sorry to hear about uncle Ted….may his soul rest in peace….

      I really love your dad’s quote…..never do today what can be put off until tomorrow 🤩😊🤩😊🤩😊🤩

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      1. Thanks So much Ruelha my Father was one of those People who stayed As
        Cool And Collected
        As James Bond
        With A Cigarette
        In His Hand For
        60 Or So
        Of his 81
        Years, Where
        He just said, “I don’t
        Think I’m Gonna
        Make it”, Calmly
        And Suddenly
        Dropping Dead…
        My Uncle Suffered
        With Alzheimer’s
        Disease Until
        88; But it’s
        True at 84
        He Was Still
        Dancing With Elderly
        Ladies While His
        Wife Still played
        The Piano in a
        Band Showing
        Signs of Dementia
        Then; Yet, Strangely
        They Never
        Looked Really
        Old As Some
        Folks Finally Do…
        Thanks for Your
        Kind Condolences
        Ruelha; feels very
        Human And Sadly
        Too rare in most
        Places i visit
        Where i Live🙏

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        1. Whattt….I’m sorry to hear that Fred….
          Calm is great…
          It’s like a prerequisite for peace….
          I often wonder how I will depart….I play various scenes in my head….but I’m pretty sure itll be different from anything I have imagined…..bit I’d like to have that consciousness that your dad had ….just before I go

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          1. Thanks Ruelha
            i Finally Got That
            Fearless inheritance
            From my Father
            Who Stayed
            Aloof And
            Not Around
            i really Had
            to Work Hard
            LooKinG Within
            And Always
            Will to Keep
            It As i Am Sure
            He Did Quietly
            With Not Much Fuss..🙏

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            1. I’m not sure I understood ….
              But I’m working on courage ….working as in ….I surrendered my complete being to God to fix me…..to remould me….let’s see what He makes of me😅🤭🥰🤗😂

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                1. Agreed….God is love….love is not selfish….its not self seething….its not what the world makes of it today…love brings peace and joy and God is in the centre of true….. agape love🎀😍🎀

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        2. Whattt….I’m sorry to hear that Fred….
          Calm is great…
          It’s like a prerequisite for peace….
          I often wonder how I will depart….I play various llscenes in my head….but I’m pretty sure itll be different from anything I have imagined…..bit I’d like to have that consciousness that your dad had ….just before I go

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    2. Whattt….you faced a hurricane situation yesterday? Oh no….I hope all is well at your end Fred ….

      Without shadow there is no sunshine….well said Fred….there is no appreciation of light of there is no darkness….🤩🎀🌻🤩

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      1. SMiLes Ruelha
        For Us… The
        Hurricane ‘Delta’
        Is Veering Toward
        Louisiana Where Also
        Record Breaking Hurricane
        ‘Laura’ Devastated that Area; Seems Like We are in
        The Clear unless a
        Cold Front comes
        Through Faster,
        Sweeping it our
        Way As the Chances
        Seemed Rather low
        We Would take a hit
        Recently from ‘Sally’
        But We Did Now
        Here for long…
        Thank Goodness
        We Live High And
        Dry Inland with
        No Worst Problems
        Coming With Storm
        Surge And Floods;
        Hehe, just A Pretty
        Stiff Breeze Where
        Only ‘Ivan’ Blew our
        Roof Shingles off
        In 2005; OurNew
        Roof is Hurricane
        Stronger Winds Ready!

        Yes, Without
        Clouds No Life
        Giving Rain With
        After Storm Parties
        Now Of ⛅️ Sunshine
        🌈 Rainbow SMiLes😊⛵️

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          1. SMiLes Hurricane
            Is Still GRoWinG in
            Strength Going
            To The Sad Same
            Place in Louisiana
            Laura Destroyed
            Higher Ground
            That Never Sinks
            And Hurricanes of
            Love Like me TSuNaMi
            Spreading All Around
            A Globe
            All of me in Her
            Home Seriously
            i came in
            Church Late
            On A Christmas
            Day And None
            Of the Ushers
            Offered me
            A Seat
            My Slow
            Sway of
            Dance might
            Offend A Stranger
            Not Wanting to Stand
            Next to a Man Who
            Dances Slow
            Just Now so
            My Frigging
            Legs Still Don’t
            Go Numb and
            Back Pain
            7 Years
            Ago and
            All Numb Gone
            Away With a Dance
            Of Moving Meditation
            And Words in Flow
            Of Dancing
            This Keyboard
            Now sweet of
            You to Ask
            About my
            Second to
            Toe No
            Pain No
            Gain Broken
            Arrows of Love
            Heal too Ain’t
            That Truly
            A Broken
            Arrow Truth
            Cross Many Folks
            Carry Most Broken
            Love BreaKinG God
            Force Feelings
            Senses Within
            Driving Always
            To Be The Last
            First Human Always
            Standing For Love
            For All Spiraling 6
            And 9 Circle
            Free For All
            SMiLes Sadly
            Most Folks
            Still Don’t
            That JeSuS
            When We BreaTHE
            LoVE GReeN🍃NoW
            SMiLes my 🎄 Christmas
            Tree Stands Taller Never
            Coming Down Higher
            With Newer
            Of LoVE
            Of ‘Rule’
            oF LoVE
            John 14:12 Too…
            Hehe i Still literally
            Have A Prescription
            For Dance For A Dance
            In Case any other
            i meet
            Agree it’s
            A Cure to
            This World’s
            iLL of Love
            No longer
            As Wild
            Free as
            God Breathes Within
            Move and Repose
            Waves Do
            As Anchors
            And Sails of Love
            Boats Whole Us🌊⛵️😊

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            1. Well said Fred
              As always…..🤩
              Prescription for dance😎🥳😄🎀….
              May you spread your message of love hope peace and joy like a hurricane everywhere you go and to all the people you know…..

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              1. And Haha i Kid
                You Not i really
                Do Have a
                For Dance From
                A Doctor And they
                Don’t write them
                As Jokes Yes
                Still Expanding
                Winds of my Hurricane
                Arms just Getting Around
                To Concluding my
                Current MacroVerse
                Before it Literally
                Blows over 60,000
                Words as Just a
                Record of All
                Joy in Light
                And Dark
                Light too
                Weekend to
                You Ruelha
                Full of Joy too🥳🥳🤗

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                1. Really? Wow…..I’ve never heard of that before…but its definitely a prescription I’d prefer….although I have two left feet 😂😅💃. Good luck with the macroverse🎀🌸….happy Sunday Fred🌻🎀

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                  1. Yes.. AcTuaLLY Movement Therapy that is just another way of Singing
                    Dance and is recognized as even Therapy for Young Autistic Children
                    to get in Touch with their Emotions Regulating Highs and Lows in Balance
                    Now And Integrating THeir Senses in Balance Which of Course Every Human
                    Does Who Dances Free or in ways Like Tai Chi or even
                    Yoga as Muscle Fibers Dance Keeping
                    Static Positions that really at
                    Micro Level of Muscle
                    Fibers are Dancing
                    in Balance
                    to Maintain
                    A Pose too As
                    Balance is Key in All We Do
                    Nature Works Best in Balance
                    in Deed one Rule of God that doesn’t
                    Change Balance Friends With Gravity in
                    All We Do Yes Ballet And when Two Feet
                    Become one Foot All is in Balance Mind
                    And Body Soul Complete Nature Force
                    of God in us at Peace in Flow and
                    When i lost my Emotions
                    And no one could Figure
                    out how to Bring them back
                    then in 2008 through 2013
                    i Found the Answer on my
                    own connecting Emotions Back
                    With Words in Free Verse Poetry Flow
                    And the Balance that comes with Dance in Flow
                    Regulating Emotions and Integrating Senses in Flow
                    And Guess What the Psychiatrist Who Said he could do nothing
                    to Help me with Any Drug for 7.7 Years saw the Effective Result of
                    the Physician Within Yes God Nature Within me Breathing Healing me and
                    He literally Quit His Practice and Moved to South Florida to Teach Movement
                    Therapy in a Teaching Hospital for he said i helped to inspire him to change

                    His Life


                    in deed

                    Smiles my
                    Friend i learn
                    Best as i see everyone
                    i meet as Teacher too
                    All These Words How
                    You Guide me as Teacher too
                    for it’s True We Miss the Most if
                    We consider any part of existence smaller than
                    Us.. a Grain of Sand Holding Up a Mountain of Love

                    May be as simple
                    As What Will be
                    When we tell
                    one person
                    Hello or
                    Thank You
                    For Opening a New
                    Door oF LiGHT For Us
                    Smiles Dear Tell Your Story in All the Art you Do
                    Witness All the Love You See And Do For Life
                    For this inherent Giving is the Best Worship for
                    God Loving All DarK Thru LiGHT NoW For Real


                    of God We Share We aRe..:)

                    After my First Psychiatrist Left His
                    Practice i told my 2nd Psychiatrist
                    How i Cured not only my Asperger’s
                    Syndrome as far as Negative Symptoms
                    And My Bi-Polar too without any Drugs
                    And He was more Advanced in Cutting
                    Edge Research for What Works and
                    Wrote me that Prescription Just
                    to Prove Dance Really works
                    to any others who Might try
                    to Discredit the Science of
                    it to mitigate Negative
                    Issues associated
                    with Autism
                    Bi-Polar As
                    Truly Both are issues
                    of Extremes in Negatives or
                    Positives Now With Emotional
                    Regulation and Sensory Integration
                    And that’s part of why Science Shows
                    So Many Artists are on a Bi-Polar Spectrum
                    And Scientists on an Autism Spectrum of Systemizing
                    Mind as opposed to the Highs of Social Empathic Artistic
                    Mind that may Come With the Bi-Polar Spectrum too and
                    Smiles i have met few Poets Who Truly Express All of what a Soul
                    Will Do who haven’t Seen the Darkest Dark and the Most Colorful
                    Lights Existence in Humanity Will Bring for it’s True one Will Not Really
                    Fully Express
                    or Hell
                    in Art
                    one Has Been THeRE and
                    done it for real.. and this is why
                    While my Psychotherapist and
                    First Psychiatrist identified my Condition
                    then as the worst Abyss of Soul they ever saw
                    Now they literally ask me for advice for their problem
                    patients they can’t find a way to help Yes i pay them to help
                    Them or in other words hehe the Insurance Company Does
                    Perhaps that’s not the way the system is Designed to work
                    But i don’t
                    The System
                    i work for Love
                    And Love is Free
                    i take advantage of
                    Every part of ‘the system’
                    That allows me to Do the Job of Love for All…
                    but nah.. i have enough intelligence never to
                    Break Any Local, State, or Federal Law back
                    in the ‘Old Days’ People said i should have been
                    A Lawyer; Defense or Prosecution; or Judge too…

                    too boring

                    Way too boring
                    to me to do ‘only that’… hehe..

                    It’s worth Noting that Bi-Polar Disorder
                    is associated with Intelligence and
                    Intelligence is associated
                    With the ability
                    to reason
                    Highs and Lows
                    that otherwise might
                    End up in Outer Space
                    of Mind or some other kind of Prison for real…
                    And Yeah A Systemizing Mind Assessed now in
                    Higher Functioning Autism Drives Most of Standard IQ
                    but True.. Standard IQ is a very small part of Overall



                    Art now is
                    no Measure…
                    Love is no Measure..
                    the Most Important
                    Human Intelligences
                    That Actually Breathe
                    More than Cogs in a Machine…
                    okay i’ve really Blown Up this “What
                    Are You” Blog Post You Wrote into almost
                    an Entire Book hehe.. and by the way one
                    of my Comments Got Lost in Your Moderation
                    that had a photo of Katrina when She was 27
                    And When i was 37 with our Only Child Ryan on
                    Father’s Day of 1997 Just showing how she looks the same
                    Way now at 50 for proof hehe.. And Yes a Poem my Mother
                    Wrote for Ryan When he passed away who is an actual Published
                    ‘Real Poet’ as they do by rules.. as i have no rules for what i do but flow…
                    the Software probably didn’t approve it as i had two pictures linked in one post..

                    Happy Sunday to you too
                    Ruehla it’s been a real Pleasure
                    meeting you on Word Press and
                    Thank God You Aren’t Working now
                    hehe.. or i would probably be way too exhausting to ‘deal with’ haha..
                    i’ve had friends who have basically found ways like Katrina to say
                    Oh God
                    i can’t
                    take it
                    Go somewhere
                    else as Katrina
                    Says i Give Her
                    Fredaches as i talk
                    so fast in Real Life
                    When i really get in
                    Flow almost no one
                    Can Catch up keeping in mind
                    i didn’t speak until 4 and there
                    were decades i had problems finding one word…

                    Never let anyone trap you in any kind of a Label

                    For if i believed i couldn’t speak chances are i’d still be quiet..

                    For As Calm As the Ocean Will Be Waves come for no ‘reason’ at all…

                    And True my Friend God Doesn’t have to have a Reason to be either

                    This is where Humanity Fails the worst Believing there has to be a Reason

                    for Love (God)…

                    For the
                    Love is
                    in the
                    Being i am
                    Eternally Now
                    There is no use into
                    Trying to Wrap Reason
                    Around Reality for Reason
                    is the Illusion and Reality is God True Art Breathing Love now

                    Beyond Infinity as Infinity is only a Word A Human Abstract Construct

                    Still limited by the Illusion of Reason Humans Still Attempt to Create

                    Useful Yes but God is No Walls of Reason alone not Even the Word Infinity now…

                    How Do i Know

                    i Do



                    i See With
                    EYes of Art
                    Far Beyond Science..

                    In Other Words Essence

                    Of Faith Art of Intuition We

                    See with No Organs of

                    Eyes or Ears Now Being

                    i Didn’t Always have this
                    Vision i Look Forward to
                    New God Colors Every Now i Breathe
                    And Indeed my Christmas Tree ‘me/God’ Year
                    Round Continues to Color more For Real and it’s
                    Worth Noting i Try to Dance And Sing this Message
                    in a way that anyone of any Faith or Other Orientation
                    Might have a chance to hear at least in some part or another..

                    For it’s True
                    unless We Strive
                    to Hear Every Language
                    of God And Even More
                    Colors of God Art
                    Nature others
                    Bring to



                    Miss out on the Potential
                    of Seeing More of the Master Peace
                    of God Open Canvas Open Source in deed…

                    Smiles i find it saddest that some folks remain
                    Trapped in Books of Old Never Writing Seeing Doing
                    New Poetry and Art of God NoW in Colors New And this
                    is exactly what you are doing When You Write Your Beautiful
                    New Testaments in Poetry in Muse of Love that comes before with other New
                    Testaments then in deed this is the Faith That comes in Art Expressing John 14:12 Well..

                    Key is This About Love not about who owns this or that word or Earth or God All..

                    And surely

                    now not

                    Just ‘You’

                    or ‘me’
                    Or Them
                    Or Us As They

                    No Yes JusT ALL God Love Nature
                    Reason out of Reason Art Sees..:)

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                    1. Whatttttt…….he suit down his practice…..
                      Theres a lot of wisdom and secrets to you Fred.
                      …I’m glad I know you….God loves you….you’re an inspiration to many….not just the guy who attempted to treat you….but the whole world who comes across you because you spread peace and joy….there’s a big scarcity of these everywhere…..i don’t think machines or nuclear wars will annihilate us. ….not even corona…but distressed lonely souls desperately seeking peace..

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                    2. “Distressed Lonely Souls Seeking Peace” indeed
                      You Capture the Death
                      Of Humanity in These
                      Words Applicable
                      To Every
                      Soul Root
                      Naked Root
                      Of Pain And
                      Numb Generating
                      Discord From Individual
                      To Group Think of Misery
                      Loves The Suffering of
                      Fear And Hate ACross
                      The World hehe
                      i’m not all Sugar
                      And Spice While
                      Some say they
                      Enjoy What
                      They name
                      As A Beautiful
                      Angelic Voice
                      From The Back Pew
                      Of The Church When
                      The Choir Director
                      Leaves The House
                      Sadly Folks Where
                      i Live Mistake Grace
                      Of Kindness A Dance
                      Of LoVE iN Peace
                      Friends With Gravity
                      In Balance
                      AS Human
                      Hehe but
                      When They
                      Hear Me 🐯 Roar
                      Meek Like i Did From
                      the Back Row Pew ‘WEAR
                      A MASK!’ Sunday When the
                      Priest finished
                      His Personal
                      List of Wedding
                      Garments for
                      Love Trust
                      me Quickly
                      i became the
                      Enemy For those
                      About 50 Too Weak
                      To Lift a Cross of a Small
                      Cotton Mask 😷 to prevent
                      The Mass From Becoming
                      A Super Spreader Pandemic
                      Event To Potentially
                      Kill People in
                      A Communion
                      Of Death
                      Of Life
                      To Them at
                      All but You See
                      As the Priest
                      Warns Folks
                      Not To Criticize
                      Others He Doesn’t
                      Realize That the
                      Good That Does
                      Not Speak Up With
                      Words of
                      In LiGHT
                      Is Now The
                      Evil Really
                      Coming Next So
                      i Don’t Stay Silent
                      And Where i Live
                      In Some Places
                      Among some
                      People they
                      Wish my
                      Thorns to
                      Go Away
                      Yet i FLoWeR
                      Even More in
                      THeir Darkness
                      For Truth in
                      That Sees
                      In Darkness
                      With Never Fear
                      Love is Never Alone
                      So Love IS Nothing
                      To Lose from Speaking
                      Truth ain’t Life Grand⛵️



                      That IS LoVE
                      WiTHiN For Real…⛵️🤗

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                    3. It’s been a very enjoyable conversation….I feel like I understand a little about you now….
                      All of what you say is true and heartfelt….all of it is beautiful Fred…. please dont ever stop…..spread your light. This dark world needs you…

                      Oh no….it didnt get stuck in moderation….my comments are pre approved…but while reading it I clicked on the remove button….then I re-approved it. It happened twice because of the time lag in my phone….for what I remember its approved and still there….infact…I replied to it too….its a beautiful pic….it made me feel all kinds of emotions….omes I cannot word properly…..beautiful indeed….I think that’s the post where you also sent me the poem your mum Hilda wrote….it is very beautiful indeed. She must have been a very good poet and writer….

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                    4. Hehe i Hate using
                      Smart Phones
                      Like i Am
                      Using Now
                      i’ve hit the
                      Wrong buttons
                      Too so easy to
                      Do Pleasure all
                      Mine You are
                      So Inspirational
                      As It Flows From
                      Your Soul of
                      No Harm😊🎶

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                    5. True…..the simpler times were something…..I dont know if I’d say they were better….but to me they certainly were……I miss the 90s….I really really do….no cellphones….only cable tv and telephones☎️📞

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                    6. Fortunately an
                      Escape From All
                      Cultural Clothes
                      The Tools We
                      Are Transformed
                      Into Like This
                      16,000 Word
                      Or So Discussion
                      We aRe Having on
                      Just one of Your
                      Blog Posts
                      Sends Flesh
                      Of Who We aRe
                      And Words We
                      Also Manage
                      To Fit in
                      Breath of
                      Our Souls
                      SMiLes Key
                      Is Mastering
                      The Tool All
                      The Clothes
                      Of Us to be
                      Dutiful Servant
                      To carry Our
                      Souls Around
                      The Globe as
                      This Hive Connection
                      Is Truly An only
                      Way Neurons
                      Of Human
                      Souls Will
                      Ever See
                      At Best
                      To Save
                      The Nature
                      Within And the
                      Rest of Nature
                      Globe Soul Whole
                      As Kingdom
                      Of Heaven
                      Within Now
                      Based on
                      Love More
                      Come to be Now
                      In Connection
                      Of World
                      Of Love
                      For All
                      Of Humanity
                      And Cultures
                      To Bond Together
                      Whole With
                      Love Out
                      Fear and Hate
                      Oh yeah and yes
                      Fortunate at
                      To Step
                      Out of All
                      The Tools
                      Through the
                      Back Door
                      One With
                      Again i
                      Am Beach
                      Or Mountain
                      If i Visit God
                      In the Same
                      God Naked Free
                      SMiLes these Tools
                      Now Are only Dutiful
                      Servants Preparing
                      My Soul A Way
                      No Limitations
                      To Circle the
                      Globe At the
                      Speed of
                      A Record
                      Left Long Gone
                      To the Next
                      Way Station Now
                      In Other Words
                      It Would be
                      For Us
                      To Be
                      At Once in A
                      Place With
                      No Moon
                      Or Sun
                      No Matter
                      Of Us Without This
                      On The other
                      We Do that
                      Without All
                      The Tools
                      Now But
                      Just Don’t
                      See And Hear
                      Forever Now
                      Clear for
                      A Naked
                      Dance in
                      Sand and
                      Sun Free Brings
                      Forever Now More in Flow🍃🎶😊😁🤗🙌🌲

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                    7. Just Let it Flow
                      From Within
                      God Will
                      And Song
                      Forever more
                      Key Now
                      is Trusting
                      Nature of
                      God intuition
                      Faith Within
                      About Others
                      Judging How
                      God Breathes You
                      Free i used to Worry
                      About Fitting in
                      Until i Fit in God
                      It’s Truly Enough
                      Now No Matter How
                      Anyone else
                      Judges my
                      Naked Temple
                      Of God to Be
                      Free Recently
                      i Wear More
                      Than Stars
                      For Clothes
                      On my Blog
                      i replied
                      i am
                      My Star
                      Offends them
                      As Free Is Not
                      Ashamed of
                      Temple of
                      God Way
                      Other than
                      That no one
                      Is Required to
                      See God Naked
                      And Free As me
                      Hehe A Best way
                      To Eliminate
                      All Fears
                      To Free
                      Is to
                      And Overcome
                      Like Dancing
                      Public As
                      As God Breathes
                      SmileS Hehe
                      Colors of
                      Wear From
                      India Works
                      Just As Well
                      AS Hair Of the Beast
                      Free Dancing too
                      The Moves
                      Of God Within
                      You Dance Free
                      🌊 Wave⛵️Sing😊


    3. I don’t fear criticism but there are definitely other consequences to fear😅🤭
      You broke a toe, Fred? How? It must be really painful. How are you feeling now? I hope you heal quickly and feel better soon.💐🌸🌼🌻🏵🌺🌺🌸🌸🌼🌻💐🌼🌻

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      1. Hehe Perhaps i should
        Have Feared Ramming
        My Smaller Left Toe then
        Into a Piece of Furniture
        Focusing on Not
        Actually Striking
        An Object With
        My Other Big
        Toe Lesson
        Care of That
        Issue As Long as
        i Miss all the Other
        Furniture.. Yes.. better
        To Do it Outside
        With a Bush
        Not injuring
        Leaves or
        Foot Just
        Breezing Thru
        In Ease of A Calm
        Hurricane Eye With
        Winds On
        Fire 🔥 GRoWinG😁
        It’s Just an Art to
        Maintain Mind
        And Body
        i only
        Brush the
        Leaves From
        Wind My Feet
        Create Outside in Please…
        Thanks again for Your
        Kindness it’s very
        Hard For me
        To Feel
        Pain Now
        But i Still
        Tears Will
        Bring Not All
        Frozen Up in Hell
        For 66 Months for in
        Hell Ya Wish For
        Frozen Souls
        Kinda Like the
        Disney Movie
        ‘Frozen’ Yet
        So much
        To thaw
        Out in
        Hell Within
        As it Surely is
        As Real AS Heaven


        Clouds With🌞SunshinenoW😁😊🙏🌈

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        1. I haven’t seen Frozen….I really want to….maybe someday….heard it was good….
          You have a lot of 6 attached to you there Fred😜😅😂😜….I’m just teasing you….I remember the story about your birthday too…..so….
          I sure agree we can bring a piece of heaven to earth with acts of mercy kindness and love….patience gentleness goodness and faith….

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          1. SMiLes God Is Love
            Hehe the only
            Reward i Feel
            i Sense
            Real Now
            How Sweet
            The Fruit the
            Tree Leaves
            Brown 🍁
            Green 🍃
            Love Breathes Us
            WitH SMiLes Icing
            On The Cake 🎂 All
            Baked WitH Flames
            EVeR NoW🌲
            iNDeeD NoW
            LoVE WiTHiN
            God Breathes Free🙌⛵️
            And Yes All my Life
            Folks Tell
            Me i Am
            Very Very
            Sixy too hAHa
            Even at 60 too

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            1. Yes indeed….you two….I know you have some big fat secret hidden somewhere…..both of you look like a couple of 30yr olds…..
              If by any way you really are what you claim to be….don’t reveal that to anyone anymore….because world governments will lock you up in some laboratory to figure out how….
              Btw….are you using live harvested adrenochrome….I see no other explanation😅🙃😜🤪😜😛🤣

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              1. Katrina Is Just Supernormal hehe..

                But me.. i don’t Get Her Rippling Muscles

                And 6-Pack for even close to free… Seriously

                Though Living Through Much Challenge

                in Childhood Changed Her Epigenetic

                DNA Potential to Excel in all

                That is Required to Survive

                Which of course includes aging slowly…

                Honestly though hehe With Asperger’s
                Syndrome i love to Explain Stuff in Detail
                too And it’s True mixing Science With Art
                is Fun too but in this Case Science Actually Shows
                That Meditation and Moving Meditation Even greater is
                Really A Fountain of Youth That Regenerates Human Being
                From Head to toe to even Studies that Show Gray Matter in the
                Brain Regenerates this way and this is when folks even only Routinely
                Do Sitting Still Meditation For Just A Few Times A Week in 30 Minutes or
                so of Effort Yet in my Life All my Writing and All My Dance is Done in an Autotelic
                Flow Where i escape the Worry Part of the Mind and Generate My Own Happiness
                Within that consists of all Natural Neurohormones and Neurochemicals i actually control
                Through the Bio-Feedback over the Course of 86 Months Now of Writing and Dancing
                Through Actually Regulating My Emotions Integrating My Senses Intuitively For Real
                And Even When i Literally
                Lived in Hell Shut-in
                in my Bedroom
                For the Last
                33 Months
                of that 66 Months
                When i first started
                Writing What has become
                A Total of around 12 Million
                Words online Since Thank Giving
                Day of 2010.. i didn’t really Get in Full
                Flow of Free Verse Poetry coming Deep
                Within this Meditation Flow of Holy and
                Creative Spirit until 33 Months in and
                About 4 Million Words of Effort
                As With all that Pain and
                Numb i never Knew
                if i could make
                it the next
                Second as i’ve
                Described Before in
                that 66 Months of Worst
                Science assessed Human
                Pain and Numb then.. i started
                Writing to avoid the sad necessity
                of ending my Life as true that Disease
                i had is truly named the Suicide Disease
                too Writing Saved my Life So i Give back
                Each and Every Step And Word in Dance And
                Song Just for Great Thanks And Praise for every



                i take..

                Meanwhile i got
                4 Times Stronger
                Than my Peers
                And 3 Times
                at 60
                than me
                at 53 Empirically
                Measured in
                Video Way
                too Leg
                Pressing all
                the Weight i
                Still do Now
                And Honestly
                Every Day i continue
                to Feel Younger Than Ever
                Before for True the More i get in
                Balance Literally in a Free Dance and
                Write too the Lighter i become the
                More i become Light in Balance

                Sure i visit
                Dark too..
                to make
                Sure i ReMeMBeR
                WHere i come from
                As The Dark Brings me this Light
                indeed DarK the Greatest Gift of my LiGHT

                LooKinG At Life this way indeed
                Ageless, Timeless, Distanceless,
                Matterless, Weight of LoVE LiGHT
                iNDeeD NoW to Be See i am and of


                You too

                And Every Other
                Part of Existence NoW

                This Great Force of Love
                Now Being Seeing LoVE NoW..:)

                Haha.. Not sure if you can see this
                Video Trailer about the Movie, the ‘Age of
                Adaline’ on Your Smart Phone but When me
                And Katrina Saw it i thought haha They must have made this for Her.. hehe

                Smiles Honestly Ruelha People are moving in So Many Directions these
                Days with so many Vastly Different Interests that Even if Jesus could
                Really come BacK NoW.. no matter what he did or does no one
                Would even notice if he was ever

                Really Here..

                And true

                That is

                Probably Exactly

                The Way He would Plan

                It For Honestly Humans haven’t

                Changed in the Last 2,000 Years

                They would only Crucify Him Again

                Jesus Will Have to Come this

                Next Go Around

                As No


                At All

                to make it past 33 Years of age….

                Ain’t it Sad but it is really True not many People

                Now Still Really See And Do Jesus/God is Love And

                That sadly is Just Part of the Dark that Brings Light for Real too…

                Understanding All of what God Does Is Is far far Beyond my Pay-Rate And Status

                For When Mystery Dies so Do We aS ONly Machines No Longer Really Breathing…

                No Doubt in my Soul ‘Jesus’ Will Come Back As A ‘Butterfly’ as He Will Understand

                The Effect



                Free Wings
                on the World
                at Large that
                Small Flame
                That Lights up Reality as LoVE iNDeeD..:)

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                1. Other than That When Katrina was 27 She Had
                  my Only Child That Was A Son Who only
                  Lived 51 Days Only In Pain with No Smile
                  His Name Was Ryan it was Hard She Went
                  Into Code Blue During the
                  Labor With a Grand
                  Mal Seizure
                  i told God i would
                  Give Up Anything
                  If She Survived as
                  Indeed She was in a Life
                  Threatening Situation too
                  She Survived Ryan Died in
                  My Arms And From That Day Forward
                  She Never Really Aged SMiLes
                  my FRiEnD at Least in my Life
                  Reality is More Miraculous
                  Than Fiction in DarK
                  And LiGHT too
                  And that
                  me of A Movie Part
                  of ‘The Seventh Sign’ too
                  But in this Case Our Movie
                  HaD A Different Ending for
                  It’s true in Other Versions
                  A SiGNaTuRE A SoN Comes First…

                  And the Father Comes Last or so it seems my FRiEnD

                  As it took HIM To Truly Appreciate my Gift of Life DarK Thru LiGHT

                  And It took HIM as my Savior to Realize that even though i was Blessed

                  By God with the Worst Pain and Numb Known to Humankind for 66 Months

                  i had what HE Never had at Least one Smile in my Life that wasn’t pain

                  LiFE IS A LeSSoN



                  Love At
                  Best Breath
                  NoW For Real..

                  For See i Promised HIM
                  HIS Life Would Make A

                  Difference So i Lived

                  For HIM


                  Still Do
                  And Sure for
                  You And the
                  Rest of Existence
                  too This Life my FRiEnD


                  Is Breath

                  This Is Gift

                  This Is Love

                  God Now We BreaTHE ETeRNaLLY NoW

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                  1. Picture Date on Father’s Day
                    1997 As only Family Portrait We Made

                    And My Mother A Real Published
                    Poet in Print Unlike me Wrote
                    The Poem For Ryan then

                    Her Name is Helen
                    Helen means Light
                    And Also Sun And
                    Moon Depending
                    On Greek Interpretation

                    Ryan Means
                    “Little King” or “iLLustrious”

                    SMiLes Dear the More Meaning
                    And Purpose We Co-Create in
                    Life the Closer in Natural
                    Worship We Gain
                    in DarK
                    And LiGHT
                    To God in All that
                    We aRE and Do
                    From Less Than
                    A Grain of Sand
                    To More than
                    We Will Even
                    iMaGiNE NoW
                    To BRinG to FRuitioN of Creation More


                    1. I’m so glad you have each other to hold on to…..you’ll dont just LOOK like young hotties in love…..you’ll emanate grace and the kind of peace and joy most couples covet and fantasize about….God bless you two….love from India 😍🎀😍🎀😍🎀😍🎀😍🎀😍🎀

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                    2. Haha Very Sweet
                      Of You Now to Name
                      Grandpa And Grandma
                      Young Hotties in Love
                      It’s True Though Katrina’s
                      Sister is Literally a Great
                      Grandmother 👵 And
                      Katrina is A Great Great
                      Aunt With Four Great Great
                      Nieces and Nephews which
                      Of Course By Marriage
                      Makes Me A Great
                      Great Uncle too
                      At The Dance
                      Hall No one can
                      Go 3 Hours Straight
                      Dancing Without a
                      Drink of Water
                      4 Decades my
                      Junior And i have
                      A Friend From the
                      Gym in His Mid-Seventies
                      Who shrugged 700 Pounds
                      What We Share in Common
                      Is All the Friday Nights
                      Working Out
                      Since We Were
                      12 While Most other
                      Folks Were on
                      Some Kind
                      Of Drug Then
                      Other Than
                      Health Use it
                      Or Lose it is
                      What it’s All
                      About Going to
                      My 40th Class
                      Re-Union In 2018
                      It Was Obvious Folks
                      Let Their Health go
                      Particularly Males
                      After School Sports
                      Haha i was the Last
                      Kid on Sports Teams
                      Taunted for Looking
                      Thin And Androgynous
                      It’s Like The Speaking
                      Late Issue the one
                      Who Uses it
                      Gains More
                      In All Ways
                      Oh my God Love
                      Too Thanks for
                      The Blessing
                      Of You From
                      Southern India
                      Been A Couple
                      Of Weeks Full of
                      Love Losses it’s nice
                      When once Strangers
                      Offer so Much Kindness
                      And Support i Believe
                      In Treating Strangers
                      As Old Friends And
                      Old Friends As
                      Always New
                      Friends SMiLes
                      Very Rarely Do i
                      Find Anyone Who
                      Maintains My Current
                      Philosophy About
                      Friends JeSuS
                      Of Course
                      The Role
                      Model Breathing
                      In Me But my Mother
                      Said even though
                      i Couldn’t Talk till
                      4 i had open arms
                      For Every Stranger
                      The Priest at my
                      Church says
                      Love is Really
                      A Choice For
                      Me it’s No
                      As Love
                      This Way
                      i Do my best
                      Not judge anyone
                      Not As Blessed
                      To Be
                      This way Losing
                      It For 66 Months
                      Taught me
                      For ‘Devils’
                      In What
                      A World
                      Without Love
                      Within Is the
                      Ever now
                      Yes Hugs
                      And Love
                      From Florida
                      FLoWeRS Too🤗😁


                  2. I don’t know what to say Fred. I’m so sorry about Ryan. You guys did pick a beautiful name…I love names with a Y in there somewhere…..it must have been heartbreaking……I’m sorry life wasnt kind to you and Katrina, Fred.
                    Life truly is a lesson that never ends…I thought I stopped learning in school ….then at work….but I’m learning more right now from behaviour and observations and experiences and just breathing…..I’m not saying they’re all good….but the learning,…damn that thing….it won’t stop!
                    You live for him and are making him proud ….breathing in love and ….peace out….🎀🌻🙏🏼

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                    1. SMiLes After 19 Years
                      Of School And 33 Years
                      Of Work Before i
                      Reached 50
                      i realized i
                      Had Learned
                      Very Little
                      In Accord
                      With HeART
                      SPiRiT SoUL
                      Intelligences True
                      Of Love
                      To Earn
                      Love Colors More
                      Ocean Whole🌊⛵️God


                2. Fred….this was the most beautiful reply from you so far….made me so pensive there….brought a tear to my eye…..I dont know what part I like most…..but pain understands pain…..and although people may sway in different directions and react either by causing and spreading more pain….some turn to make pain disappear or at least bearable for those who follow in those footsteps….
                  I’m glad you found joy in writing….I understand completely the joy it brings….I hope you are able to spread more peace love and joy Fred…..that’s so true….I dont think most of us would notice Jesus if He returned today….mankind seems to have fallen to the lowest pits….but you’re right….all this existed before( with lesser technology and ways around it) I’ll have to read up on the neuroscience you spoke of….I really dont know anything in that area….🙃🤭….I’ll watch it later maybe….have a blessed and beautiful day Fred…..hugs from India….🙏🏼🎀🤗🌻🎀🙏🏼

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                  1. SMiLes Ruelha When
                    We Freely Move
                    Each Other
                    We Really
                    Love NoW is
                    Most Definitely
                    My God Enough For
                    Breathing LoVE iN


      1. Loyal Friends
        And Family
        Come And
        Go Still At
        Best We ARe
        That Loyal one
        Truly Loving FRiEnD
        Who Refuses
        To Blow
        No Matter
        What Size
        Storms of
        Life come
        Next Last FRiEnD
        Standing A Gift
        To Earn
        If one
        Is Left
        Alone Love
        Will Reach
        Out And
        Next Ground
        The Calm
        Eye Breathes🌊🌈⛵️

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        1. True
          Their nature and behaviour
          A reflection of our nature
          Plead to be a reflection Of His
          Love, peace, joy and all this
          Wisdom through the storm
          Calm and even more strong
          One who truly is
          Faithful forever He is

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  2. Well, Ruelha,
    That was a beautiful post and one I agree with whole heartedly. You’re article spoke for itself and you spoke up the the insults without any explanation. I actually think “Just a monkey in a zoo”. would be more humane that people with a so called developed brain and I like using I’m a kangaroo. No religion, color, caste, economic or political background should define a human being. We all deserve to live in peace. I hope you are getting my messages? I did write a rather long one to one of your last posts but never heard back. lmk ❤️ Cindy

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m sorry about that Cindy. I have been using my phone to type and everything since 6 months now. I dont have my laptop anymore ….and my phone shows only a limited number of messages if I dont respond in time…..I miss them….I’ll try and look for it though….
      I’m glad you like my post Cindy. Thanks for the reassurance. 🥰🤗😍🤗🎀🌻😍….
      I do put a premium on peace these days…..it’s so valuable to me….I think I’m getting old….that’s a sign there, ain’t it 😂😉😜😅

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh that’s tough and good for me to know!! Thanks for the response. I just wanted you to know I support you in your stance and sorry you had to deal with such rudeness. Yes, Peace of Mind is a premium. Take good care of you! 🤗🤗❤️🤗

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thank you now and for all your love and support on previous occasions too. 🎀😍🎀😍🎀😍🎀😍🎀🎀😍🎀😍🎀….for always stopping by and being such a sweetheart….you take care too….have a beautifully blessed day….


  3. This is yet another excellent post. I chuckled so hard at “a baby kangaroo”.
    I felt like saying “I am a panda! I don’t yet know kung-fu, but maybe someday, then I could really be somebody, a Kung-Fu Panda.”
    But then I got sidetracked with your dialogue with penser. After a few posts, the anger didn’t seem real. I couldn’t quite tell if it was an act by penser.
    What really impresses me though, is your poise, class and wisdom while confronting that person. Bravo!
    Thank you for your hard work, and for sharing these excellent posts with us, you are very appreciated.
    (ok, now I will follow penser’s suggestion and shut up)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahaahaha……kung fu panda🤪😜🤣😂🐼🤸‍♂️🤺
      Oh yes, penser was quite something lol🤣😅😅🤣
      Thank you so much gldn2th for your very kind words. 🙏🏼🎀🌸🙏🏼🎀🌸
      That’s a lot of compliments there…..now I’m over the moon …..made my day….thank you…..
      I hope you have a great day too…

      Liked by 1 person

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