How to get the Korean Glass Skin Look

Ever wondered if you could glow like Beyonce, like you’re skin is smuggling layers of swiss gold within it or like you’re still a tad wet after swimming a few laps….like a fresh flower blossom with drops of lustrous dew? So what is dewy or glass skin? Basically, it’s almost like the opposite of a matte finish. ‘Glass skin’ usually refers to a skincare routine while ‘dewy skin’ is the look achieved with a focussed skincare regimen or even makeup. K- beauty has been around for a while now and everyone seems to be obsessed with Korean skincare products and makeup and beauty rituals. You know many times my bare skin looks nice and dewy for a couple of hours after a bath or in the morning after I wash my face and also… err…when it’s all sweaty in the hot and humid place I live in!πŸ˜… Oh don’t worry, that’s not what I’m suggesting. You can check out this easy sequence below to achieve that transparent youthful glowing-from-within look. I don’t suggest the typical glass-look routine of ‘double cleansing’ and ‘toning’ because those things are just bad for your skin eventually. I don’t want you to strip your face of all the moisture it houses and add alcohol and astringents to cringe it down. Trends come and go but healthy, happy skin is always lovely. If you follow a good skincare routine, you won’t need any quick fixes. While many times, women rush to buy a ton of products to achieve a particular look and it does help if you have the right tools, I can’t stress enough on the need to have a rather holistic approach to such trends. Effectively, what you want is smooth and taut skin, shrunk pores with no excess sebum or gunk but a nice bounce and plumpiness that comes from well-hydrated moist skin…..moist from within, not oily and greasy on the outside. This kind of smoothness naturally reflects light just like smooth shiny glass would. So, I just described flawless skin…..yes, of course! But that’s what glass skin is – happy skin that can be flaunted! You can have glass skin temporarily with lotions and potions. But, I’d suggest proper nutrition, skin food, exercise, adequate sleep, hydration and moisturizing to be part of your regular routine to have flawless skin that radiates light from within. So I suggest you put your energies into a good-but-realistic long-term skincare regimen and not those expensive imported products that promise to deliver (but mostly don’t and cannot) dewy, glass-like shine. It doesn’t matter if your products come from South Korea, Argentina, Australia or Somalia. You don’t need to look around for snail mucous, caviar, snake wine or placentas. If an elixir is found, trust me – it will come to you. All the skincare giants will bring it home to you! The only secret out there is this….. glow from within. Live in peace and harmony and in communion with love. That will make you joyous and thereby a natural brilliance that will never die out. Shine, baby, shine! Shine form within. Okay, I sense you’re bored now. So without further jazz, check out this routine that will help you get there:

Glass Skin Routine:

  • Skin must be thoroughly cleansed, taut and squeaky clean. Make sure you use a good cleanser/face wash that gets all that sebum, grease and grime out.
  • Use a face scrub after cleansing to polish your skin and shrink those pores a bit.
  • Use a suitable mask. Use one that shits your needs. This should make your skin nice and taut and lend a nice glow. Clay or marine maske are a good option as they cleanse and hydrate at the same time. Of course, you could use a Korean/ regular sheet mask.
  • Use an eye cream to hydrate the delicate eye area.
  • Use a serum. I highly recommend one containing hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid hydrates skin really well because of it’s ability to hold up to 1000 times it’s own moisture. So it traps moisture from the air into the skin and won’t let your skin dry away. This really helps to keep that sheen.
  • Use a moisturizer, preferably one with a luminous or pearlescent sheen or even one containing iridescent particles. Make sure it’s not greasy. Gel based moisturizers or strobe creams should work better.
  • If you wish to go au naturel, make sure you carry a spritz bottle with you to freshen up your skin and refresh your glass like glow at regular intervals.

Yes, it’s that simple. Glass skin is all about letting your natural beauty show. Be realistic with your goals. Please don’t overspend in an attempt to achieve this look.

Stay Beautiful, Inside Out, 

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