On a full moon night

Two days ago I remembered my grandmother,
because of the stories she'd tell me and my brother.
The one I'm about to narrate is an old wives tale.
Just some light-hearted lunar cocktail.
It's like an ancient village-like story.
You can put it in the do-not-entertain category.

Apparently, the lunatics get crazier.
And the hotheads get angrier.
On a full moon night,
this is their plight. 
So, do not trigger.
Avoid any such endeavour.

Just watching the moon till out of my sight,
It moved up and beyond into the dark night.
Made me think about my grandmother.
And her wisdom regarding the lunar calendar.
All these decades, I'd smirk and laugh. But dear grandmother....
well, few days ago, even I felt coerced to reminisce and wonder.

But then, I have greater power and authority. 
They wish they could control me, powers and principalities
But the fallen no longer have control over the cosmos.
I just look up at the moon and admire the Creator, all the more.
All of creation has been put under His feet.
Like a footstool, they lay below underneath. 

I am the body of Christ. 
That puts me above all of them, alright.
That was meant for me, every scroll and every banner,
I crush with that 2000 year old wooden hammer.

I don't fear powers and principalities.
I don't need to please the stars and their personalities.
Seven sisters of Pleiades, Orion, or the Bears.
Or even the star who fell from heaven, up there.
The book of Revelation says I have overcome,
by the blood and the Word of my testimony, all is done.

Β© Copyright Protected. All Rights Reserved.
pic credit:knowing-jesus.com
pic credit:pinterest.com
seated in heavenly places ABOVE powers and principalities
pic credit:nathanandemilia.wordpress.com
pic credit:epic missiontools.org


  1. Ain’t it A Best News that
    The Kingdom of Heaven
    Is Within And Love
    When Breathing
    No one Will take
    Away This God
    Many Have Come…
    A Table of Plenty…
    Even More Never
    See LiVinG OnE NoW
    LoVE Truly Breathing Within
    Just To Give and Share Free NoW
    Always Doing Least Harm iN Truth oF LiGHT
    JeSuS NoW
    Is ALWayS
    HeaR When
    LoVE BReaTHeS WiTHiN
    i NaME This God LoVE ReaL..:)

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