Pedophiles on the prowl!

Let me tell you a story about Joanna, a little girl,
who got caught up in quite an agonizing whirl.
We were together in Junior K.G.,
when we were studying the A-B-C-D.

We were just about four.
Cute little uniforms, we wore.
There'd be two on a desk,
until we'd break for recess.

Joanna was my partner in school,
who suffered at the hands of someone so cruel.
She'd hide behind the desk,
vigorously rubbing her genitals, with no rest.

This continued to happen everyday, you know.
On and on with it, she would go.
When I asked her what exactly she was doing,
she told me something that (now in hindsight) seems so confusing!

Apparently that was the secret to good health.
Doing questionable things below the belt.
Sure, I wanted to be healthy too.
So I joined in the circus-zoo!

Both of us, all through the day.
Just trying our best to be healthy, all the way.
Can you imagine where and how she got that information?
All that was being done to her, and her situation!

Most of the kids in school, throughout stayed the same,
till the end of our school days, that's the time frame.
But Joanna never made it to the next year.
I never seen her in Senior K.G.; she just disappeared.

Is this story a fiction of my imagination?
Maybe I'm too ashamed to admit, so I asked you this question!
Mankind, I've seen the worst.
For all the wrong things, they thirst!

I really don't remember discussing this at home.
I think I told nobody, and let it be in my mind alone.
It's always the ones we trust,
body, heart and soul who crush!

Β© Copyright Protected. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED



  1. Hi Ruella,
    great poem and good question. I had a girl in about the same grade that masterbated all day on her chair and another that climbed a pole. Everyone made fun of her and she tried to get some of us to do it to. I learned early that was not ok but I secretly did it in my room during naps and my mom would try to “catch me”. I remember praying to God saying I won’t ever do this again, like this was some kind of sin. It wasn’t talked about in my house either but I got the idea it was wrong. It would be and interesting question to find out. Maybe it was as innocent as that and they just moved.. Idk. It’s good to bring awareness to these normal adolescencent behaviors.


  2. SMiLes i can’t Remember my Mother Really
    Ever Telling a Lie.. i was not Close to my Father…
    But really i can’t Remember Him telling a Lie Either…
    About Half of the Women i’ve ever known have confided
    in me that they Were Sexually Abused by a Close Family
    Member in Childhood So it
    Surely may Be More
    Prevalent than
    Actually Studied…
    Growing Up With a Parent
    That is Trust Worthy in every
    Way Brings So Much More Faith
    And Love About the World Whole
    Other Folks Continue to Suffer the
    Rest of their Life and Sadly The Cycle
    Repeats itself in Generations to come
    Until Somehow Someway Someone Breaks
    The Vicious Life Cycle Again…That Takes a Lot
    of Support and Understanding and with issues like
    BorderLine Personality Disorder Some Clinicians
    Give Up As they Just can’t Figure Out a Way to Help…
    I’ve heard some really
    Horrible Stories too
    Horrible to repeat
    Here Humans
    Without Empathy
    Tend to Create Nightmares
    Not Imaginable Before and then
    There Are Others Creating Beyond
    Rainbow Color Dream’s Fruition
    In More to See… How Fortunate
    Those Coming From Rainbow places..
    NoW… Smiles Until i was about
    18.. i was mostly in
    The Dark about
    Like that’..
    The Colors of Closeness
    in Just Hot Chocolate Shared
    in the Stadium of A Fall Night
    in the Stands Sitting Close at A Football
    Game.. was so much more colorful and Lasting
    Then than A Grinding ‘Bootie Dance’ Forced upon
    one in a Dance Hall Now… Smiles.. About the 70’s
    Were the End of any Potential for such Innocence in

    the United States…

    Smiles.. i’m Glad
    i learned so many
    Colors of Love First
    So Much Deeper than Skin Deep….

    The Other Colors And Shades of Grey Serve a Purpose
    But the Deepest Colors of Love Last practically forever now..:)


    1. What can I say Fred…the world seems to be getting crazier by the day…..I still have hope for this species we are. I live on hope, prayer and faith….so….I guess…..someday huh πŸŽ€πŸ§ΈπŸŽ€πŸ™πŸΌπŸŽ€πŸ™πŸΌπŸ§Έ

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      1. SMiLes From WHere
        i stand This Garden of
        Eden is As Beautiful
        As Ever And Eve is
        Sweetly Sleeping
        Next to me but You
        See Years As A
        Cog in
        A Cultural
        Machine Becoming
        A Tool i Saw None
        Of This
        This Proves
        To Me Heaven
        Breathes Within
        And Often it
        Is Literally
        Hell That
        Opens the
        Airways Up
        Heaven is Real
        Now A Dance With
        The Devil of Our
        Shadow Revealing
        May Be the Crown
        Of Thorns
        Up Our
        This Inheritance RealπŸ§ΈπŸ™


  3. I’m compelled to pray for Joanna -that HIS pure love would embrace her to make HIMSELF known to her… Love your compassionate heart Ruelha!!… So many children have experienced abuse and need a voice to lift them up to our Great GOD and FATHER who comforts and brought into the loving care of the Good Shepherd who restores souls…

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    1. Thank you for praying for Joanna, Jeff. I pray she found peace and Jesus somewhere on the way. I don’t know where she is today or even after kindergarten…..Amen to your prayer….I’m agreeing in faith with you. Thank you πŸ™πŸΌπŸŒΈπŸ™πŸΌ

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