Do not put the Lord your God to the test!

Thou shall not put Him to the test.
Don't look around and count all others as blessed.
Him, you do not doubt.
That's what faith is all about. 
Trust completely in His ability.
Do you really need to have more clarity, 
about His complete plan,
and see His layout beforehand?
If that is what you want, it is unbelief.
And snatch your goodies he will, the thief!
If you seek divine providence, you must have faith.
But not to be arrogant, to test and debate.
Malachi makes an exception with regards to tithes,
when you trust in God, and not the world outside.
He promises to open the windows of the heavens.
Test Him, He says, descending with presents.
But don't play childish games of manipulation,
demanding for proof and supernatural manifestations. 
Trust His timing; trust His will.
In due time your coffers, He will fill.
For without faith, it is impossible to please.
Stop trying to get His attention with a tease.
He already sees you; in you He takes delight.
Stop testing God to keep His Word; don't fight.
You cannot demand a time and place.
Sometimes, you may just have to wait.
But He is true to His Word.
Although at this point, it may seem blurred.
Instead, obey God by doing His will.
The voice of the Spirit, you must fulfill.
Yes, you shall not die if you drink deadly poison.
But don't gulp down a bottle; practice test-avoidance.
Faith does not challenge God's providence or Word.
It sits humbly in peaceful assurance with confidence.Do I sound absurd?
Yes, God can, and will bend the laws of nature for you.
But you cannot demand how and when and what He should do.
I'll give you a tip; show Him the contract.
And if your intentions by agape love is backed,
what you confess, shall come to pass.
When,  where and how, well that's not for you to ask!

(Inspired by Matthew 4:7) 
© Copyright Protected. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

It is my desire to study the four gospels. Writing poems helps me put some thought into it thereby making it fun to learn and remember. I was stuck on the book of Matthew for years and never really completed more than the first five chapters until I began writing ‘the Matthew Series‘. Now, I’m revising the contents of the book of Mathew by writing another series of poems titled ‘Inspired by Matthew‘. This one will not be as comprehensive as ‘the Matthew Series’ and may not be in an orderly sequence. This particular poem is the fifth in the series. I hope you enjoy reading each piece as much as I did writing them.



  1. SMiLes Ruehla While it’s True
    Katrina Climbed 40 Foot Trees
    Looking Over Roofs of Homes
    to Pick Fruit at 8 Years-Old
    When There Was No
    Food To Eat And No
    Water to Drink Yet
    She is Still TERRiFiED
    Of Snakes but Not afraid
    of Heights as Heights are
    my Only Fear hehe as i am
    too ‘important’ to Fall yes i Love to
    Live… Actual Trivia Notes: Humans
    Are Still Born With Only Two Natural
    Fears… Falling And Fear Of Heights
    So i guess People have not taught you
    to Be Afraid of Snakes and one hasn’t bitten
    You yet as indeed Love Does Test Us in Life
    As Love Does in the ‘Story of Job’ How Will We Gain
    Trust And Faith in the Day When Night comes True
    or Life
    Yet Winter
    Brings Spring
    the Moral of the
    Whole Story that’s
    Real Even as Science
    ATTeMPTS to SHow Dark Births
    Light Even Quantum Mechanics
    Theories Suggest Entire New
    UniVerses Are Born in Black
    Holes as Torsion And
    Spin Comes to
    Harmony iN
    of Gravity
    Just the ‘Right’
    Peaceful Still
    Mix To Birth New
    Existence As Black
    Holes Are Flowers And Seeds
    too in deed As Resurrection oF Light
    From DarK iS ‘ALL OVER’ EXiSTeNCE NoW
    All of Existence is Change Birth of Now God
    is Always creating Light As God is Dark and Light
    of course God is All how will i ever test all all i will do is be all…

    The Best Thing Now
    oF all i Do Know Is
    i don’t Phantom
    As Large as Birthing
    New Universes out of Black Holes
    i am only a Man And Only Greater As A Son of Love Now

    Do You See How God Is Above Below Within Inside
    Outside And All Around the Smile on Your Face Petting a Snake

    in deed
    no test of Faith

    As Stories of Old Are Stories of New
    And Alpha Thru Omega is End of the Beginning More…

    i FLoW AS A Miracles Rivers of Changing Shores Continue Free

    i LoVE
    IT THere
    iS No Doubt
    iN FLoWinG Rivers

    It’s True i need not Know
    Anything But This Love This FLoWeR God
    Yet i Have no Fears of ‘Apples’ as all my Knowledge
    i Do Have only Confirms this Faith is Real in EVERY WAY…

    As Above So Below Within Inside Outside All Around DarK Thru LiGHT

    i Find God iN IT ALL THere is ‘None’ Left to Seek Find Yet Enough Seeing God MoRE ALL..:)

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    1. That pic is 11 years old….it was under supervision at a zoo in Hong Kong….I am terrified of all reptiles especially snakes….once there was abu lizard that realised I was so scared of it….so it started chasing me instead….and it was just 4cms maybe….lol….the pic is deceiving na?
      I was trying to say….dont poke a snake and test God…..if you step on one….well you’ll be safe….but dont go around poking snakes saying God is supposed to save you.😅….

      40 foot trees ….that’s a talent….I couldnt go higher than 7 feet…that too with the help of a 3 ft wall at the side….
      Heights you say… I know how to scare you Fred. 🤗😝….btw….I love to live toooooo….maybe….I dont know….I guess….lol…
      That’s good information….2 natural fears….heights and falling….I guess I’m not really human then….my fears are a whole lot different….i always felt different in this strange human world….now it all makes sense…😅🤪😅

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      1. “Don’t go around poking snakes saying God is supposed to save you.”

        SMiles Sadly so
        Many So-Called
        Christians WHere
        i Live Don’t Wear
        A Mask Saying God
        Is Gonna Save ‘em
        Moving into the
        Most Dangerous
        Months of A Pandemic
        With Nary A Care of
        Killing Their
        The only
        Rule of
        i Need To
        Know is We Will
        KNoW We aRe Human
        By The Love We Do
        Or Do Not SHoW All
        Of Nature God
        To the
        Agape Love
        Often A Place
        For Those Who
        Find No Home
        For Rest in
        For How Rare
        It is To See No
        Human Being As
        Stranger Than
        me Seeing
        A God
        Of Love
        And That’s
        Enough For
        All Yet
        Our Tools
        Our Very
        Us From The
        Whole of Love For
        All only in Shedding
        All the Illusions of
        Culture Are We
        No Longer
        A Stranger
        To God Within
        For You See The
        World to Shed is
        Not The Beautiful
        Earth or Even
        Of A Snake
        The World to shed
        To Return to Now is
        Before ‘The Apple’
        WHere LiFE BReaTHES
        Free All of Nature God
        LoVE iNCaRNaTE Sees🙏

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        1. I heard about that….that’s sad. Faith is required. But you must follow the law of the land and give to Caesar what’s his. Not fearing shows faith. Even Jesus didnt jump off the cliff to test God .. .besides the mask is not for the person wearing it…’s for the people around….so why make others uncomfortable and lose their peace. 😅🌻

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          1. Sadly People Value
            What They don’t
            Wanna Do over
            The Literal
            Life of
            Lack of
            From Young
            For Others Sadly So…
            SMiLes i
            Keep my
            Social Distance
            Only when necessary
            From Ignorance
            Of Love and
            Oh Yeah
            A Good
            Boy still
            When it
            Comes To
            Caesar’s What is
            His i Surely Don’t need…
            Other than That the
            Tax Laws Here are
            Now A Big
            Give away
            At least
            For Folks
            Who Don’t
            Buy Mansions
            And Yachts And
            With Good Tax
            Loop Hole
            Pay Nothing
            And Of Course
            Only Motivation
            Now to take Health
            Care away from
            20 Million
            All Now for
            Purpose of
            More Greed
            But it seems
            At A Party to
            Celebrate that
            Prospect the so-called
            Top of the Heap of that
            Is Falling to their own
            In Deed
            There is God
            And Karma
            Of that
            Plays no
            Human Games
            Of Greed And Hoard🎶🌊

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            1. That’s true…..greed and superfluous greed everywhere…..I don’t see luxury as a bad thing until and unless it clouds your judgement or makes you less empathetic towards the less fortunate….if and when it makes you forget your true origins which is just mortal dust….when man starts arrogantly trusting his own abilities and status, that eventually becomes a problem. The ability to share and have some value for success without being submerged in an abyss of instant gratification where there is absolutely no denial of pleasures and things …..that creates a problem both behaviorally and spiritually….that’s just my opinion Fred….😃🌻🎀🌻🎀🌻🎀😃

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              1. SMiLes Agree Now
                Luxury Is THoRNS
                Colors of FLoWeRS
                Small And Large
                As Long as They
                Bloom MoRE iN
                Give And
                Share Now
                Than Take
                And Hoard
                Honestly I’m
                ‘Rich in Money’
                Just Because i
                Don’t Buy much
                And Give It All Away
                To my Wife’s Purse
                And Accounting
                Pen NoW as
                i surely
                A Penny Decades
                To my Wife’s Chagrin
                So She Will Always
                Have what She
                Needs to survive
                Till the Last
                Day of Her
                Breath too
                Love Does
                What It Has
                To through
                And Scarcity
                To BReaTHE Even
                Now When Love
                Is Exhausted
                To Do
                Love Does
                Now Until Life
                ‘Sees’ Peace
                Victory Love
                Blood Breathing🥀
                Stars For All to ‘See’🌊🎶🌹
                i worked Almost Two
                Decades Then in a
                Military Bowling
                Center Eventually
                Managing the place
                With No interest
                In Learning how
                To Actually Bowl
                Serving Out Sanitized
                To Me Sweaty
                And Stinky to
                Sanitize Again
                The Lowliest
                Job Most Folks
                Might Imagine
                After 3 College
                Degrees close
                To A top of the
                Class Yet each
                And Every
                Of Eye as
                i used to not
                Have to wear Shades
                To Hide the Lamp
                Of LoVE iN
                My EYes
                Yes.. each
                Of Loving Eyes
                For Free With At
                Least 100,000
                People is all
                The Heaven
                i ever desired
                Then Ugh
                A Federal
                And i had no
                Choice but to
                Get Promoted
                And Make Twice
                As Much Money
                In What i hated
                To Do most…
                Tell other
                Folks more
                What they have
                To Do.. hehe
                It surely
                Filled my Wife’s
                Purse up and all
                i had to do is
                My Eyes
                Into Words
                Behind Shades
                Happily Living
                Ever After
                Away Shoes For
                Free Coloring Soul 🌟🎶
                Of course When i was
                Passing out those
                Shoes Some Folks
                Told me i was
                Wasting my
                Life the same
                Way Richard
                Dawkins Famous
                Atheist Related too
                He Couldn’t See the
                Value of Bringing a
                Child With Down’s
                Syndrome into
                The World but
                With 2020
                Full Vision
                Soul Then too
                i Still Remember
                That Child With
                Down’s Syndrome
                Turning Around
                To Shake my
                Hand And
                Smile at
                me in the
                Back Row When
                Everyone else acted
                Like They Were too
                Busy telling me
                Not to Message
                Them until
                Had Room
                For me So
                i Do Serve
                Those Who Serve
                Love Most i ReMeBeR
                How they Make
                Me Feel
                in Just
                A SMiLe
                iN A Twinkle
                Of Words Now
                Yet Not Measuring
                Up to my Windows
                Of Soul Greeting
                Free Love At Ease
                SMiLes Dear My
                Shoes (Love)
                Are No Size✍️
                Yet i Wear Them Free
                Now To Give A Gift i See🌟


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