Then heaven was opened to Him

John baptized with water.
He wasn't a sweet talker.
Clearly, it was a sign of repentance,
while hinting of a follow-up transcendence.

The One who comes after,
will baptize with the Holy Spirit and fire.
So when Jesus, Himself came to be baptized,
John was confused and surprised.

His public ministry was inaugurated only after He was baptized.
That is why even through political pressure, this act is emphasized.
Go then; He sent them to the ends of the earth.
Make disciples in the name of all three; let them rebirth.

First baptized with water.
Entered His Kingdom; became his daughter,
when the Holy Spirit descended with fire.
Original sin, no longer attached to that barbed wire.

Even the Son of Man was baptized.
So, who are we, this process to criticize?
Because only then was heaven opened.
With the Holy Spirit, stamped with citizenship so potent.

The first Adam led mankind to sin.
With his disobedience, Satan did win.
But this second Adam willingly obeyed.
Unblemished, no need for repentance in the Jordan still bathed.

The perpetual obedience of the second Adam brought salvation and grace.
Cancelling the old covenant opening heaven's gate.
Leading the way to truth and life.
Just like heaven was opened to Him, we too can get inside.

(Inspired by Matthew 3:16)
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© Copyright Protected. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 

It is my desire to study the four gospels. Writing poems helps me put some thought into it thereby making it fun to learn and remember. I was stuck on the book of Matthew for years and never really completed more than the first five chapters until I began writing ‘the Matthew Series‘. Now, I’m revising the contents of the book of Mathew by writing another series of poems titled ‘Inspired by Matthew‘. This one will not be as comprehensive as the Matthew Series and may not be in an orderly sequence. This particular poem is the third in the series. I hope you enjoy reading each piece as much as I did writing them.


  1. Beautiful Ruelha. I love the message in there that obedience leads to better things… salvation… freedom… How we walk matters then. We must walk as Jesus and John did…. and many other strong people of faith so that heaven will be opened to so many more. ❤ Thanks for sharing this wonderful reminder.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. SMiLes Long
    As We Dance
    And Sing Now
    LoVE Raining
    We Go Holy
    LoVinG Arms
    D A N C in G
    Banding Now
    ToGeTHeR LoVE
    No ‘Normal’ Hurricane
    Spirit Thriving GRoWinG
    All Weather Baptism Now
    💨🌊🌲🙌🎶🌟🌲😊🙏 🌧

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    1. All weather baptism….
      Baptized in fire,
      So I wont retire.
      Definitely not because of bad weather,
      Because I’m guarded by soft feathers.
      Part of the family.
      No such calamity,
      Can affect me.
      Because in He,
      I lay and take rest.
      It’s actually quite fun now, this test.

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