The axe is ready

Just like a lumberjack,
He's got His axe.

    It is ready.
    His hand is steady.

Cut down, it will.
For the fiery landfill.

     He will examine the roots.
     And if the tree has rotten fruits.

Tossed into the fire,
with no place to retire.

      Just like the fig tree,
      saturated with selfish debris.

Cursed right up to the ground.
Withered away, stripped of its crown.

      Love, peace and joy.
      In self-control to enjoy.

Goodness, kindness and gentleness.
To pass the test of faithfulness.

       In patience, guided by wisdom and grace.
       Not impossible in a Spirit-led case.

He has with Him a winnowing shovel.
Unable to corrupt by flexing worldly muscles.

       Reward, they'll finally attain,
       when He sits to thresh out the grain.

Gather the wheat into his barn.
While the chaff who have been stubborn,

        thrown in the fire that never goes out,
        while they scowl and grind their teeth, and pout.

© Copyright Protected. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
(Inspired by Matthew 3:10 and 12) 

It is my desire to study the four gospels. Writing poems helps me put some thought into it thereby making it fun to learn and remember. I was stuck on the book of Matthew for years and never really completed more than the first five chapters until I began writing ‘the Matthew Series‘. Now, I’m revising the contents of the book of Mathew by writing another series of poems titled ‘Inspired by Matthew‘. This one will not be as comprehensive as the Matthew Series and may not be in an orderly sequence. This particular poem is the second in the series. I hope you enjoy reading each piece as much as I did writing them.



    1. If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. if I give away all I have, and if I deliver up my body to be burned, but do not love, I gain nothing. 1 Cor: 1-3
      Love is the fulfillment of the law. God is love. Therefore all that we do must be done in love. That is the greatest fruit of the most incorruptible seed.
      Smiles and love!🙏🏼🎀🙏🏼

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      1. SMiLes Beautiful
        Conclusion of
        Verse indeed
        i have Been
        Love And
        i Never Wanna
        Suffocate Forever
        Now In That
        God (Love)
        Burning Out
        Ashes Of Soul
        To Rise Again As Love
        Saving Grace Carries
        In The
        Us Love
        With God’s
        Breath our
        Spirit 💨 Wind🙏

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          1. Hehe i don’t want
            To Boast but Generally
            Speaking Folks Who are
            Close to me Age Very
            Slow i used to
            Think it was
            Only Genetics
            Till Katrina Came
            Along Without Any
            Make-up i Believe
            It Comes When
            Justice mixes
            With A Fighting
            Spirit of Love
            In Truth in LiGHT
            Out of DarK
            For those
            Who Bring
            Peace With
            Justice For All
            SMiles You Would
            Never Guess my
            Sister’s Next
            Is 60
            With Winks
            As Love Breathes
            Love Ages on the
            Inside out stay Love
            Within GLoWinG to See
            Hehe Humor Helps
            So much
            🖼 PainTinG Green
            Outside Frames❣️🙌
            Oh And Sister’s Name
            Is Marie My Stepmother
            Who Passed Away’s Middle
            Name too as the Name
            Is A Female Form
            Of Michael
            That Means
            Like An Angel
            Close to God
            And Katrina
            Means Pure
            As Her Middle
            Name Mia is Also
            A Form of Michael
            That Means Close
            To God And of
            Course the
            Of my
            Means Peaceful
            Ruler Smiles i Chose
            my Pen Name Writing
            Carefully this Way
            My Grandfather
            The X-Catholic
            Priest From
            Ireland Chose
            My Middle Name
            Too Author for Strong
            As My Father has my
            Same name as i am
            A Junior assessed
            To be born on His
            Birthday of June
            20th the Doctor
            Went on
            So He induced
            Labor on 6.6.60
            Hehe i’ve Paid a lot
            Of Hell for those
            3 Sixes on my
            Driver’s License
            As When i used
            To Drink a Beer
            Now And then
            Still Getting
            Carded at
            At age 40
            The Folks in
            My area Reading
            The Bible Literally
            Were Afraid those
            Sixes meant i was
            Literally Related
            To the Devil
            Since then i’ve
            Been Trying to lift
            Those Veils of
            Ignorance Per
            The Original
            Definition of
            Apocalypse that
            In Greek doesn’t
            Mean Destroying
            The Earth but
            Building A
            World on
            Truth in Light
            Away From Ignorance…
            Thing is Without A
            Creative Holy
            Spirit Living
            Within in or
            Out of Church
            It is Rare that
            Folks without
            It Have the Eyes
            And Ears to Understand
            The Depth of Poetry
            And Parables Same
            And This is
            Why in
            ParT Ya
            Can’t Force a
            Horse to Drink
            Water And Some
            Folks Believe
            Trump Is A
            i am A Sinner
            For my Birthday
            Literally As Such too
            SMiLes Dear FRiEnD
            Human Nature Doesn’t
            Get Boring This Way
            Or LiGHT
            i Find it all
            With A Prayer
            For the Gift
            Of Change
            For indeed that
            Birthday was a Real
            Omen As i Met
            The Devil
            In Hell
            Didn’t have
            To search Hard
            To Find Him Either
            Until i Returned to Love🙏❣️Generally Speaking
            Devil And Hell Have the
            Same Meaning
            Of ‘the
            Of Love’
            As ‘Celine Dion’
            And ‘Mumford
            And Sons’ Sings
            In Hell i Waited
            66 Months for
            A Faint ‘Whisper
            In The Dark’
            Of God
            Name Love
            Reborn to ‘See’💨❣️

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            1. Hahaaaaa….quite a birthdate 😁😅😁
              I dont think I can forget it ever….
              True…the absence of love can destroy a soul in the most horrible way….
              And the infusion of selfless love into dying rotting veins can pump life into any hardened rock….


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