Creating the perfect BROW!

Let’s reminisce and walk through the brow trends before I reveal how to create the perfect eyebrows. Let me take you to the eighties where there was Madonna and Brooke Shields and Jennifer Connelly with their bushy eyebrows. Well, back then, thick and bushy was in. Infact, closer home in India, many people considered a unibrow, thick untamed bushy brows to be a sign of good luck.

Jennifer Connelly
Jennifer Connelly
Jennifer Connelly
Madonna in the 80s
Madonna rocking her bushy brows
Brooke Shields
Brooke Shields

When we got into the 90s, eyebrows started getting thinner and thinner while arches started getting higher and higher. Arches started off with a round circular arch and moved to more angular defined ones by the late 90s. Eyebrows were still thin that decade but the inner corners started getting reasonable leaving the rest finely tapering towards the end. All the trendy women of that time started believing that women in the 80s and before that probably never groomed their eyebrows ever and it wasn’t part of anyone’s beauty regime until the 90s… not realizing that it was just a trend of the 90s. Eyebrow grooming has been existent since the dawn of time or the discovery of scissors and blades. It’s not a new department. But yeah, in the 90s, it seemed like a novelty. It was all about overdoing the eyebrow and it just kept getting worse and worse. But everybody loved it. It was the ‘in’ thing….muted brows that were almost disappearing and balding. Take a look at Cameron Diaz, Pamela Anderson, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Claudia Schiffer, Angelina Jolie and all the female actors in the most popular sitcom of the 90s – Friends.

Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz
Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson
Naomi Campbell
Claudia Schiffer
Supermodel Claudia
Kate Moss
Angelina Jolie
Friends stars
Courtney Cox
Christina Aguilera
Kylie Minogue
Natalie Imbruglia – I usually flaunted these ‘s’ shaped brows thick and curvy at the inner corners with a softened high arch. Pic

While all this first stayed up until mid 2000 when we suddenly got bored of non-existent noodle brows and moved on to really thick unkempt scruffy ones like Cara Delevingne, Lily Collins, Sarah Hyland, Chloe Grace Moretz and Mila Kunis.

Sarah Hyland
Mila Kunis
Lily Collins
Chloe Grace Moretz
Cara Delevingne

And then again we fell to an all-time low of ‘the Instagram brow’ with a lot of youtubers and Instagram influencers putting up beauty and makeup tutorials that undoubtedly look gorgeous on screen and in photos, but in person they look like two caterpillars latched on to your forehead. For some strange reason, this trend refuses to go away and people actually like it….just like we loved rice vermicelli/fine noodle brows in the 90s.

Photo credit:Makeup by Jah/YouTube
Pic credit:Charlene Hunter/ pinterest

You see, trends come and go. They’ll probably last a decade or so. But if you keep on over trimming or even subjecting those brows to all kinds of weird trends, your eyebrows will follow the growth pattern you steer it in or even… God forbid, cease growth in that particular area and then you will be restricted in the kind of brow shape or trend you will be able to follow. So, it’s a good idea to just stick with your natural brows and probably just get rid of some stray hair, tame them a bit but following a trend… you might probably regret it ten years later. That’s as long as a trend may last. And they just go in circles, keep coming and they keep going and they keep repeating themselves. There is only so much you can do with eyebrows …or any other body part, for that matter. Fashion and trends keep repeating themselves; it’s better to look your best version of beautiful than to follow a trend and stress above and beyond with threading and tweezing and waxing and painting and tattooing and microblading and all kinds of things which you might just regret later.

Drew Barrymore
Megan Fox
Angelina Jolie

I say this from experience. I have lived through the 90s and followed the 90s trend too. In the beginning, I started out with no forehead and only an eyebrow …like that entire portion up top was an eyebrow; there was no forehead…think neanderthal or homo sapien. I didn’t have a forehead; I just had a single eyebrow up there.πŸ˜‰ I would tweeze my own brows and was pretty good at it. I maintained a thick and curvy inner corner and a really thin tapered end with a really high angular arch. After all that tweezing and tweezing and tweezing, today I finally have a forehead and two distinct eyebrows. I still have some of them but I couldn’t follow the bushy trend that was in a few years ago so today I don’t try to maintain a trendy eyebrow look. I just follow the natural frame by getting rid of some of the stray ends. I intentionally leave the scruffy jagged edges. They don’t bother me anymore. Sometimes, friends point it out but I just smile or laugh. I’m happy with my brows – unkempt and all. I’m done following brow trends. Phew, such a relief!

You know many women worry about eyebrow symmetry. One could be higher; one could be lower. One could be thinner; one could be thicker. They’re not identical twins. It’s okay if they are not in perfect symmetry …mine aren’t and it doesn’t bother me. You don’t have to go overboard to try and match them completely. Just learn to accept. I know it can be difficult in this cruel world. But, you’ll thank yourself for it someday.

Be Your Own Version of Beautiful!


      1. Hehe.. How Are You Reading my Mind this way Ruelha.. As You know
        my Stepmother Passed Away as You Liked Your Way through my
        Comment on Ava’s Site.. small World it is on WordPress so many
        Kind Indian Women as i often Laud Like You too my FRiEnD
        So This Memory Brings Me Back to 1981 at Christmas
        Vacation going back to College to Pursue 3 degrees
        at My Stepmother’s Home in Bed At Night after
        Watching ‘Endless Love’ With Brooke Shields
        Thinking About How Cruel Life Will
        Be as it was if every Detail
        of the Movie matched
        the Endless Love
        of my First
        Love Half Cuban
        And American indeed
        With Thick Eye Brows Sonia
        Was Her Name as she was my
        First ‘Real’ Girlfriend at age 18
        And while that Only Lasted
        until i was 19 about 10
        Months i Found
        Myself in the
        of my Stepmother’s
        Home after Watching the
        Movie on Cable TV Past the
        Age of 19 to 21 Finding Myself
        Again beyond Tears truly with a Broken
        Heart Again When one’s Heart feels like
        it is catching Fire in Powerful Spasms of Pain
        that are real and truly as Science Shows now
        Really Dangerous And Potentially Life Threatening
        too.. True.. Typically as Emotions Are the Glue of Memory
        The Best Students in School Although they may Seem Introverted
        From the Outside in have Powerful Emotions inside that Overwhelm
        Them Beyond Their Ability to Regulate them with Sensory Integration
        accompanying them Out of Whack like When A Heart is on Fire Of It
        Eating Itself in Pain.. the real kicker of the Movie was when the Young
        Man was so Heart Broken He ended up in a ‘Mental Crisis Place’ as i surely
        Did too in the Fall; Yes, September of 1981.. 39 Years ago.. my Stepmother
        by then had Long Left my Father and while my Father’s Side kind of disowned
        me when i fell down then.. Her Home became my destination of Christmas Vacation
        then.. College Can Be Hard.. especially if You are poor working 3 Part-time Jobs
        to Get through eating Peanut Butter Sandwiches every single day to get through…
        makes me wonder why i even did it.. but it was what you are ‘supposed to do’ so i did
        it no matter what came next.. Smiles.. it’s True i would not want to go back to age 21
        for i felt beyond Numbers Older than i do now.. as i’ve conquered the Demons that
        used to Live within me to escape the Hands of Time Now that really are deadlines of Stress…
        When you’ve Been
        rejected most of
        Your Life when
        Young for
        Not like
        the other
        Kids around You..
        A First Love Surely Feels
        Like Paradise on Earth and
        something you never ever want to let
        go of holding it close as Endless Love then…
        10 Years after She Left me in ’79 in ’89 i saw my
        Wife Now on Gym Stairs going to Work-out then
        She Was 18 and i was 28 then soon to be 29 and
        She Soon to be 19.. then too.. She Looked So Much
        Like that First Love only more Beautiful Perfect in every way to me..
        A Dream that Eventually came true again.. and it’s true She looks the
        Same way now as she did when i met her then.. somehow some way
        After moving through Hell Again from ages 47 to 53 as i’ve already told
        you that story too.. Happily Ever After did come as Fairy Tales are somehow as



        Hell too..

        Never fear the

        Closed Door for the

        Next one may indeed be the one

        to Heaven that never ends now…

        i Believe in Magic.. i’ve seen too much to deny it…

        Endless Love Does come Eternally Now to Feel without Fear

        Yes.. Deeper than Romance too.. Deep as Ocean with no Bottom or Top..:)

        Oh yeah, And About the Movie, Brooke Shield’s Family Home Burned Down
        At The End of the Movie as Did Not Only one of my First Love’s Homes but
        the one her Family Moved to after the First one Burned down there were
        too many Coincidences in the Movie as all i could do is ask myself why
        did i have
        to see
        this again…
        Smiles there is
        Some Pain that will
        Always Remind You that
        You are Just a Vulnerable
        Human Again.. i was surprised
        to Watch The Video Above and
        Feel a Tinge of that Heart Pain again
        as Brooke Shield’s Facial Expressions
        of that Innocent Pure Love took me back
        to what really Never happens again in Life
        Your Love the First day You go to Heaven..
        You Know those Days You Say i Love You Babe
        No I Love you Babe more as another Story i told too..
        i call my Wife Sugar.. you never Use that first Pet Love Name again..
        of course
        i mean ‘You’ as me..:)

        To Master our Emotions
        in Life is always really A Biggest Challenge
        For it is the Difference of Breathing Ease or
        Pains of the Heart that won’t Quit.. Hope
        You Don’t Mind me Dropping off my Personal Therapy..

        i was really close to my Stepmother coming to terms now of how close…:)

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        1. 🀩😊😊🀩😊🀩😊🀩😊🀩😊
          Nostalgia….good and bad memories both bring a smile somehowπŸŽ€πŸ˜πŸ€—πŸŽ€
          Endless love…..I don’t think i watched that one….is it good?
          Wow Sonia is a very popular Indian name too. One of my cousins is named Sonia.
          Emotions are the glue of memory…..very profound line Fred. I dont think I’ll forget this line. Very true….I agree…its difficult to truly sense what the person even next to you is going through… it’s so difficult at times. Regulating emotions is such an art …an art that only a handful have mastered.
          Wow 3 part time jobs seem like a lot to handle for a college kid, Fred. Seems like it was an extremely tough ride, Fred. I think I know someone who will be able to relate to your 10year old love story completely…the closed door….hmm….that’s a tough one Fred….wow….her house burned down!!!!!!uh oh…too much coincidence there….yes some names/emotions and things cannot be shared…ever…πŸ€©πŸŽ€….
          Thanks for sharing your story Fred
          …made me smileπŸ€—πŸ§Έ
          Hugs….take care and have a wonderful sunday

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          1. As i related Before the Worst Hell is Losing All Emotions
            Without Emotions Humans can’t make Simple Decisions
            Like What Color Socks to Wear to Church or
            Feel anything at all from the
            Experience of Communion
            With Other Human
            Beings or
            Like Cats
            And Dogs
            the Hell on Earth
            indeed losing those Emotions
            Shut-in 66 Months Worst Part
            Of 19 Medical Disorders
            i Recovered from
            in 2013 on
            A Beach
            Just Becoming
            one with God Nature again
            All the Feelings of Soul Coming
            Back as a Tidal Wave Will too..
            A Breakthrough to Bring those
            Emotions Back a Collage of Photos
            of Lost Loves From the Past and Love
            that Never Came to be and the Resolution
            of the Grief of that First Love that i put off indeed
            for 35 Years then for the Grief of those Years past
            A Greatest Gift to Return my Soul Back to Life.. In most
            Toxic Patriarchal Societies Emotions are Seen As Weakness
            in Men but that is False as What Makes Most Women stronger
            Truly in Soul than Men is Their Open Emotions that Move all that
            Humans Do in Life for Without Emotions i couldn’t Even Play a Game
            of Tic-Tac-Toe or Follow through with the Instructions to Make a TV Dinner…
            Worst of all
            i could Feel
            No Love From
            the People Who
            Still Loved me and
            my Breath for Others
            While Logical in Empathy had no Feelings to Give…

            As Far as Fairy Tales coming True and Modern
            Technology that Helps us Prove they are real
            A Collage of me and that First Love in the
            Top Right Photo and a Girl Who Asked me
            to Her Prom to make her Boy Friend
            Jealous and Another Young
            Woman Abused by Her
            Father Sexually who
            Eventually Committed
            Suicide in Her Father’s Bed
            With His Revolver leaving behind
            two Loving Children and Husband
            And Finally My Wife Who is 50 Years
            And 5 Months Old in Her Bikini on the
            Beach Last Week Who says You are very Lovely
            And Look 21 Years-Old in Your Eye Brow Photo…

            i don’t look far to see miracles Dear FRiEnD
            for i still wake up to see one each and every morning this way..

            Life is Hell and Life is Heaven and Life is worth Every Blood, Sweat and Tear

            as Long
            as We
            Feel for
            Each Other
            And the Rest of Nature
            Free For i feel this is
            the Experience of God’s Love Among Us Free..
            Smiles the Movie ‘Endless Love’ could Bring my
            Soul Back From Hell for that is what Heart Broken

            Does in Hell



            Just a
            Bring Back
            Heaven in Hell..:)

            For Anybody who goes close
            to Where i went i want to help
            them Never Go And Help them Get out if they ever do…

            Cherish Every Smile Every Laugh Every Blood Sweat and Tear
            Dark Thru Light As God’s Breath in Us to me that is the Medicine of

            Heaven now

            Day is
            Night is Day..

            And one thing that i’ve seen
            That Hasn’t Changed A Bit
            Since the 21st of September
            in 1989 When my Wife and
            me ‘Really Got Together’ First is Her Beauty
            For it is true Real Beauty Shines from within to Last
            For Without the Within (Love/God) THere is not Much Light to see..:)

            Love is the Fountain of Youth Within Inside Outside DarK Thru LiGHT
            Above So Below And Truly All Around God Nature For Real TWiLiGHT..:)

            Other than that my Hair-Stylist
            Trims my Eye Brows Every 4 Weeks…
            i am not Sure What Era or Style She Puts me in but it all Feels Like Love to me..:)

            My Other FRiEnD Asked me What is the secret of

            my Wife’s Youth

            The Answer
            is always
            4 Letters
            That Are 3 God is Love
            in All We Do And Come to
            Be as LiGHT ouT oF DarK TWiLiGHT..:)

            Oh yeah the Old Man in the Photo was my
            Grandmother’s Best Friend that We Called
            Uncle His Death was the First Human Death i witnessed as a Child…

            The Dog in the photo’s Name is Charlie my only Dog with a little Tear in
            my Eye.. Dogs Should Always Have Friends With my Mother at Work and
            and Us at School Charlie Found his Way out of the Fence And Followed my
            Smell where i walked to The School Grounds of A Bus stop at the Elementary School
            Where i took the Bus to go to Middle School.. i was very Androgynous Looking in Middle
            School Before i hit the Growth Spurt of Puberty Reaching almost 6 Feet Tall in
            8th Grade that Day in the Bus a Girl Named Vickie was making Fun of me for
            Having Eyelashes and Pretty Eyes like a Girl with the Other Kids as the
            Worst thing you can do as
            A Boy Where i Live then
            is anything a Girl
            might do as
            You Are told
            Boys are not even
            allowed to Smile to Show
            Emotions and Crying is totally
            off Limits lest Big Daddy Gives you a Whippin’
            Anyway.. i just wanted to Get Home to my Dog Charlie
            as he never minded how different i was he always loved
            me unconditionally like the Rest of Nature the only place i Found Loving God
            other than my Sister and Mother.. so looking out the Window of the Bus Charlie
            Had Been Hit by a Car or Bus Dead on the Side of the Road as Horrible as that
            Memory was where i could Never come to have another Pet as Dog but many
            Cats after that.. i do believe more than anything Man’s best Friend Dog losing

            That Part of God

            is the Love

            That Brought God Back to me as Memory then…

            It Really Helped to See me with him so awkward
            in those High Water Pants Back in 1972 in 7th Grade…

            So Yeah it’s no Surprise to me God spelled Backwards is Dog
            Evil Spelled in Reverse is Live and Devil Spelled in Reverse is Lived…

            And Even
            As Desserts too

            Twilight Light
            is Dark Dark is Light my FRiEnD..:)

            i Truly Feel Like God Watches Over
            me Breathes in me and is my Best FRiEnD..

            And this is my Prayer for Sunday Before i go to Church
            Sharing it with my New FRiEnD Ruehla From South
            India who i see as a Christian

            True Now

            in the
            Spirit of Jesus..
            For How i See Jesus A Man of Love..
            A Man Who is Not Afraid to Love to Be the
            Light with No Fear with Least Harm to the Rest of Nature All Others Now.:)


            1. Waddddddd……Katie has the face and body of a 20 year old…..she cant be 50….no way….wow wow wow…..
              Loved the older pics tooo….very sweet and innocent.
              I dont know where to begin….thanks for sharing Fred….its a heartfelt response….

              Liked by 1 person

                1. For Anybody who goes close
                  to Where i went i want to help
                  them Never Go And Help them Get out if they ever do….
                  That’s the best part about you Fred….empathy and light and agape love.
                  ..keep shining bright and spreading your light.
                  Love and hugs

                  Liked by 1 person

            2. That’s quite a life…..filled with experiences I’d say….not bad as long as you got stronger. Time healed and filled you with love instead of resentment ….found you a perfect companion to share and cherish… life I’d say because it is full of experiences not many can boast of….

              Liked by 1 person

              1. SMiles my
                Just Wanna
                Show People
                God is Still Real
                And No Myth
                For i Am Afraid
                We aRe Getting
                Ti The Point We
                Must Prove
                This Force
                Exists As
                Sadly Too
                Many People
                Have Changed
                The Humble Teacher
                Jesus to what Doesn’t
                Even Resemble Love
                As Hard as
                It is For
                Me To Say
                It they’ve
                Rolled the
                To Make
                Jesus More
                The Color
                of A β€˜Trump’
                As HiStory
                For All Against
                For Giving Thanks
                Giving Love Just Free
                This Keeps me β€˜Running’
                Not to
                Fall Again
                Dancing Tight
                Ropes Watching
                Witnessing all i See
                With EYes Of FaithπŸ™ŒπŸ™πŸ˜

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              1. β€˜They’ Surely
                Are we haven’t
                Had A Cat
                Since our
                Last Cat
                Boy Like
                He is Almost
                Too Much of
                A Legend in my
                Soul to Replace
                But of
                Love is
                The Growing
                FLoWeR Of SoUL
                Never Dying
                As All
                Breathe me
                Singing Now
                Still Dancing❣️

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                    1. You are blessed indeed
                      Its not a natural progression
                      Most have it the other way around
                      Its the contents of the heart and mind that reflects and attracts all that is around
                      Happy for you
                      So few find this peace
                      Joy love peace….they go together
                      So few so few sofew
                      Like you
                      Stay blessed πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’πŸŽ€πŸ€©πŸ€—

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