Vaadi Herbals Strawberry Lip Balm Review

Pricing: A 6gm jar costs INR 30 while a 10gm jar costs INR 50, that’s about half a dollar. So I’d say the pricing is fair. No complaints there.

Ingredients: I could not find an entire ingredient list anywhere. But here are a few:

  • Lychee : Improves Circulation. Adds Health & Glow to Skin.
  • Jojoba Oil : Provides Essential Nutrients. Softens Lips.
  • Shea Butter : Forms protective layer. Keeps lips hydrated.
  • Almond Oil : Moisturizes Skin. Reduces Darkening.

Claims: Vaadi Herbals sells organic certified products based on ayurveda. These balms are paraben and chemical free as per the company. Their products are not tested on animals.


  • This strawberry balm smells delicious- like a strawberry puree. It does not smell artificial or like some faint essence. It smells yum.
  • Although it is carmine in colour, it is not a tinted lip balm. That means it will not add any noticeable colour to your lips. It can be used by men and young adults who dont want colour. I use it every night before sleeping and it does not stain anything at all.
  • There are other variants too like lychee(white), mint(green), orange, blueberry(ink blue). You have a good choice of flavours to pick from.
  • It definitely helps with dry or chapped lips. It is very moisturizing and efficient.
  • These balms come in perfect sizes. Some of the skincare and cosmetic brands sell lip balms in such huge containers with just 2 or 3 years to expiry. But it’s just impossible to empty out such large containers unless you never apply lipstick and just use lip balm 5 times a day. A 6gm Jarvis perfect for me. If you use a lot, maybe even 10gns should be more than enough.
  • These plastic tubs are tiny and easy to carry around anywhere. They are very travel friendly.
  • Balms in this price range tend to leave a tacky whitish film around the inner corners of the lips. But this balm doesn’t do that at all. It does not leave any embarrassing tacky residue.
  • The texture is good. It does not feel sticky like some other lip balms. It’s got a lovely texture.
  • If you are used to twist up bullet style lip balms, you will not like this one because you have to insert your finger in the tub and rub it on your lips so if that is something you don’t want, it’s best avoided.
  • I know a few men who carry lip balms in their shirt pockets. Although this is not a bulky tub, if that is a criteria, you will not like this balm because it will bulge out of a shirt pocket.

Verdict: This is a value-for-money kind of product. It gets the job done. It ha great ingredients. It smells delicious. It’s the perfect quantity. What more can one ask for? I definitely see myself repurchasing this. As much as I love experimenting and trying out different flavours and colours, I’ll stick with the strawberry. It’s that good.

Stay Beautiful, Inside Out,

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