Review of Nykaa Wanderlust Body Lotion in Sicilian Sweet Pea

Pricing: This product is available in one size only. A bottle containing 300ml of lotion costs INR 450. It is definitely not a luxury brand. But, it isn’t a simple drugstore/FMCG product either. I got this exactly three months ago during a sale for INR 360.

Category: When it comes to body moisturizers, this is the usual breakdown. I think this little additional piece of information will help people understand better. So if I were to go in ascending order from light to heavy, this is how it would go:

  • Body Yogurt
  • Body Milk
  • Body Lotion
  • Body Cream
  • Body Butter

Of course, every brand follows their own rules and yogurts are a relatively new thing. But, now that we’ve established a lotion is meant to be somewhere in between. It’s not too greasy and not too heavy either. There are thicker consistency heavier lotions as well as lighter versions. So, I would categorize Nykaa’s Wanderlust as a lightweight body lotion. It’s not greasy, is almost instantly absorbed by skin and leaves no residue.


Information on the Nykaa’s Wanderlust range: Nykaa Wanderlust Bath & Body Collection bottles up fragrances from around the world that still linger at the back of you head with hopes of filling your heart with travel/vacation memories/plans with this line whilst treating skin to the comfort and well-being of intense nourishment. This body lotion is also available in Mediterranean Sea Salt, Country Rose, French Lavender, Japanese Cherry Blossom and Hawaiian Jasmine. I like Japanese cherry blossom scented things in general and haven’t really tried Nykaa’s Japanese Cherry blossom. But since, it has Oriental Floral olfactory roots, I would love to try that out next. I have tried cherry blossom lotions and potions from several other brands and I have never been disappointed with these notes. For me, I think that would be a safe bet next time. Nykaa claims this lotion locks up moisture within skin cells for up to 8 hours. This product is paraben-free, cruelty-free, vegan and contains the goodness of watermelon seed extracts and lotus extracts.


  • The fragrance is just sooo good. If I were to categorize it like I do when I review perfumes, I’d say it it has a very sensual scent and is an ‘Oriental Floral’. I love oriental floral perfumes, so I naturally love the smell of this lotion.
  • The bottle seems sturdy and of good quality. It has a press pump with a twist-lock to prevent accidental spills. So if you keep it locked and try to press down, you will be unable to press it unless you twist it back to the unlock position.
  • The fragrance does last a fairly decent amount of time, but not that long either. I’d say a good three hours at max. If you really want to to last, you can layer up – that means use their shower gel and bodymist as well to get a more lingering effect.
  • Nykaa says this is a winter lotion and is heavy duty with a lightweight feel. So, its supposed to be intensely moisturizing without the tacky feeling. I’d still prefer a butter for dry parched areas like hands and feet during winters when they tend to crack up.
  • I think it’s a great lotion for after bath use. It keeps you feeling fresh and fragrant whilst infusing lost moisture back into your body.

Verdict: This is undoubtedly a good body lotion. I would recommend it to those who want a very fragrant lotion. If that is not something that matters and you’re just looking for good hydration, there are several other good options that are lower priced too. But if you consider the fragrant brands like Bath and Body Works or the Body Shop, they have similar products but are almost three times more expensive than Wanderlust.

Stay Beautiful, Inside Out,

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