Lancome Idôle Perfume review

Description: Idôle by Lancome is a sophisticated feminine perfume for women. It has a lot of floral notes that make it pretty and sweet. But it is not mild and timid because of it’s musk base, that again is not too strong, but sweet and creamy because of the vanilla hints. Idôle was created by women for women. That means, three women are behind the success of this perfume. If I remember correctly, this was launched in August 2019. It’s not a complicated twist. It’s very feminine and reminds me of the crisp and neat ladies of the 60s with their feminine and beautifully tailored outfits that were pretty and dainty. It’s not overpowering or bossy. It’s not timid and shy either. It’s not girly and bubbly. It’s not seductive. It’s not even goth, fresh, breezy, citrusy, sugary or fruity. It’s the scent of a sophisticated lady who is confident, yet not dominating. It smells like a pretty woman who won’t undermine her man, a lady who is not overwhelmed by the responsibilities of a woman. It’s the scent of a woman who has it all under control, is always immaculate, neat and pretty, groomed to perfection and equipped with a handkerchief or tissues(today’s equivalent) at all times, but isn’t hungry for power. She’s maintains a remarkable composure, has a delicate and enviable poise topped with oodles of grace. She’s not easy to impress, yet not very difficult to please. But, she does maintain a level of sophistication, assertiveness and is very feminine.

Lancome Idôle le parfum

Pricing: This is a very expensive perfume. Just 75ml of this will cost you a little over INR 10,000 ($136 approximately)depending on the taxes. My husband is very kind and generous and buys me expensive perfumes every few months, which is why I have an insanely huge collection of perfumes at home.🤩 It’s definitely not something I would have the heart to spend on though.

Lancome Perfume for women
Lancome Idole

Appearance: The packaging is very good and neat. It seems like a box that is easy to carry around, not too bulky if you purchase it at some duty free or even to travel with. Once you open the box, you’ll see a classy glass bottle. The perfume seems to have a rose-gold hue which is really beautiful. They even have a note at the top of the box that assures you of a refill. So, if you make this your signature scent, it would be better to get a refill instead of purchasing an entire bottle again. For something that is so expensive, the bottle is just not practically designed. It’s beautiful and classy, alright. But as of today, it is the world’s slimmest perfume bottle. Well, sleek is gorgeous and all. But, you have to place it on a very sturdy and levelled surface or it may just fall off. It lacks balance and stability at the base. I suggest you save the outer carton and store it in the box which would make usage cumbersome if it’s something you want to use daily. It would really make me cry if this accidentally fell and …..err….broke.🥺 The lid is like a T-shaped cap that just needs to be lifted. The first time I used this, I was a bit confused and tried to press down the outer lid itself. But the spray is housed safely inside the lid. However, my tiny fingers(not an excuse, I’m serious) broke one end of the lid. Of course, it’s not required and is just part of the design. But, for 10,000 bucks, the bottle could really use a better design. You can see the tiny broken chip in most of the pictures.

World’s slimmest perfume
Lancome Idôle

Concentration: This one is le parfum which the highest concentration you can have in a perfume. In case you are not aware, let me explain this very briefly because it’s definitely an important factor when you are buying any perfume. This perfume is so concentrate that it lingers on me for an entire day until my next shower. It stays on my clothes for almost an entire week without turning into something different or unpleasant. Trust me its lingering, stays-all-day and is the most concentrate form of perfume known to mankind!

Lancome Idole perfume le parfum
  • Eau Fraiche: You’ve probably never seen this on any shelf. It’s just too mild with only 1-3% of fragrance oil.
  • Eau de Cologne: This one has about 2-6% of perfumed oil concentrate. But, this one too is rather rare. It should last you around 3 hours depending on the intensity of the base notes.
  • Eau de Toilette: Now, this is the concentration everybody is obsessed with. 5-15% of fragrance oil amongst other ingredients makes this very long lasting. Your clothes may refuse to part with this one for days and weeks….and if you don’t shower, maybe a day and a half on you too. But of course, that depends on the type of base notes within it.
  • Eau de Parfum: With a concentration of 15-20% of concentrated perfume oils, this one is very very very long lasting. Yes, you will see this on a few perfumes and they are intoxicating in a good way. Most of the good perfumes I own and like just happen to be EDP. I don’t go around looking for an EDP. But, somehow although most perfumes are EDTs, I just happen to like and select EDPs. That’s also because the notes that I prefer are on the milder side and require an EDP to be mesmerizingly good.
  • Le Parfum: This one has a good 15-40% of concentrated oils and is insanely expensive. Parfums can sell for as much as INR 8000-40000. So it’s rare to come across this kind. But here we are reviewing Lancome Idôle le parfum. So, it’s not impossible.
Lancome Idole ingredients

Olfactory Classification: Idôle is a classy, feminine perfume that can be categorized as Chypre Floral.

Notes: I have listed the notes below. This is the most important thing you should look at while buying or selecting perfumes. Top notes are the ones you smell instantly as you spray. But, as the perfume mixes with the pheromones in your skin and accompanied with the heat from your body, it moves to the middle notes, that is the heart of the perfume; and finally what lasts is the base notes. So, it’s essential to spray some on the wrist(radial pulse point for greater heat generation), walk around the mall, finish up with the rest of your shopping probably and return to buy your perfume after the heart notes have amalgamated with the uniqueness of your body and released some of the base notes too. If you notice, this perfume has very feminine notes and is very flowery. All of that timidness is balanced with the assertiveness of pink peppercorn a nice strong musk base that gives it a very classy edge.

  • Top notes: Bergamot Essence, Pear, pink peppercorn
  • Middle notes: Rose de Mai, Turkish Rose, Jasmine
  • Base notes: Musk, Sweet Vanilla, Cedar wood, earthy patchouli

Suggestion for optimal use: Spray at pulse points and folds. There is more heat generated at your pulse points and that helps release the fragrance. So, spray behind the ears and under your armpits, on your carotid pulse (neck) and if you really want to bathe in perfume – the nape of your neck, below the hairline, around the brachial pulse and wrists.

Be Fragrant, Inside Out,

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