Bubble Gum

Your life seems colorful
Your bubbles are cheerful.
Surely, everyone wants to be you.
You've just been lucky all through.

They envy your life. 
You probably never seen strife. 
Just a bubble gum.
Your life must be so fun.

They'll chew you.
Suck the flavour out of you.
And spit you out once they're through.
But they think it's lucky to be chewed.

Surely, you have no worries. 
Shielded from life's atrocities. 
An unburdened mind must feel light.
That's why you can fly in bubbles, no fright.

A bubble gum may seem wonderful and round.
Wrapped in unrealistic fantasy until it touches the ground.
At some point, the bubble will burst. 
Maybe that will quench their thirst.

Pink and purple bubbles
Like tender chocolate cuddles.
Annoys the black and white.
Joy of an ordinary gum troubles the uptight.

Tempting to burst those bubbles.
And convert them into trash puddles. 
So easy to pick and pop.
Only when there's no more juice, chewing will stop.

Gum starts out as a block.
Gets moulded into socks.
By constant gnawing.
The block keeps evolving.

From solid to a sticky paste.
Once flavorful, completely loses taste.
After it's done, thrown in waste.
To suffer disgrace.

Sure, gum is meant to be chewed.
A life dedicated to servitude.
But, it's still gum.
Not as bad as scum.

Bubble gum, bubble gum,
Oh, you're so fun.
To suck out your flavour.
And spit out the last layer.
Copyright© Protected. All rights reserved.
pic credit:realfashionnation.com


  1. “Bubble Gum Wrappers
    Unwrapped When the
    Flavor of the Wrapper
    is Gone What’s Left”

    SMiLes my FRiEnD
    As the Story of ‘Bubble Gum’
    And Bubble Gum Wrappers Go
    Temporary With Such a Juicy
    Flavor that Goes away so Fast
    And is Just Tossed Away in the Wrapper True…

    So Aptly You Describe the Younger Generations
    Love Lives of Swipe This Way of Swipe That Way
    For There is Always Another Bubble Gum Flavor And
    Wrapper to Pursue to Unwrap to Conquer to ‘Do’ Again…

    As Truly All Because Chase All Becomes Game All Becomes Play

    And True This Is Nature’s Way too for When Humans Overpopulate

    And Destroy Their Only Home that is Nature We Often Forget That

    We Indeed Are Nature True in Light And Dark of Ignorance False…

    For the Most so-called Primitive Civilizations the Child is Most

    Prized Gift for Each and Every Human in the Village

    Depends on Each Other For Basic Survival

    And Subsistence… Every Pair of Feet

    And Hands Are A Necessity

    Without Machines

    That Otherwise Run the World for
    Us Increasingly as they do today for so many of
    Us who have Shared What We’ve Come to Learn in
    Recorded Intelligence From Past to Make this ‘Tool Life’ Come to Fruition Now…

    In those More ‘Primitive’ Tribes the Swipe Left and Swipe Right Romances
    Most always Short Term Love Now if done Beyond only Exchanges of Photos
    was then named ‘The Work of the Night’ indeed the Duty of the Night to
    Create Children for the Missionary Position of the Tribe Number one
    each and every Pair of Human Hands and Feet Still to come to Help
    Each other directly to make Subsistence a Reality then… But Yes of

    Then came
    Us ALL oF US
    All Close to 8 BiLLioN
    of Us As Now Our Machine
    Our Cultural Tools that Help
    Us Survive are Used to Eat the
    Face of God that is Nature As Zombies
    Overall in Effect Humans Have Become Eating
    Our Own Face as Well As Nature that is our Home and Us too…

    So Now We Wear Bubble Gum Wrappers and We Swipe Left and
    Right Now the Work of the Night to Create Children May be the last
    thing on our Minds And LoVE iN Turn Many become totally Lost too
    but in effect It is Nature All of Nature Fighting Back in Effect it is Nature’s
    Natural Birth Control that we Effect on Each other as there is too many of
    Us and We aRE Out of Balance Destroying too Much of God’s Face Nature that is

    Our only Home Now…

    So Yes in this sense and feel
    The Bubble Gum Wrapper and the
    Swipe Left and Right is the Wrath that is
    only the Karma to get our Nature BacK in Balance
    With the Rest of Nature as ironically as it may seem
    The Saving Grace of Our Species may be the Play the
    Game the Bubble Gum Wrappers that Become the Shadow

    so far
    away from
    Love True it’s Not
    an Easy Lesson for
    Love that Breathes has
    Nothing to do with Bubble Gum
    Wrappers or Removing Them or
    Swiping Left and Right for in Essence

    Those Primitive Tribes are more in Rule
    With God’s Rule Yes the Face of Nature’s Balance..

    We Cannot Eat Money Nor Do Bubble Gum Wrappers

    And Left and Right



    Now Spell
    Love Just the
    Game the Play
    of Nature’s Balance
    Removing Us from the Dark…

    As A Participant Anthropologist
    Observer i’ve Seen this Play This Game This Pleasure
    This Pain up close and Personal… It is what it is indeed…

    The Dance of Nature The Song of Nature Always Change

    Leading Back to Balance…

    God’s Rule
    is the Love of Balance
    In Action the Dance And Song
    of Existence Still as is For Real
    Until We See a Bigger Picture of
    God Than Only Skin Deep And Us We aRe Lost….

    Just Bubble Gum Wrappers Tossed in the Wind with no Real Direction….

    Imagine a World Where Balance is the Rule As At Best We Do this

    God of Love Balance…

    And at Worst
    too whether
    We Recognize it
    Beyond Veils of Ignorance or not
    For True the Original Greek Definition
    of Apocalypse Does Mean Lifting the Veils of Ignorance

    And Nothing
    About the
    of the Rest of God’s
    Face Nature Now For
    Human’s to Be God and Rule…
    Out of Balance For Nature’s Wrath
    Are the Pandemics the Fires the Hurricanes
    And the Rest of God’s Breath to Bring Us back in Balance…

    But You See Story Purpose Meaning the Bonding and Binding
    of Our Narrative of Life is the Religion of God too See What a

    Bubble Gum Wrapper Will do When It is More Than Twitter Deep A Real Story

    Smiles my Friend as a so-called ‘Public Dance Legend’ Yes… Most definitely as
    i approached 60 Years-Old i’ve Felt my Share of Bubble Gum Wrapper Beautiful
    Hips Actually Forced upon me in Grinding Clothed Ways… With No Request From me…

    i would give a
    Thousand of those
    Gifts of Bubble Gum Hips away for one
    Bubble Gum Wrapper Story With Depth…

    For Life is so much
    More than
    Wrapper Deep…
    And Yes Bubble Gum
    Wrapper Deep As Well For Balance True…

    We aRe Lost if We Do Not Understand ‘the Shadow’….

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