Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo Review

Physical Attributes : The shampoo is transparent and baby blue in colour. It has a liquid gel like consistency.

Fragrance: It has a pleasant fragrance, just like all the other Dove shampoos.

Pricing: The shampoo costs INR75 for 80ml, INR145 for 180ml, INR 275 for 340ml and INR 530 for 650ml. This shampoo is fairly priced.

Ingredients: The shampoo contains sulphates and mineral oil. Check out this picture for the entire list:

Variants: Dove has quite a few shampoos available in the Indian market. Daily Shine, Hair fall Rescue, Intense Repair, Healthy Rituals for Growing hair, Healthy Rituals for strengthening Hair, Dryness Care, Dandruff Clean and Fresh, Dandruff care, Nourishing Oil care, Rejuvenated volume, Environmental defence are some of the others.

Experience :

  • It smells fairly good
  • It lathers well. So you will need lesser shampoo and eventually save more product and your bottle will last longer
  • Is very affordable
  • It cleanses well.
  • Workss fairly decent on cutting down some frizz.
  • Does not weigh hair down.
  • It does not really moisturize hair, hut it won’t weigh you down or dry your hair either.
  • Makes hair soft and manageable.
  • Performs way better than most expensive shampoos at a mere fraction of the cost.
  • Is a drugstore product and easily available.
  • One con is that it contains SLS. Sulphates are what makes your shampoo lather. So shampoos with all natural ingredients do not contain sodium laureth sulphate, but they don’t lather well at all. They do not remove excess oil too easily and we end up using a lot of product because there is barely any lather. The thing about sulphates is that they’re drying to the hair and scalp. But, this shampoo does not dry my hair or scalp. So the sulphates in it do not bother me at all.
Happy Hair Days to you!

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