Review of My Favourite Perfume : Britney Spears – Fantasy

I’ll be honest with you now. The bottle you see in my pictures here …well, this bottle has been with me since 2006! I believe Fantasy was launched in 2005. And ever since I got a whiff of it at a mall, I kept my eye on it. Back then, I did not have any designer perfumes at all. I only used deodorant daily and maybe on Christmas/birthdays/wedding parties, I’d get to use some normal perfume from my mom’s dresser. Roaming around malls and sampling perfumes was just fun with friends….until I smelled this. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I kept doing mall rounds for months until half a year when I decided to give in. I’m not sure if this was Britney Spear’s first or second launch(maybe ‘Curious’ was her first). But, this is definitely the first and original ‘Fantasy’ in the series. After the success of Fantasy, Britney Spears launched ‘Midnight Fantasy’ within a year and several other Fantasies (including limited edition) versions were launched through these years. This one is still in production and has been my favourite since over 15 years now! The Fantasy fragrance line has currently seventeen perfumes: Fantasy, Midnight Fantasy, Hidden Fantasy, Circus Fantasy, Fantasy Twist, Island Fantasy, Fantasy Anniversary Edition, Fantasy The Nice Remix, Fantasy The Naughty Remix, Fantasy Stage Edition, Rocker Femme Fantasy, Fantasy Renner Edition, Fantasy Intimate Edition, Maui Fantasy, In Bloom Fantasy, Sunset Fantasy and Fantasy Pride Edition. This is a women’s perfume and comes from the house of Elizabeth Arden. I have worn this perfume to every important event and special day in my life all these years. So, it is very very very special to me.

unboxing Fantasy step#1

Description: Fantasy by Britney Spears is an irresistible, sweet, love potion of subtle temptation. This perfume is for the woman who is charming, romantic, girly, feminine and sweet yet subtly seductive. It’s not for a powerful or classy woman. It isn’t for the extremely timid girl or the seductress either. Just like Britney’s song from the 90s….”I’m not a girl; not yet a woman”. It’s for those who need that “moment that is mine while I’m in between”. It’s highly Gourmand. Those of you who love gourmand scents will fall in love instantly. It smells so plesantly sweet and sugary, you’ll barely notice the fruity or even the floral notes. If you observe the notes, it opens as a sweet, fruity scent with a sugary and innocent yet mildly sensual heart and finally graduates to a lingering irresistible, seductive yet romantically provocative musk base that balances out the sugary sweetness. It is for the woman who believes in good things, happy endings and fairy tales, one who is probably lost in the humdrum of a boring life, but longs to be wrapped in an innocent, romantic FANTASY at some pink candyland, maybe a nostalgia of happy, sweet, sugar-laced childhood involving vanilla cupcakes and bakes.

Unboxing Fantasy step#2

Pricing: This bottle retails at INR 3650-4000 approximately at present. The price keeps changing depending on taxation policies as this product is imported from USA. Back in the day, I paid around 2500 for it. For a designer perfume, it’s not very expensive. It’s fairly priced especially considering the concentration. I remember seeing 50ml bottles earlier, but they are not always available.

Unboxing Fantasy step#3

Appearance: The packaging is excellent. The bottle is a fat rounded pink bubble-like bottle with green dimantés. I love this shade of pink. It’s so girly and fun. It reminds me of candies and Barbie dolls. However, the bottle may appear gaudy to the classy woman. It’s ergonomically designed unlike many fancy, complicated perfume bottles that I might just drop and break if I’m not too careful while handling. Oh btw, up until 2008, they used real Swarovski crystals. So, my bottle has the good stuff 💟🤩💟

Fantasy Ingredients

Concentration: This one is an EDP which is French for eau de parfum. In case you are not aware, let me explain this very briefly because it’s definitely an important factor when you are buying any perfume. This perfume is so concentrate that it lingers on me for an entire day until my next shower. It stays on my clothes for an entire week without turning into something different or unpleasant. Trust me its lingering, stays-all-day and is an EDP!

  • Eau Fraiche: You’ve probably never seen this on any shelf. It’s just too mild with only 1-3% of fragrance oil.
  • Eau de Cologne: This one has about 2-6% of perfumed oil concentrate. But, this one too is rather rare. It should last you around 3 hours depending on the intensity of the base notes.
  • Eau de Toilette: Now, this is the concentration everybody is obsessed with. 5-15% of fragrance oil amongst other ingredients makes this very long lasting. Your clothes may refuse to part with this one for days and weeks….and if you don’t shower, maybe a day and a half on you too. But of course, that depends on the type of base notes within it.
  • Eau de Parfum: With a concentration of 15-20% of concentrated perfume oils, this one is very very very long lasting. Yes, you will see this on a few perfumes and they are intoxicating in a good way. Most of the good perfumes I own and like just happen to be EDP. I don’t go around looking for an EDP. But, somehow although most perfumes are EDTs, I just happen to like and select EDPs. That’s also because the notes that I prefer are on the milder side and require an EDP to be mesmerizingly good.
  • Parfum: This one has a good 15-40% of concentrated oils and is insanely expensive. I’m talking INR 25000-40000 expensive. So, you won’t really see these on regular shelves either. It’s rare.
the Body Souffle is just as strong and irresistible. The cream is of a thick rich consistency

Olfactory Classification: Fantasy is a sensual perfume that can be categorized as Floral Fruity Gourmand.

Notes: I have listed the notes below. This is the most important thing you should look at while buying or selecting perfumes. Top notes are the ones you smell instantly as you spray. But, as the perfume mixes with the pheromones in your skin and accompanied with the heat from your body, it moves to the middle, the heart of the perfume, and finally what lasts is the base notes. So, it’s essential to spray some on the wrist(radial pulse point for greater heat generation), walk around the mall, finish up with the rest of your shopping probably and return to buy your perfume after the heart notes have amalgamated with the uniqueness of your body and released some of the base notes too.

  • Top notes: Lychee, Quince & Kiwi
  • Middle notes: Cupcake Accord, Jasmine & White Chocolate Orchid
  • Base notes: Creamy Musk, Orris Root & Sensual Woods.

Suggestion for optimal use: Spray at pulse points and folds. There is more heat generated at your pulse points and that helps release the fragrance. So, spray behind the ears and under your armpits, on your carotid pulse (neck) and if you really want to bathe in perfume – the nape of your neck, below the hairline, around the brachial pulse and wrists.

Verdict: Once I’m finally done with this bottle (about 1/4th of it’s life is still pending🤭🎀😁), I’ll definitely be repurchasing. …another half decade, maybe. 😉🙃😆😅

Be Fragrant, Inside Out,

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  1. This review just brought back so many memories…like the time my brother accidentally sprayed this in his eye at Wal Mart when we were kids. Midnight Fantasy is probably my favorite but the original is truly something special

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  2. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:
    an extensive and highly detailed review of an obvious favorite. High marks for defining both scent concentration and where to best apply it. I hadn’t known about her method of discovering the mid- and base scent notes. An intriguing list of the actual component scents !

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  3. Rue’s review is detailed by easy to follow—not that I’ve followed many perfume reviews! We guys use those same pulse points for cologne, aftershave or even deodorant I once made the mistake of borrowing lady’s perfume and then wearing a warm policeman’s style sweater (!) Perfume scent production kept me looking around in my gatehouse looking for the lady! I truly wish we had olfactory capability in blogging!

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