That Glycerine Bottle

My mom's sister, my aunt,
   she had quite some penchant.
She made some amazing cakes.
    Fondant, lamasa and really fancy bakes.
She once got me a glycerine bottle,
    that happened to confuse me awful.
Well, this was many years ago.
    Almost ten, just so you know.
But, I didn't know how,
   to use this ingredient, wow!
So, eventually that bottle expired in 2013.
    And since then, seven years it's been.
The ink and the print was a bit out.
    It took some guess work to figure out.
But, it was still there somehow,
    lurking in the back of my pantry up until a while now.
Well, my aunt died, it's been almost a year. 
    Seems like I've lost almost everyone dear.
When she was hospitalized, I flew to her city.
     Sat at her bedside and told her, "you look pretty".
That just cracked her up and she laughed.
    She knew I was just trying to cheer her up.
I pray her soul rests in peace.
   Not much I can do now as an earthly niece.
For now, let's get back to that glycerine bottle,
   that would apparently be great in Christmas sweets and waffles.
I just had to toss and throw.
    But, I still don't know.
I really don't like when things go waste.
   It leaves a mental bitter aftertaste.
It's been a while now since I threw out the glycerine.
    For some reason, I'm thinking about it during this quarantine.
If you left your Bible on the altar,
    even candles and flowers decided to offer.
That's a waste of a powerful resource,
    that can change your life and it's entire course.
If you learn how to use it right,
    I'm pretty sure you'll be pleasantly surprised.
Don't let it be your glycerine!
    It's not just some ancient doctrine.
It is alive and active.
   And if you allow, highly interactive!
Meditate on it day and night.
    Never let the truth get out of your sight.
From your mouth, never let it depart.
    Confess from there, while you believe in your heart.
Don't let it be your bottle of glycerine,
    that you just spit out of your mouth like Listerine.
And it will change your entire fate.


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  1. My Stepmother is in assisted Living Now
    And Sadly what So many Folks are Facing
    Now in Assisted Living and Nursing Homes
    is that all visitors are excluded from
    Interaction for what may be the
    Last Months or Years of Their
    Life Depending on when the
    Pandemic is finally under enough
    Control here in the United State at least
    So Yeah… it makes it more Difficult For Love to really
    Reach out and touch Close Elder Family Members this way
    And speaking of Family i saw the
    link at the Bottom of this
    Page and that is what
    i Believe was the First
    Blog Post i saw here
    About You and Your
    Mother and actually
    it was the Picture of Your
    Mother when she was Young
    that my Wife Agreed looked so much
    Like my Friend Himali.. and of course
    i surely was the one who agreed with that too..
    But yeah of course it depends on the specific Pictures too..:)

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    1. I’m sorry to hear about that Fred. Its sad that your stepmom can’t see you during this pandemic. Covid has been good for some, bad for most. It’s definitely a very unexpected time for sure. But this too shall pass…..and you will be able to share your love and joy with all your near and dear ones soon.
      Oh, is it? That was the first post you saw? I must show my mum Himalis pic….let’s see what she has to say.
      Have a blessed and productive day Fred…..God bless πŸ™πŸΌπŸŽ€πŸŒžπŸŒ»

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      1. Thanks for the Blessings
        Of All Your Kind Words
        Ruelha and Yes that
        Young Picture of
        Your Mom is the one
        Looking a lot
        Like Himali
        But Himali
        Will Present
        Herself Very
        Differently Depending
        On Her Mood as it
        Seems Most of
        Us Do.. Nice
        Rest of
        The Day
        To You With SMiLes

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                1. Wow Fred you dont look anywhere near 60 at allllllllllll. My mums 68…..what’s the secret Fred. Hiw do you feel younger than 21? Id like to have this elixir. All three things that you explained in the last few lines? Time can be cruel at times….when you like it, it just flies away. When you are sinking in quicksand, it feels like forever. And by the time you figure things out, the game is over…..cruelπŸ™ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜…

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                  1. SMiLes, my Wife is 50… When Himali, Before, First Saw
                    (Katrina Is Half Pacific Islander; By the Way Plays a Part)
                    Her, She thought She could Be Literally An Age
                    of Her Sister… She (Katrina) will tell you though
                    She Feels More Like 50;
                    Yes; No Stress, No Fear
                    All Love Plus Free Flowing
                    Dance And Song in Meditation
                    Literally As Science Shows Now
                    Is the Fountain of Youth; even if
                    one doesn’t stay in ‘Autotelic’
                    Flow, Almost Always as
                    A way of Life but
                    Really Science
                    Shows that Brains
                    on Meditation actually
                    Regenerate Gray Matter
                    And a Dissection of a 50 Year-
                    Old-Brain this way may Reflect
                    the Organic Health of a 25-Year-Old
                    Brain for Real; In this way, one will find
                    Many Life Long Dancers and Martial Artists
                    And Really anyone who finds a Practice of Life
                    in Flow, No Fear, No Stress, All Love Looking Younger
                    And so Much more Vital than their Peers as i really do
                    Leg Press Up to 1520 Pounds; More than anyone in their
                    Twenties before Covid-19 at the Military Gym i Work-out
                    at Per Empirical Measurement, once i started Public Dancing
                    in 2013, My Leg Strength went up Triple from a Start of 500 Pounds
                    then through 2019; and Double Just the First Year. In one of my 3 Degrees
                    from College as they all are Health Science, Anthropology, And Social Sciences
                    Interdisciplinary; the Master’s Level Course Teacher in the Sociology of Aging when
                    i was in my Early Twenties, basically told me i was overzealous to think i would even
                    be as strong as i was then at 60 Years-old; i already knew it was possible by the Case
                    Study of Jack-Lalanne; only Five Foot-Six, Towing Over 60 Boats by Swimming across
                    a Bay in his 70’s then; He stayed in Flow of Exercise as His tool all of his Life and
                    Really Just never
                    Got Any Weaker
                    to that point then…
                    One of the Guys
                    i Worked out with,
                    A Retired Captain
                    in the Navy did the Same
                    And was Squatting 450 Pounds
                    and Shrugging 700 Pounds in His
                    Early 70’s too; It’s Really ‘Epigenetic’
                    Potential; We Dismiss Our Whole Mind
                    Potential for Mechanical Cognition of
                    Abstract constructs We Create to
                    Navigate our Complex Cultures;
                    Where while Orangutans
                    May seem to Be
                    stronger than
                    Us; We Are
                    Just As Strong
                    When We Move all
                    Our Life In Flow and Use
                    so much more of our Human Potential
                    That We aRe Born With and is included
                    In No Book Necessary; Just ‘Looking’ Within
                    to Live by Intuition; Really By Faith With No Eyes
                    and Ears my Friend; so Much Science Now is beginning
                    to Understand, in so Many ways then; actually the Teachings
                    Of Jesus as totally Literally True; He Just Basically Went
                    into the Desert, Separated From Culture for 40 Days
                    Looking Within Finding So Much more of God
                    THeRe Out of ‘This World’ That is Just a
                    Name for All the Cultural Layers
                    of Clothes We Are Spoon-Fed
                    That Take us away from
                    Our God Potential
                    the Nature
                    of God
                    Within only
                    What is Forgotten
                    Yet to be ‘Seen’ With Pure
                    Faith over Words in a Book oF Old
                    indeed, the Kingdom of Heaven Will Be Found within

                    Best oF all

                    WiTH SMiLes

                    of PuRE LoVE
                    Ever Enduring NoW

                    Did JeSuS Not Say those
                    who Believe WiLL Not See
                    Death; Smiles Dear, Just
                    Because no one else
                    Has done it yet;
                    the New Human
                    Potential Forgotten
                    And Remembered or Created
                    New doesn’t Mean the Present
                    Gift of Life Will Be in Faith what is Never ‘Seen’ before…

                    in this
                    are most
                    Definitely Real…

                    SMiLes… sorry to keep you so Trapped
                    in my Text today but this is pretty
                    Good News Worth Repeating
                    Just about every where
                    i travel around the
                    Globe Again;
                    no Hidden
                    All is Love my FRiEnD..:)

                    Smiles; THere’s a Difference in Writing
                    A’ Bible’ and Dancing One my FRiEnD
                    And that too is a Parable to uncover aCross Life indeed..:)

                    i take this ‘Jesus Art’ Very Seriously, Indeed; like Souls meet it seems..:)

                    Smiles, Good Night ‘over THere’..:)


    1. Thank you brother Matt…..
      Jesus loves you toooooπŸΌπŸŽ€πŸΌπŸŽ€πŸΌπŸŽ€πŸΌπŸŽ€πŸΌπŸŽ€πŸΌπŸŽ€πŸΌπŸŽ€πŸΌπŸŽ€πŸŽ€πŸΌπŸΌ

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