The dead dog

When you finally hit rock bottom,
after some time it begins to feel like Egyptian cotton. 
There's not much lower to go. 
Life and breaths may seem too slow.
You can only climb higher.
That's if you're a fighter.
You can count your loss,
and cry about the cost.
But that's the past.
It can only hurt if you let it last.
Sure, you've got hurdles.
But you survived so far.
Remember your girdle.
All those tears are collected in His jar.
Know not to lose your focus.
Ignore the locusts.
Do what is right and just.
An opportunity the scales to adjust.
Love unconditionally.
Breathe in peace inspite of the difficulty.
Exhale love.
You can only do that if you have the dove.
Peace in the midst of a storm... 
At rock bottom, nobody's expecting you to perform.
No expectation.
Only winged isolation.
Trust no one.
Let God be the only one.
Immerse yourself.
In the past don't dwell.
This is a gift
Not many get to take a rift.
If you still have peace,
never let that decrease.
You're probably doing right.
Not everything in this world comes with a fight.
Forget the past.
Though they typecast,
what the blood has erased.
Even the ones that keep you tethered,
the ones that the world seems to remember.
Remember the cross, the blood, the Word, the Spirit, 
the name of Jesus is all that's needed.
Did you notice the inexplicable peace?
Kings would offer all their treasures for these!
But when in a tsunami,
you're still feeling bonnie.
If you can breathe at ease. 
not worried about auto immune disease.
That's success.
That's progress.
Right there....
Not stuck in despair.
Money comes; money goes. 
No longer worried about those.
Pauper to prince.
Friend to foe.
That's just how the world goes.
This life ain't yours anymore.
A dead dog is not a carnivore.
There is one who truly knows,
your body ....and spirit.
And even the soul within it.
If you pass this test,
exciting will be the rest.
I will never forsake or leave you.
I am here to teach and guide you.
Peace I give you.
That the world cannot give.
true treasure, enough grace to smile and live.
Seek first....
quench your thirst.
Living waters.
In abundance for my daughter.
Let the dead bury their own.
Your seed has already been sown.
Look around and feel what's true.
Nobody really cares.....but I'll be there for you.
Life is but a game.
Some win money; some win fame.
And in the process, most of them go insane.
Let it go, in practical I've explained.
In the end, the game has to end.
And there'll be nobody but me to defend. (you)
After you collect the prize, 
all the pieces go back inside.
Six feet under.
So don't fear the world's thunder. 
It's just a game.
Don't give away joy for a name.
I have forgiven.
I have heard your petition.
Remember I said whatsoever.
That's still in your favour.
Do it right this time.
Don't drink expensive wine.
The murky is sweet.
I will make it a treat.
Will turn to quiet pools of fresh waters,
and lush green peaceful pastures.
Trust in me.
My blood be your guarantee.



    1. Hey FredπŸŒ»πŸŽ€πŸ˜ƒπŸŽ€πŸŒ»

      All in all, truly!
      First to last
      Forget the past
      Present to future
      He did tutor
      Until last blink
      Strive to be loving
      Spread some of His joy
      To the world be a soft toy
      Maybe, just maybe
      If I hold on tightly.
      I can hear His voice.
      Dont want to be lost inside
      The valleys are dark
      Some ravens there lark.
      So far, so good.
      On the Word, stood…..
      Seeking the truth.
      Winning is highly misunderstood.

      Liked by 1 person

            1. Thank you Fred, writing poetry brings me so much joy. You’re very encouraging. And it’s always so lovely to read your poetic replies….
              Love and LightβœοΈπŸ™πŸΌπŸ•ŠπŸŒ»

              Liked by 1 person

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