Himalaya Rich Cocoa Butter Body Cream Review

Pricing: This one retails at INR 270 for a 200ml jar. But I purchased this during a sale for INR 216. I’d say the pricing is fair, irrespective of the discount.

Ingredients: The picture below has the entire list.

The Good:

  • The packaging quality is just too good. At this price range, the jar is extremely sturdy, a lot more than that of it’s competitors. The plastic is of a very good quality and I don’t think it will crack up easily if you …err….drop it down. I haven’t been clumsy yet….not yet.πŸ˜‰
  • Moisturizes very well.
  • It’s a luxurious cream with a rich texture that would work great for people with dry skin.
  • It’s a body cream that contains cocoa butter. It’s a cream, not a butter. But it has the feel and texture of a butter. So that’s great.
  • It’s manageable and spread somewhat easily…..like a butter (but not as thick as Nivea Creme).
  • It starts off a little greasy. But most of it gets absorbed into the skin pretty soon. It’s not an oily/greasy product. But, it’s not like a dry gel/yogurt either.
  • Ayurvedic composition.
  • The fragrance is sweet with a hint of cocoa butter. It has an undeniable ayurvedic-herbal scent though.
  • Made in India. Locally sourced ingredients.
  • Fair pricing.

The Bad:

  • I’ve been told I smell like Complan(children’s malt drink). It’s not stinky or unpleasant. In fact it’s nice and sweet. But it has a herbal, ayurvedic concoction smell that lingers for a while. It’s just a matter of preference. I prefer intensely sweeter and sugary cocoa butter notes.

Verdict: This is definitely a good product. But I have my favourites. I just like other creams a lot more. But this is a very very very good cream in a very good price range.

Stay Beautiful, Inside Out, 

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  1. Another good product breakdown.
    I watched your videos, they were very good. It is easy to see the hard work required in practice, editing, and scripting. I was impressed with that convection hot plate, but when I searched, it seemed to only be available in India.
    I used to listen to a radio host everyday at work. He decided to do a tv show for a couple years. One problem he noticed, people were so in tuned with how he looked, what he wore, they missed much of what he said, whereas on radio, you are focused on listening. I had this problem watching your videos, I had to watch a couple times to fully catch what you were saying, which was very polished, but still.
    With this in mind, I think reading scripture in a video wouldn’t be as impactful as perhaps a podcast, or some other audio only format.
    There is a project I have been kicking around in my mind lately, making a mobile bed with wheels for my wife allowing her to get out of this room. That may be something good for a youtube video. For me, it is already daunting because I am not a woodworker, but to add the layer of video to it makes it even a bigger hill to climb, but also intriguing.
    If I think it a good idea in the coming months to try, I may ask you a few pointers, like camera equipment, editing software, or any such thing. It would be a bigger hit, if I just sent you a script and asked you to read and record the audio, (your accent is better thanmine) while I inserted photos and hands on demonstrations of construction steps.
    Thank you again for all you do.

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