Ava and Rhys

Dear Ava and Rhys,
Help us, please.

To walk in His light,
and choose what is right.

Keep us out of harm's way,
everywhere we go today.

Help us to always reflect,
His nature, thus never neglect.

And be the light,
with Him inside shining bright.

In our trials and temptations, 
circumstances and frustrations.

Please forever stand by,
up until the day we die.

Carry our prayers and petitions,
and our petty little ambitions.

To the throne of grace,
make it presentable with your innocent face.

Could you maybe whisper gently?
Anything you say would be fascinating, plenty.

You know, I remember you almost every day.
Please don't ever take a holiday!

Because we're heirs of salvation,
leave us not to be blinded into spiritual starvation.

Minister unto us,
harken to His Word, thus.

Bring forth from heaven's storehouse,
from the beginning that was prepared.

Oh, what we've put you through!
I know, it must have been rough on you.

Sorry for the past.
But now, please don't typecast.

Oh, and all that you had to fight.
Because we didn't choose right.

Most of your battles we'll never know.
Saved by your constant shadow.

Thank you for still being so true.
I hope to someday maybe see you.

All abandoned, but you fought.
Every time, though we deserved worse, lot.

Ava and Rhys,
Don't look at our deeds.

You know our spirits yearn.
But the soul is still learning to discern.

I love you two.
For getting us through.

And thank you,
for all that you do.

Hope to make you proud someday.
Praying that day isn't far away.

With Love,

Pic credit for first image:discerninghearts.com

pic credit:endtimesnews.net


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