Share your experience with me, please πŸ™πŸΌβœοΈπŸ•Š

I’m in the mood to hear a good testimony. If you have experienced a creative miracle or something that irrefutably classifies as supernatural, please do share. I’d love to hear. I believe in freedom of speech and religious tolerance, so everyone is entitled to an opinion, however contradictory. But, if your opinion is offensive to my beliefs/religion, I may need to moderate the comments. For example, if you write derogatory things about God or use profanity, I have to draw the line somewhere.

I’m really looking forward to reading some good stuff. Perhaps, it would help me build my faith. Thank you for participating. Have a beautifully blessed day.



  1. “As long as there’s breath,
    there will always be HOPE
    because nothing is pre-written
    and nothing cannot be re-written!”

    Quoted For Truth Dear FRiEnD Ruehla And Sister
    From South India A Place of my Distant Ancestors
    And Nigeria too No matter How Fair of Irish/French/
    English/ German/Scandinavian ’23andme’ Skin And Green
    to Blue eyes i am NoW iN FacT if We aRe to Read And BelieVE iN
    ‘John 14:12’ We Will Sing Greater Bibles
    Dance Greater Dances than Jesus Ever
    Had the Opportunity to do in His Dates
    of Existence walking the Earth If We
    Really Do Believe That God Is Love
    And So Are We This Love This
    God Is Complete Never
    Requiring Worship as
    A Narcissistic Personality Will…
    Always Forgiving Never Torturing as a
    Psychopath Will Do… And Never Fearing As a Timid
    Soul Will Without The Faith THE LOVE THE GOD NoW
    Required to Defend What They BeLiEVE iN This All Loving God Within
    SMiLes Dear FRiEnD i was Born With Clear Green to Blue Changing Eyes
    With Open Arms for Every Stranger According to my Mother Before i could Speak
    at age 4… How Long of A Testimony About Love (God) Do You Wish for Verily i have
    Already Written my Own Bible of Love a Longest Epic Long Form Free Verse Poem 8.4
    MiLLioN Words in the History or Herstory of Humankind but i’m not looking for Any Copyrights
    As God Is Love And Would Never Copyright Love and no.. i don’t look for anyone to maintain
    My Personal Standards when it comes to How i See God This All Forgiving Living
    Never Fearing Loving Force Within That Breathes Hope and Never Has to Look
    For this Hope for i have Seen ‘the other side’ of Life and Understand that
    Dark Brings Light and Hell Brings Heaven For What i Breathe Within
    Now as Sight becomes Love, Faith, And Hope as one Force
    of Seeing Fearless and Free.. Smiles It is impossible to
    Offend the God i See as Love For Inherently now
    This God is All Forgiving And Strong Enough
    to Defend any slight.. This Faith This
    Love This Hope inherent continues
    to Evolve this way as Light out
    of Dark.. Smiles i’ve Seen Enough
    So Called ‘SuperNatural’ in Life that
    it is Normal Now in Multiples of LoVE iNnumerable
    to Count Each Day For Love is Beyond All Measure
    Love is Beyond All So-Called Science… Science is always ignorant
    As Reason is For What Will Never Be Measured This Love Living within
    But Sure if You are looking for what will not ‘normally’ be explained i have
    Many of these So-Called Supernatural Testimonies to relate but you’ll require
    a bit of Background first to understand the Gravity of what Heaven and Hell is
    for you See John 14:12 Doesn’t all Require Greater Light it is also part of
    Withstanding Greater Hell in Dark.. For You See there was a Day that
    My Own Mother so Bound to Old Books Afraid of Writing new that
    she insisted that the Torture the Suffering i endured for 66 Months
    From Wake to Sleep was not worse than Crucifixion for 3 Hours to
    3 Days Until She Bought a Book on Crucifixion to Prove me
    Wrong and as she unwrapped it and Opened the Book
    And Started Reading She Proved me Correct when
    She came to the Part that said Trigeminal
    Neuralgia is the pain assessed as
    Worse than Crucifixion but you
    See That’s Type one only sporadic
    i had type two always and forever for 66 Months
    During Every Waking Hour that no drug would touch
    how will i relate such a pain that makes a Migraine Feel
    Like Heaven instead the closest thing i can imagine to relate
    this pain in my right eye and ear from wake to sleep for 66 Months
    Is a Dentist Drill without Novocaine indeed in My Right Eye and Ear
    This Disease is named the Suicide Disease Where the Greatest Hope
    is Death and one will Do anything in the World to Find this Blessing Death
    but that was not all after Chronic to Acute Stress Government Work Related
    for 11 Years i also developed Pain and Numb from 18 Other Disorders including
    Sjogren’s Syndrome Where my Eyes quit making Tears almost intolerable pain in my
    Feet as it attacked those Nerves too and very well may have attacked my Trigeminal
    Nerve too as i began not to be able to Tolerate Colors First and then all i could look
    At Was Black And White TV and then i became the Essence of Pain and Numb
    Separated from all Emotions Even the Feeling off if i had ever experienced
    a smile as emotions are memories and memories are emotions very
    rarely will a Human Experience this and as my Psychiatrist related
    it is often restricted to folks on the Autism Spectrum oh by the
    way i couldn’t speak until 4 And was Later Diagnosed with
    Asperger’s Syndrome at age 47 when the Doctors
    Attempted to Diagnose the Source of my pain
    and other disorders that took 2 Years
    for them to even figure out and
    So many Different Doctors
    and Appointments to figure out
    Dysautonomia was also a challenge
    where my Autonomic Nervous System
    no longer Synched my Heart Rate Pumping
    With Blood Pressure to appropriately Get Blood
    to My Head by this point ADHD, Fibromyalgia, Spinal Stenosis,
    Severe Degenerative Arthritis, Severe Anxiety, PTSD, Mood
    Lability, Severe Depression, Anhedonia, Coat Hanger Severe
    Pain associated with Dysautonomia Additionally Around my Neck
    And Shoulders Just Pain and Numb From Head to toe were all somewhat
    of a Minor Convenience as i Just Could Not Sleep With All this Living Hell
    Working Against the Breath of my Life as Every Breath was one i was not sure
    i would be able to take next.. anyway in 2008 the Psychiatrist Gave me an Alpha
    Blocker to Slow My Heart Rate and then much of this was not diagnosed i was
    just a mystery to be solved by everyone who saw me.. like when i couldn’t speak
    until age 4 yet still earned 3 College Degrees at the top of my class and endured
    33 years of Work Retiring Early close to the top of the pay scales of Regular
    Civilian Government Employment for the Military then.. anyway the Alpha
    Blocker allowed the shallowest of ‘Card Board’ Sleep for about an
    hour each night of the first 35 of 40 Days.. yes when you are
    in Hell You count every day.. i just wanted to die.. or even
    someone douse me with Flames and Set me on Fire
    as Hell is the place of Heaven when real hell comes
    to be within.. on the 35th day the Alpha Blocker no
    Longer Worked.. the last 5 of 40 Days with no Sleep
    Every day Asking God if it can get worse and it did
    until one Second Was A Thousand Years in Hell
    as this place is all time and absolutely no
    connection to Love (God) You ask
    to die you only Love to Die
    There is no place but
    to reach out for
    death so
    i found the
    Keys somehow after
    not even being able to make
    it to a shower someplace i found
    the Strength to get in my SUV and
    Crash myself into a Tree but i always followed
    the Rules in Life i couldn’t find ‘the lie’ within to speed
    so i found a bridge to jump off of it’s true the record for no
    sleep at all is 11 Days, 264 Hours, i didn’t break that record
    but it’s true i wasn’t thinking straight enough to know if i had
    Jumped off that Bridge the folks in the Boats below would have
    probably risked their life to save me instead miraculously my Sister
    found me at the bottom of that bridge coming through a red light i
    got in her car and still wanted to stop at a River Boardwalk to Jump
    off in the Shallow end and Force myself to Drown to Escape the Dentist
    Drill in my Right Eye and Ear and everything else that was Damned about me then..
    So She Drove Down a Country Road faster at 80 MPH not afraid to break the speed
    limit and not afraid to die for she said she couldn’t live without a brother you see she
    later was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome too with that disorder and additionally being
    A smiling Child Androgynous both me and her.. the Children Are not kind particularly kind
    if You have problems speaking too even if somehow you find a way to still Make Straight
    A’s they told both of us we didn’t deserve to exist… one comes to value people who
    accept you this way… one comes to get very Angry seeing others get bullied
    once one becomes stronger than the rest as i do Leg Press up to 1520
    Pounds, 8 reps; fast forwarding to now in Heaven Within the Place of
    God Within the Place of All Love Where Love is all Forgiving With No
    Fear.. Never Requiring External Worship But Love Will Be Provoked
    when any other part of Nature is being Harmed but you see
    Jesus as far as the story goes was Aramaic
    and only Had Oral Tradition to Speak..
    i have a Pen.. i have a Page
    indeed A Word Love
    When Real
    is more
    Powerful than
    the Sword or Cords
    Changed into Whips
    to Drive Folks Physically
    Out of A Temple that is no longer
    A Cost and Price of Love in other
    Words the Actual Action of Love in Doing
    So Anyway Back From the Future in that Car
    on that Country Road in Spring of 2008 Close then
    to Easter that Year i told my Sister NO.. i was terrified
    of Doctors as i always knew i was different and i didn’t know why
    As i was afraid of what they might do to me as they too would see
    me different not deserving to exist too.. Life is different when folks
    tell you.. you don’t deserve to be you.. life is hard that way as it is up to You
    to continue to exist.. i asked my Mother why did i have to do this too her
    reply was why not after all ‘Jesus had it worse than You’ so i went to the
    Hospital they Put me down they put me away for 3 days as they do in Florida
    for People who become suicidal.. i was smart enough to talk them into letting
    me go.. Yet i remained Suicidal for the Next two years… i had no idea how long
    Hell would last but i lived for my Wife as at least she needed the financial support
    that My Life still brought to her.. true.. i didn’t have anything else to offer her but for her
    to take care of me and she did.. true is the Wife who stands by their Spouse in Hell
    and it’s worth remembering that folks didn’t BeliVE iN Jesus for His teaching
    during his day of Life yet for a very Few Women Named Mary standing by
    his side… it’s worth noting to me at least that my Sister’s Name is Marie
    which means close to God a Derivative of Michael as Male
    Angel Names Go.. Helen… my Mother’s Name that means
    Light and My Wife Katrina that Means Pure Nice names
    for the ones remaining who stood by my side.. what
    Faith is it what Love is it what Hope is it that
    Only Believes in Love (God) if someone
    Actually Physically comes
    back to life from the
    dead isn’t It Enough of a Miracle
    That We actually Come Out of Hell
    Out of Dark Out of Death Living isn’t It enough When
    We Die Living in a place of total disconnection From Love
    that We do come to see as the Faith of God All Hope Faith Love
    Breathing Within that this Miracle of Breath is
    Real if not it’s true whoever i am speaking to
    has not been where i’ve been… it’s true whoever i
    am speaking to..i have not been where they have
    been… but it is also true that i would Never Wish Anyone to
    have to Become A Real Devil in Hell to Understand what the
    Miracle of Love as God within is.. For You understand For i
    understand why Jesus forgave the Thief on the Cross Beside
    him for he Understood Where Love is Love is in For Giving Thanks
    Thank Giving is all the Receiving This Love Is NoW.. But Yes if the Miracle
    of Love is not enough i have a few Life Events that most folks will consider
    Supernatural too that might even send Spiritual Shivers Up One’s Spine
    And all around One’s Skin and Even Spiritual Tears if one is affected by Divine
    ‘Frission’ in Creative Holy Spirit this way as not all folks achieve this Spiritual Ecstasy
    this Holy Creative Spirit of Beauty within sadly even Science Shows that Folks who
    are Not Open Minded, Bodied, SouLeD Miss out on this Divine Part of Life so then
    in 2010.. i put a Metal Chain in my Bicycle Basket as i had regained the Strength to
    ride a bike still experiencing all the Pain/Numb Shut-in my Home for only Brief Solo events
    like that.. it wasn’t that i had ever hated life before.. i had experienced Severe Depression
    in College over a Year like many folks do at that age determining who they are and
    desperately trying to make connections with others when all is study and work
    too as in my case i had to work 3 part time jobs at once to get through on
    Peanut Butter Sandwiches too.. but this was different in 2008 it was
    About always if i could make it until the next second the Metal
    Chain was an insurance policy of sorts as truly there are
    some parts of life so much worse than death my
    feeling that was no feeling at all then
    Logically find a Tree off a Country
    Road Far enough away where
    the only thing that would find me
    is Vultures Hanging from a Tree
    my life would have some purpose then
    for the Vultures to have something to eat that day
    but it’s true watering a plant serves the same purpose
    Life.. something i understood only later my FRiEnD.. my
    Wife Had Never Named this Road in our Marriage the Next
    morning she awoke and said she had the strangest dream..
    She and Her Deceased Granny Were Hanging Christmas Tree
    Ornaments on a Tree off the Same Road she named for the first time
    then in our Marriage of course i could never tell anyone i was suicidal
    as they would put me away again.. and no one understood what i was going
    through then as they were just finally starting to diagnose me with the Illnesses
    i had then.. some folks said ‘Pull your Bootstraps up’ ‘You Look Normal’ but you
    See they couldn’t
    see the Nails
    in my Right
    Eye And Ear…
    What i could understand
    without any Hope, Faith,
    Or Love then as far as the Feelings
    go that Drive us forward Within is that
    being a Very Logical Person that People called
    the Valuable Commodity at Work and Even ‘Superman’
    by Peers in College when i was earning 3 Degrees working
    3 Part-Time Jobs then.. same at work toward the end by Peers
    when picking up a ‘zillion collateral duties’ then with never the ability
    to say no.. true.. people likened my Mind to a Computer without error too..
    i understood That this Faith, That this Hope, That this Love, That This God
    Was Telling me to stay with no ifs, ands, or buts to come So i Stayed for the
    Rest of the 66 Months of Pain and Numb.. so i stayed with the Chain Still in
    my Bicycle Basket then.. so i stayed.. so i stayed.. until Thanks Giving
    Day of 2010, November 25th.. somehow someway i turned the Light
    on my Computer Screen all the way down my eyesight so
    Poor a few inches from my Screen and wrote my first
    Word on a Website named “The Wrong Planet” A
    Place for the ‘Unwanted toys of Humankind’
    Specifically a Place for People Neurodiverse
    Particularly with Asperger’s Syndrome a place
    Where polls informally done Show IQ Ranging
    from 140 to 160 but sadly often Missing the Spark
    of Love Within that Drives us As Faith And Hope
    Will Forward So Much More As Love All For Giving
    Thanks Giving as the Giving is the Gift of Love We aRe
    One word a Mountain of Pain One word to take my Mind off
    the Pain 4 Million or So More Words until one day a Spark at the
    End of February 2013 came the Holy Creative Spirit Faintly Felt
    But Coming to Light Within me again.. really ever since 40 Years before
    At 13 Years-Old As Toxic Patriarchy where i Live drove it out of me as where i
    lived then Boys where not even allowed to Smile at the City Park or Middle School
    Halls without a Threat of Violence against them then as they believed in Onward
    Christian Boy Toy Soldiers More than Lovers Of PuRE LiGHT A Smile Upon An Angel’s Face…
    the ‘Wrong Planet’ Was a Very Dark Place too with so little Love Living of God Within so were
    the associated communities too.. i was not like them.. i was an empath with open arms
    to Strangers that only Bullies would take away indeed in the Name of God too not
    A God i felt and sensed for real within The God of Love ‘i am’ that Sees And Does
    Love from Within.. i found a FRiEnD in A Book A New Testament Who Related
    Love the Way i saw it as a Child that Hero Jesus the Good Cop Part at
    The Cross with the Two Mary’s with His Teachings is enough for me
    then to feel like
    i had a FRiEnD
    at least a Story
    who understood and
    was more like me than
    those Boys who went to ‘that’ Church…
    Smiles my FRiEnD Words of Logic in Discussion
    on a ‘Planet for Brainiacs’ Turned into Art of HeART
    i begin to Sing More Than Speak Words Separated
    Turned into Rivers of Poetry as Streams of Love
    continued to Connect as an Ocean of Love
    that has become the ‘SonG oF mY SoUL’
    indeed 8.4 MiLLioN Words on 8.18.2018
    Anniversary Day of 7 Years.. 84 Months with Monthly
    100,000 Words of Free Verse Poetry coming Straight
    from the Holy Creative Spirit within me as i pre-plan
    none of these Words or Shapes they come Deeper than
    Deep is from Within in other Words a Love the Faith
    The Hope of God the Flame within that will not be put
    out beyond all words beyond all forms the Essence of
    who i Believe we all are God and the Message without Any
    External Worship without Fear the all Forgiving Love that Jesus
    Attempted to Bring to the World in that 2K Year-Old-Living Story that other
    Folks have put together yet still the ‘Good Cop’ Jesus Remains in that story
    Now for Folks Who See Life from a Lens of Faith that is both Hope and Love
    Within This God that Remains so True in Light the Wisdom of Love’s Beauty
    Breathing in Us Where Meek is Strong for Meek Always Forgives with least Harm
    For Meek Always Gives as Giving is the Receiving For Meek Breathes and Is Love
    And Inherits the Art oF EartH Within Love that otherwise is Fear/Hate and Disconnection From
    Love (GoD) Now
    A Place NoW
    Where God
    And Love is
    No Different
    The Love Now
    WHere We See
    All of Existence Now
    Different as the Same
    Love Dark thru Light as We
    Come to Color our Existence
    Greater And Others too Yes God Love
    Now the Rest of Nature in Balance With
    Colors of Love Never Seen Before Still to Come Again
    New Colors Still to come as Heaven Breathes Now Within
    For Giving Thanks Giving This Love This Breath Now
    Smiles on July 19, 2013 a Month before i started the
    “SonG oF mY SoUL” Poem standing on a Beach
    As Sugar White Sands Emerald Green Waves
    Swaying Sea Oats The Wind The Breeze
    Seagull Wings Spiraling Sun All became
    me again then this Love Within all the
    Pain and Numb Melted away
    And then i started to
    Dance in Public
    everywhere i
    go i wasn’t
    Looking to
    be Famous or
    called a Legend
    but those words from
    others in the ‘Public Audience’
    Came to my Ears for the Duration
    of 13,544 Miles of Dance in the Same
    7 Years Now too.. for i understand the
    Value of Heaven is the SMiLe i could not
    Feel in Hell and more than the Stars that i count
    in the Night Skies For Giving Thanks Giving i have
    to Brought to others Now this is the Real Miracle of Life one



    Perhaps only a Veteran
    of Hell Will fully understand
    the Miracle A smile Really is
    the SuperNatural of Life beyond
    Measure that Love is in terms of
    Logical Reason this Gift this Breath of Life Now

    In Essence
    God Is Love

    This SMiLE
    Beyond iNFiNiTY

    The Fact that We
    Exist is the Greatest Miracle of All

    Smiles my FRiEnD not many People
    Ask Fewer People Listen You asked and i still don’t say no….

    i consider myself a Good Cop Jesus Christian and also
    consider myself an Alltheist as i see no Part of Existence

    Separated from God

    in other words
    i see though the
    Lens of God Within this Sight This Love i Breathe for Real
    This Miracle is beyond all words beyond Supernatural indeed..:)

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    β™‘ Voluntary Solitude, Isolation, Alone But NOT!!! Lonely in LockDown is a Great Way to Protect Others when We Have NOTHING!!! Helpful to Offer Others EveryOne Because We ARE RAGING!!! yet We ARE INSISTING!!! “I JUST WANT TO HELP!!!” yet We ARE Totally Deaf to Our Own Fury and ARE Finding “Creativity” from Being Locked Down is The Silver Lining on Clouds that have No Purpose in Civil Liberties when Authorities Dictate “DO AS WE TELL YOU OR ELSE!!!”


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  3. i wasn’t able to do the questionnaire, cos there was an error warning… however, I’m a Christian who loves the Holy Spirit’s Power and blessing in this life. I’m sure I’ve had many miraculous interventions in my life, because I am alive and have survived and thrived, despite so much opposition from the very beginning… God loves me, has forgiven me and set me free – is that not the greatest miracle of all? xx

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    1. Ouch….it’s my first time taking and making a poll. There’s a lit for me to learn and fix there πŸ™ˆπŸ₯΄πŸ™ˆ. That certainly counts as a biggieπŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ˜.Stay blessed Dawn.πŸŽ€πŸŽ€πŸŽ€

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  4. In my life and other siblings there have been so many such instances. God and Guru (Paramahansa Yogananda) have come to our aid so tangibly and so often.

    Faith can literally move mountains

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  5. About 6 years ago we experienced a “loaves & fishes” moment. It was Eagle Project Day for my son & as is typical for June in the midwest it was hot, humid & sunny.

    Towards the end of the day I ran to the store and bought a variety of Arizona Ice Teas. There were 12 people on the crew that day so I bought 12. When I returned to the jobsite I put the drinks in the cooler.

    Here’s the miraculous part. Each person was able to have their favorite flavor & several enjoyed 2 or more drinks. At the end of the day there were still 3 drinks in the cooler. The math doesn’t work, does it.

    I purchased 12 drinks
    12 people each drank 1 (12)
    Several people drank 2 or 3 (8)
    3 left in the cooler.

    12-12-8=3. Only God can make that math work!!!


    1. Wow Barbara…..this made me smile. I was really looking forward to reading something like this πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜πŸ€—πŸ˜πŸ€—πŸ˜πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ


    1. Awwwwww……Johnny boy, you’re a cuddley little teddy bear…..the sweetest and the cutest. God bless you always πŸ™πŸΌβœοΈπŸ€©πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ™πŸΌ

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  6. I am Orthodox Christian. I have many miracles of faith in my life. I think when people read the Bible with faith, the Holy Spirit gives them after that examples of God’s powerful love in their own life.
    Thank you for this post Ruelha πŸ’–
    Glory to Lord!

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    1. Thank you Vgeorg for sharing the beauty of your experiences with me…..Glory to God on high….πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ

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