Ridiculed, Condemned, Stripped, Thrashed and Convicted!

Early in the morning,
eager this issue to be solving. 
Wrapped in shackles and chains,
only the beginning of His pains.
And so He was handed over to Pilate.
In the hands of the Roman governor rested His fate.

When Judas the betrayer learned Jesus was condemned, 
he felt miserable and tried to make amends.
He took back the silver as a sign of his repentance,
and threw back those coins of his acceptance.
I have greatly sinned;
in my soul there is a mighty whirlwind.
I have betrayed an innocent man to death.
How will I ever get over such a regret?
That's your business!
We already have a witness.

Helpless and guilty, himself he couldn't stand.
So he took a rope, and himself he hanged.
The chief priests picked the coins, the blood money.
Decided it was against their law to put it in the temple's treasury.
They used it to buy Potter's Field,
a cemetery for foreigners, the Field of Blood.

Are you the king of the Jews?
Meanwhile, Pilate was there to interview.
ALL Jesus replied was, "so you say."
Not a response to the accusations, no way.
A surprised Pilate, "don't you hear all this?"
Not a word in defence, not even a hiss.

At every Passover, the Roman governor,
would set free one of their chosen prisoner.
Jesus Barabbas, the notorious criminal,
or Jesus, the Messiah a choice so critical. 
Pilate's wife sent him a message while he was in the judgement hall.
Don't have anything to do with that man's downfall.
Last night I had a terrible dream.
That disturbed me and I almost screamed.

The high priest had already persuaded the crowd.
So when Pilate asked about Jesus they screamed aloud.
Crucify Him! Are you serious?
But for what crime, this Jesus?
Crucify Him; crucify him.
This was the crowd's demand and whim.
What crime has He committed,
to hang on a cross and be convicted?

Pilate just wanted to prevent a riot.
He wanted everything to be quiet.
This is nonsense;
I refuse to put this on my conscience.
And so, washing his hands in front of them all,
I am not responsible for whatever shall befall.
Let it fall on us and our children.
The crucifixion and death of Jesus is our problem.

After Jesus was whipped,
brutal pain they did inflict.
He was brought back to the palace,
and stripped, in their blood-thirsty madness.
He lay there exposed,
until they put on Him royal robes.
With a thorny branch crown upon His head,
all the while further more He bled.
Gave Him a stick for a scepter and mocked Him.
Long live the Jews and their mighty king!
Spat on Him, took the stick and hit His head.
No mercy, still wanted Him dead.

Removed the robe once they were done.
And the journey carrying that heavy cross begun.
Then Simon of Cyrene was forced to help, because Jesus kept falling on account of no strength.
Finally, they came to Golgotha.
Last few moments for the Son of Jehovah.
Refused the wine with bitter herbs,
Creator of the universe, this they offered.

Even after they crucified Him, the clothes He had left,
they threw dice to win the garment that He possessed.
And this is how it read,
the note about His head...
Here is Jesus, the king of the Jews!
This was their accusation, their crucifixion excuse.

Crucified between two bandits, such a plight.
Insulted him like the crowd, one on His left and one on His right.
The people hurled insults.
Jeered at Him on that cross.
You were going to tear the temple and rebuild it in three days!
Save yourself if you are God's son, that way...
maybe we may even believe in You, somehow,
if You were able to come down right now!

(Inspired by Matthew 27:1-44)
Photo credit:howsyourlife.org

This poem is part of a series of rhymes titled โ€˜The Matthew Seriesโ€™This is the 29th poem in the series. They are all based on the gospel of Matthew and are in the correct sequence. Here are few of my favorites:


        1. This is absolutely true.
          The likeness of God for all to view.
          A reflection of His true nature.
          In kindness, forgiveness and loving gestures.
          God is love.
          Dwelling within me in the form of a dove.
          Not sex, lust or selfishness.
          But the love of genuine goodness.
          Selfless agape love
          Ocean reflecting the sky above…

          Liked by 1 person

          1. You Have a Real Gift
            Of Holy Creative
            Spirit Flow to
            Give my
            Now Ruelha
            is never live life
            too Busy to Share
            This Gift How Precious
            it is When Spirit of Love Speaks
            ‘DoVE’ iNdeed my FRiEnD ‘As
            Above so Below’ Whole Love
            ‘As Above So Below’ Actually
            Comes by the way of
            Oldest Non-Cannon
            Words in the
            Oldest Gospels of
            Thomas Attributed
            to Jesus uncovered
            in Records not edited for
            Centuries after by others
            And Really all it means is the
            Same Metaphor that God is
            Alpha Thru Omega All Beyond
            All Names As you Will
            Find God as we
            Split a Cord
            of Wood
            in Two Pieces as more
            Words Paraphrased
            From that Same
            Beautiful Gospel
            That Doesn’t Hide
            God’s Love Anywhere
            in Existence Now to See
            Yes.. Love IS A Beautiful Gift
            Love is the Essence of Worship
            And always For Giving Thank Giving
            When We Truly See All in Existence God Is Love
            But of course it is more than Seeing Hearing with
            Eyes and Ears indeed the Vision of the Holy Creative Spirit Within

            The Breath of

            God the


            The Creator

            of What Love Is Love


  1. Go and look what a scene ,
    To stay humble and keen ,
    Allow love and grace ,
    to rule and reign ,
    Wherever you areย  and been ,
    There could beย  more than what it is seenย  …
    Sometimes , this what life couldย  mean ,

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