Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio – I Dream Of Greenie Review

Pricing: This trio from Wet n Wild retails for INR399, but I got it at a discounted price of INR200, which is about $2.5 during a sale in December. You get 3.5gm worth of product, about 1.67gms each shade since it’s a trio. The price is awesome, no complaints there.

Wet n Wild green Eyeshadow trio

Packaging: The packaging is perfect, so travel friendly. It’s slim and has a spot for some mini applicators. They even provide one sponge tip applicator and one eye shadow brush. Both are smaller versions and are perfect for touch ups and travel. But, they aren’t really of great quality. Infact, when I received this piece, it was perfect in the box and survived the shipping and delivery. The applicators were in immaculate condition when I broke the seal of the kit. But when I dipped the sponge tip in the eyeshadow, it crumbled and disintegrated at the very first touch. But then, for 200 bucks, the applicator is just a bonus. I bought this from a certified dealer so it’s authentic which means the quality itself is not really impressive.

sleek and slim packaging- I dream of Greenie
Wet n Wild color icon eyeshadow trio
I dream of Greenie shadow palette

Colour: There are very few palettes in the market that have neon colours or colours that are bold and will make your eyes pop. Green is a beautiful shade that pairs really well with green, hazel and brown eyes….especially olive, khaki, military, shimmery, frosted and earthy tones of greens. This is different. It’s not the usual play-it-safe green palette. The first one on top is labelled ‘browbone’ and is a light pastel mint green. As the name suggests, it can be used below your eyebrows as a highlighter or even around the inner corners of your eyes to look more awake, bright and shiny. The colour in the middle is meant for the ‘crease’. Darker colours in the crease area create an illusion of depth, in my opinion. Since it’s from the same shade family, it’s easier to achieve a nice gradation of colours without looking too stark. So that’s great for amateurs too. If you already have deep set eyes, you will not need to create that illusion and can use it as a transition shade or just at the outer corners of your eyes or just all throughout the borders of your eyes like an eyeliner. That’s what I usually do. I usually add darker colours at the edges and don’t use any highlighter below my brow bone. I find that look too heavy and very 80s. The base colour at the bottom of the palette titled ‘eyelid’ is an exciting lime green, almost fluorescent neon like green. It’s rare to find this in a palette. Professional brands make these in singles and refill packs. But they are priced around INR2000 +/-

I dream of Greenie eyeshadow Review
Wet n Wild makeup review

Quality: The shadows are not pigmented at all. You will need a lot more product than a better quality eyeshadow. These really don’t adhere well to skin and if you want any colour payoff, you will need to use a primer. I used a very good primer from MAC and still most of the shadow just fell of my lids like nano snowflakes. That takes me to the next point. It is messy and you will need to either hold a tissue under your eyes or just dust it off once you’re done, which is what I did. It does not adhere well to skin so it’s rather easy to dust away. The shades are definitely blendable. That’s good. The finish and texture is not coarse or harsh at all, but it’s definitely not soft and smooth either which tells me all of the problems I mentioned here are probably because it is not very fine milled.

review of green eyeshadow palette

Longevity: Since, it does not adhere to skin, I didn’t expect it to last too long. But after all the primer and layers of product and a setting spray, it lasted all day. Surprised me.

Verdict It’s great to buy if you just want to try a bold/green shade and don’t want to invest too much. But, it’s a disappointing product. As much as I love green eye makeup and am partial to greens, this one gets a thumbs down from me.

Stay Beautiful, Inside Out,

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  1. SMiLes one of
    My Favorite
    Shows Hehe
    When i am
    Just a Bit
    Younger than
    You β€œI Dream
    Of Jeanie”
    Her Gift
    Was Her
    Smile And
    Kind Eyes
    Magic Enough
    To see thanks for
    The old make-up
    Memory Magic is Real
    We All
    In Colors of Life🎨

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  2. I’ve tried several Wet’n’Wild trios, but more neutral ones and they really impressed me! The shadows are soft and last a decent amount of time. I’ve heard before that the quality of the green palette is subpar, which is so disappointing because this color looks amazing on you! Thank you for your review β™₯

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    1. I’ve seen the neutral ones. They look very good. But I didn’t purchase any cos I have quite a few neutrals. Why only the green🟩😭😩😭😩😭😩🟒
      The lime green shade especially just wouldn’t stay on my lids. If you see closely, the centre of my lids barely have any colour. It’s so disappointing cos I love greens☹☹☹☹☹ .Thanks for stopping by to check out this review Alex πŸ˜πŸŒ»πŸŽ€πŸ˜πŸŒ»πŸŽ€πŸ˜πŸŒ»πŸŽ€

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      1. For some reason Wet’n’Wild can’t get colorful eyeshadows right! I tried them in store, but they really poorly pigmented. It’s a shame because some of their neutral palettes are bomb. I got their Silent Treatment and Walking on Eggshells neutral palettes when I was just starting to build my makeup collection and still love them.
        I’m curious: do you have a favorite green eyeshadow? I never came across really good quality green eyeshadows, it seems like an impossible pigment to work with 😒

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        1. Wow the neutrals seem like a safe bet then….
          yes, I do🟒😍🟒. I bought this tiny shadow duo from Loreal several years ago. It’s the best ever. I still have it though I’m sure its expired by now.🀫 It has a champagne shade on one side and a beautiful true deep bottle green with a very slight olive undertone. It’s so beautiful. It’s sooooooooo soft, super blendable….glides on like butter. No need for any primer or setting spray. It’s gorgeous. I don’t think it’s possible to put up a pic in a reply ….but I’d love to show you…let me try. But it’s not in production anymore. The shades were not matte/glittery/shimmery….just had a mild frost feel…just perfect.
          There is this Indian brand called Lakme. They make a lot of stuff for the Indian market which loves bold and bright colours. So I have a Lakme quad which has a perfect true dark green, a deep chromium blue, burgundy and a gold(most loved festival/wedding shade out here). I think it’s called peacock. It’s really bright and loud….just like me πŸ˜‰πŸ™ˆπŸ˜œ
          How are the Wet n Wild trios priced out there….was wondering πŸ€”
          I hope you find a great green sooooon 🟒🟩😍🟒🟩😍🟒🟩😍🟒🟩


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