The secret place

Up, up away on a cloud.
  That's what happiness is all about.
     Floating on cottony goodness.
        In the company of gentleness.
          Like Aladdin's magic carpet.
            Floating above the world's market.
              Cocooned by grace. 
                Such a safe place.
              Away from the criticism of the leaders of this world.
            And the condemnation of the arrogant netherworld.
         Nobody can trace.
       Or steal His loving embrace.
      Hidden in His wings,
     I dwell in the secret place of the King.
   Though the day of evil comes,
  I shall not turn to crumbs.
 My body and soul may tear.
But my spirit will never be in despair.

The secret place of the Most High(Pic
The Evil Day (Pic


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