Loreal Revitalift Laser X3 Anti-aging Transforming Eye Cream Review

Pricing: INR 1035 for a 15ml tube. The price is a bit steep considering the quantity.

Loreal Eye Cream

Packaging: It is packed in a user friendly tube. The metal tip applicator is pretty much useless according to me unless you’re particular about not getting your fingers too close to your eyes. I feel a lot more comfortable using my own fingers. There’s better judgement that way even without a mirror as compared to using the tip applicator. It is extremely travel friendly as it is the size of a mid sized pen.


Loreal Revitalift eye cream Ingredients

Physical Attributes: This is a whitish eye cream with a body lotion-like consistency.

Fragrance: This product is non fragranced considering it’s application is intended around the delicate eye area.

Loreal Laser X3 eye cream

Experience: Let me tell you all about this eye cream in points…

Firstly, this eye cream has a cream base and is not gel based like many eye creams. Gels don’t do much for the eyes. They can awaken and get rid of puffiness which can be achieved with cold water, chilled used green tea bags (caffeine) or cool vegetables like cucumber. Only creams provide hydration and I’m happy this one is not a gel.

It is absorbed instantly. Eyes just drink it up….slurrrp

It does not irritate eyes or make them puffy the next morning.

This product gives you 3 solutions in one cream. It deals with wrinkles, skin tightening and puffiness/eyebags. The only thing it doesn’t deal with is dark circles.

It hydrates and moisturizes very well.

I do not nt expect wrinkles to be erased with this or any other product. I’m realistic. I just hope it prevents further damage and crease formations. Although, wrinkles cannot be erased without invasive treatments, some creams plump up the skin making the appearance of wrinkles a lot lesser, thereby giving it that slightly ironed out look. This does that and I’m extremely happy with the results. If continued use does make wrinkles and crow’s feet disappear, I’ll update this article.

This technology has a pending patent.

The product I received is made in China.

Loreal Revitalift Laser X3 anti aging eye cream review

Verdict: This is my favourite eye cream so far. I use it almost every night before I go to bed. I am very satisfied with my purchase and will continue buying this until I find something that is better.

Stay Beautiful, Inside Out! 
L’Oreal Paris Revitalift


  1. This was a great review, Ruelha. I liked the part where you wrote “slurrrp.” Very cute. πŸ˜„ I enjoyed seeing your personality shine through your review.

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