Biotique Bio Papaya Revitalizing Tan Removal Scrub Review

Packaging: The lesser quantity packs are sold in tubes while the bigger ones are sold in plastic jars that have a wide screwtop opening which provides easy access to the product and zero wastage. The container is very sturdy and so are the tubes but I prefer the container because you can access all of it.

Biotique Papaya Scrub

Pricing: There are 4 options available. INR 75for a 50 gm tube, INR 199 for 75 gm jar, INR 140 for 100 gm tube and INR 520 for a 235 gm jar. I have the admit, the pricing is odd. Usually, companies reward you for buying more product!

Biotique Bio Papaya

Appearance: The scrub is a thick paste similar to the consistency of mud masks. It is highly concentrate. It is a cool-toned light pastel yellow with some grey undertones. It has micro bead sthat are very tiny and black in colour. These beads are not smooth but feel rough.

Papaya Scrub

Ingredients: Papaya fruit and seeds 5%, banana pulp 3%, date pulp 2%, neem bark 5%, fenugreek seeds 1%, yashad bhasm 5%, turmeric rhisome 1%, mango seeds 1%, bees wax 3.5%, kikar gum 1.5%, groundnut oil 2.5%, purified water QS. I have translated the entire ingredient list and you will realize only 2 out if the 12 ingredients are not regular kitchen/garden staples. This is an ayurvedic brand and formula. (Please check with the manufacturer/retailer for accurate details and product updates regarding ingredients, pricing etc as this informationmay become obsolete.)

Ayurvedic Papaya Face Scrub

Experience: Let me break it down in points.

  • The paste is very thick so you need to use just a lot lesser than the scrubs you are used to. It’s very concentrate and you must wet your face well to dilute the product. It helps save some product (quantity) in the long run.
  • This product is very affordable.
  • It is an Indian brand and is easily available in India.
  • If you have sensitive skin, maybe this is not the right product for you. This is an ayurvedic brand which has very potent natural ingredients. It gives a slight burning sensation around the nose and mouth sometimes when skin is very dry or cracked. If you are using active ingredients like glycolic peels, high concentrations of salicylic acid, AHAs, Retinoids etc, you need to stay away from this scrub.
  • I have been using this scrub for at least a dozen years now. This has been my favourite scrub for over 12 years. It really works. It makes skin smooth and scrubs off dead cells giving a nice sheen and glow to my face.
  • It unclogs pores and prevents blackheads and whiteheads.
  • It polishes skin and the effect is very noticeable.
  • The beads are just the right size. Many scrubs that are sold in the market have beads that are just too big.
  • Also, the proportion of micro beads and the paste is perfect. There are a lot of micro beads while the paste is just right to maintain the structural integrity of this product.
  • Most of the scrubs out there have beads that are too gentle for a scrub. These micro beads are coarse and actually get the job done. You can feel the difference once you’re done. Skin feels really smooth after using this scrub.
  • Although they suggest one must use it daily, I recommend this be used once or twice a week and no more.
  • This formula is so good that it hasn’t changed in so many years.
Biotique Tan Removal Scrub

Verdict: As mentioned earlier, I have been using this scrub for more than 12 years now. I had tried some fancy scrubs before that which I didn’t like at all and cost ten times as much as this one. I also tried products that claimed to be as good as micro dermabrasion but were just so useless. I have not tried any other scrub for a good ten years. That is how happy and confident I am about this product. It’s just so good. And it’s so affordable. I will keep repurchasing this product as long as the company continues to manufacture it.

Stay Beautiful, Inside Out! 


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