Shh….they can’t hear your thoughts!

They can't hear your thoughts.
They just infer and take calculated shots.
They can't read minds.
Hidden details, they can't find.
Yes, angels (and fallen angels) are highly intellectual spirit beings.
I have always found them fascinating and intriguing.
But, none of them can interpret,
unless you co-operate.
They make intelligent decisions,
based on your facial expressions.
Even if your words,
are not directed towards.
They can interpret your non-verbal communication,
easily without any hesitation.
They observe your actions,
and pay attention to your interactions.
Your past and your history,
they've seen, so not a mystery!
They can sense your fear.
So I suggest, be strong and clear.
Don't let them fool you.
They really cannot scan you.
Don't let the spirits lie.
All they can do is try.
They cannot predict your future.
Only God knows, 
your life's dominoes.
Satan is a liar.
He is a deceiver.
If you want to say,
lay it out loud on the tray.
Your words have power,
over him to tower. 
Speak boldly; speak aloud.
Don't let him, your judgement cloud.
But when you want privacy,
speak in tongues or think with God.
Only He can read your mind,
because He Himself designed.
Yes, Satan can pursuade and he can tempt.
He can show you, and he can attempt.
But, you have your free will.
Without consent, his plans go downhill.



    1. That’s a very good question Rose. I’d like a scriptural reference too. I am not aware of it though. Do keep me posted if you find out if it’s in the Bible somewhere. I have read few books by one of the most amazing Catholic exorcists, late Fr Gabriele Amorth. He was the man who founded the International Association of Exorcists and was the Chief Exorcist of the Vatican. That is where I got this piece of information. I have also attended meetings and prayer retreats where Catholic priest, late Fr Rufus Pereira preached. He was the VP of the International Association of Exorcists at some point (also a distant relative)and thanks to him some states in India and Asia have a Healing and Deliverance Ministry. I prefer to see a scriptural verse usually. But these are people I really look up to. They have performed an insane amount of exorcisms so I believe them. Fr Amorths books are easily available online if you like….he explains the dark side quite well….a good introduction.

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  1. Before the Pandemic, the Filipino exorcists priests have a radio program about Spiritual Warfare. It was replaced by Holy Mass on-air or probably shortened by one hour. They always quote Fr. Amorth. Ok, I’ll update you if I find the appropriate Bible verse.

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