God doesn’t need a defence attorney

When someone claims God doesn't exist,
    I don't go all preacher on him and insist.
I stand by my beliefs;
    though it may displease.
But I won't coerce.
    Because in this universe,
God will send forth the perfect labourers.
    Maybe you're just a sower, another the reaper.
Yes, it is my duty to attempt;
     to share His good news and represent.
But, it is your free will,
    with what you choose your heart to fill.
I think, instead of preaching,
    it is better to demonstrate His teachings.

God is love,
    sent to us on the wings of a dove.
I try to be a reflection,
     instead of acting out of my emotions.
If He wanted, He could just smite anyone.
   He wouldn't need to even move; no need for a gun.
Truth is, He's just waiting to shower, 
    with love and melt Satan's power.
You see, the true nature of God,
     is perfect love that's not flawed.

Love is patient; love is kind.
    Even a few abuses, He won't mind!
Imagine if Jesus were to retaliate,
    on the cross spurt out curses and hate!
Mankind would be forever doomed.
    By Satan this world, consumed.
Father, forgive them; 
    they know not what they do.
If you are my disciple,
    you must follow this too.

The world needs love and healing.
    Wounded hearts, their souls appealing.
All they need is to feel real love,
    the love of the Father encompassing them as a glove.
Don't choke them with your preaching;
    instead, live the life you are teaching!
Love conquers more,
     opens doors to treasures galore.
Of His true nature be a reflection.
     God does not need your protection.

Yes, Jesus's disciples are fishers of men. 
      but not by indoctrination, sales talk and then...
If it really means that much to you,
     don't argue; just pray for it, won't you?
I've dealt with more than a fair share,
     of atheists, agnostics and all that I'm aware.
The talks of physics and archaeology just cracks me up.
      I don't debate; I just lift them up.
And when God, they abuse and curse.
      I know God just yearns, their wounds to nurse.
God is not offended; He's pretty cool.
     Just be a reflection of His love, His ground rule.
Be the light in darkness; to all who hunger,
    Let the love you received from God reflect and conquer.

Love and Light,

(Pic credit:ldssotd.com)


  1. β™‘ OK; just for The Record “I DO!!! feel peace.” after many years in Disturbance, Distress and Distortion



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