How Are You?

Do you know the most dangerous question,
with which mankind has an obsession?
When you've done it all,
and didn't stumble or fall;
just awaiting your miracle,
and someone asks this question, horrible!

You've prayed and done things right.
In the Word, but this, your last fight.
Just then, someone enquiries.
Your well wishers, not demons and vampires!

Dear, how are you?
And you go like - phew!
I always find this difficult.
It manages to make me a cripple.

Should I state the facts?
Or proclaim the truth?
Avoiding the fact,
needs some knack.
But if I speak the truth,
I'm either delusional or a crook.

You think you are done.
If not careful, back to square one!
Isn't this pattern typical?
Every time it happens, despicable!

How are you?
You look so blue!
You look malnourished;
your body screams famished!
If you say, 'I'm okay',
they will say, 'no way'!

Really, how are you?
Do you need a breakthrough?
You have dark circles,
from jumping life's hurdles!
If you say, 'I'm okay'.
They'll still say, 'no way'!

Your shoes are torn;
you look like you need a loan!
Your hair is untidy;
you're not groomed properly! 
If you say, 'I'm okay'.
They'll insist, 'no way'!

Now, hold on tight.
Because if you shudder, even slight.
Handle it tactfully,
if you want it to end fruitfully.

Firstly, nobody really means to ask.
So, the worldly facts, you can afford to mask!
It's just a casual greeting.
Social obligation, and fleeting.

If you have your wisdom tooth,
not facts, but you'll proclaim - the truth!
And even if you can't do that,
be quiet and avoid the careless chat!

Remember, your words have the power,
to suddenly turn things sour.
You can rely on your physical senses,
and bear the repercussions and consequences!

Answer it wrong, and you'll give him power.
Almost ripened fruits and you, he'll devour!
So, the next time someone asks, 'how are you?'
Put some thought into your answer, will you?



    1. Thank you Sally πŸ€—πŸŽ€πŸ’πŸ€—πŸ˜πŸŽ€
      That’s a wise reactionπŸ˜ŠπŸŽ€πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜Š
      But, don’t they pursue it further?πŸ€”

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  1. If it’s a stranger or someone who doesn’t really care, I often answer “fine” and let them guess what it means. (Usually, “fine” means “not good at all.”) If it’s someone who really cares, I still feel tempted to keep my problems to myself, not to burden them. So I’ve learned some offhand remarks such as, “about the same,” or, “could be worse.” J.

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  2. I think you are over complicating the question. “How are you?” is a just in time question. And I think it is dangerous for the people who ask the question to get all the woes or celebrations heaped upon them they may not really care to know about. For the person being asked “How are you?” the answer can be as simple as the question.

    Answering “Fine!” is not a lie, no matter your state of being, because you are standing, sitting in proximity, talking on the phone, chatting or in some way engaged with the person who asked the question. You are alive, and if you are alert enough to say “Fine” you are fine at that moment.

    Depending on on how much you want to engage the person, you can choose to go through a whole litany of complaints, the person asked for it, right? Or you can explain how wonderful life is at the moment or how wonderful life has been for some time. I often answer “I’m alive”, which is a little worse that being fine, but better than going through whatever issues I’m dealing with at the moment, which are always manifold and never-ending. But I believe that’s probably the case for most people.

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    1. You’re one of the genuine onesπŸ€—πŸŽ€πŸ˜˜
      The problem is…..
      Even when people have good intentions, this question could be dangerous for someone if they speak carnal facts instead of the spiritual truths. Because words have power. God spoke creation into existence. Jesus told us it will be for us just as we say and believe….
      Let the weak say ….I am strong
      So you have to claim your miracle and not destroy it by speaking facts
      …I’m not saying you must lie. But this requires a lot of tact and spiritual wisdom…..
      I know it’s a bit too far fetched for many…..but I’m all in.


  3. What puzzles me is people who are traveling in the opposite direction in a hallway or on a path–return a “hello” with “how are you,” or, “how’s it going?” and then don’t stop moving to receive an answer. If I ask someone “how are you?” I at least stop and wait for them to respond. J.

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