Review of Seacret Ocean Mist Body Lotion

Pricing: It sells for around INR 3000 for a 200ml tube. It is also available as an entire set with a nail buffer and a cuticle/nail oil. I think that entire box cost me almost INR 6000. We were at the mall and a salesgirl came up to us to show us something amazing. She buffed my nails all shiny and back then I really didn’t know anything about buffing nails that sparkled like a clear glossy nail paint. Then I asked her the price and wanted to display my best sprint after I heard her reply. But, LAM is very kind and generous. He dragged me back and forcibly bought it for me. That’s how I came to own this …and some more goodies from this store which included a clay soap that cost over INR 1000and a face wash that was about INR 4000. This brand is expensive in India. I guess it has something to do with it being imported from Israel. I had difficulty using it at first; it felt like diamonds were melting away and evaporating into my skin.

Physical Attributes: The texture and consistency of this body lotion is like that of most lotions. It is not overtly thick or greasy. It spreads very easily and is instantly absorbed into the skin. It is perfect for day use or just after a shower.

Fragrance: It has a very calming and soothing fragrance. Picture yourself on a beach or in a spa. The fragrance has a somewhat lingering effect. It’s definitely the highlight of this product.


How to Use: It’s like any other body lotion. You squeeze out the required quantity and spread evenly on your body.

Effectiveness: This lotion is easily absorbed and does not have a sticky or oily feel. It’s great for summers. But I suggest you look for something more creamy during the winter months. For those of you who don’t know, this is how it goes (in terms of oil to water ratio): body butter, body lotion, body milk and then the lightest is body yoghurt. Body butters are very creamy and luxurious while body milks and yogurts are very very light. So lotions are just there in between and hold the perfect balance of oil:water. This one is a good lotion that skin drinks up quickly and easily. It won’t bother you or leave grease trails everywhere.

Verdict: It’s just insanely expensive. It is a good product that is priced just too high because it is imported, I guess. That being said, it is a good lotion but I find it difficult to justify the price so I don’t see myself hovering anywhere near their counters ever again.

Stay Beautiful, inside out!


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