The journey to fifty

They say happiness is a state of mind.
And for that, sometimes you have to be blind.
From forty-three to fifty,
he reached there so quickly.

Why worry about responsibility?
These are all, but temporary.
From forty-three to fifty,
He reached there without taxing his kidneys.

Just three years ago,
He received a mighty blow.
Completely crashed down.
But didn't make a sound.

Forty-three was so suddenly.
It didn't happen gradually.
The lord of flies the more will show.
To keep you diverted from the real truth, you know?

He didn't care.
The attempts were passive.
And a lot of hair,
he lost there, massive.

Then he thought,
this thing must be fought.
In bouts he tried.
Several attempts, active.
But his soul was parched
Vain his attempts as a captive.

But forty-three to fifty,
this number feels pretty.
It happened when his spirit
spoke to the soul within it.

The truth is what made him whole.
Back to fifty from the living sheol.
The truth got him out on parole.
As he walked in it, irrespective he became whole.

Like an aftertaste of angostura bitters,
when you see, you'll get only jitters.
Don't magnify and stay captive.
Set your soul free and become attractive.

What the soul sees is not the truth.
Because it is your spirit that can transform and bear fruit.
From forty-three to fifty, with only U-pin bends.
A broken soul collapsed, did mend.

Now at fifty, he is happy with this score.
But some things don't fit in his closet anymore.
From forty-three to fifty,
He's seen quite a journey.



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