To Jerusalem, the city of the House of God

As the disciples approached Jerusalem
Walking with this man born in Bethlehem
Two of his men ahead he sent
With instructions to prepare, this was the intent.

Go to the village and bring to me
A donkey with its colt; there won't be a fee.
If you are stopped, just say the master needs these.
And they will let you go away, without even saying please.

Look our king is so humble.
He rides on a donkey and does not grumble.
They spread their cloaks and palm branches.
Lay them before as a carpet as Jesus advances.

He was greeted with a triumphant entry and praise.
The people shouted with glee, 'hail, son of David!'
There was a great uproar.
Who is the man who put this city in a furore.

He is a great prophet.
A carpenter's son from Nazareth.
As he entered the temple
And was just about to settle
Furious at the people only trading
Under the guise of religion, deceit pervading.

My house shall be a house of prayer.
Not for money changers and traders to carry out their affairs.
You have made the temple a hideout for thieves.
To see this state, my heart cries out and grieves.

He overturned their trading tables
And headed inside the temple.
Healing the blind and crippled
In front of the chief priests and teachers He performed miracles.

Children shouting praises,
So the chief priests asked
Likened Jesus to be an heir of David,
With jealousy they were flabbergast.

Jesus simply quoted a scripture
And then he left for Bethany.
On His way back He saw a fig tree
But unable to find any fruits
He cursed it while it dried up to the roots.

The disciples asked Jesus how the tree dried up so quickly.
Jesus replied, "If you have faith and believe sincerely,
you can say get up to this hill;
and throw itself in the sea, it will!"
All you have to do is believe.
And in prayer you will, everything receive.

The chief priest asked, "Who gave you the right,
to teach in the temple and perform miracles in plain sight?
With what authority?
Can you prove your superiority?"

Sure, I'll answer your question.
I have for you a proposition.
If you answer without hesitation,
I will reply to your question.

Who gave John the right,
in the river Jordan, to baptize?
Was it God or was it man?
This could get us into trouble, it can!
So they kept quiet.
And about authority, didn't fight.

(Inspired by Matthew 21:1-27)

This poem is part of a series of rhymes titled β€˜The Matthew Series’This is the 21st poem in the series. They are all based on the gospel of Matthew and are in the correct sequence. Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. The Beginning of His ministry
  2. The secrets to a successful healing


  1. Love and light from Lebanon being mentioned in the bible as the land of cedars of God…
    Jesus Christ has visited Southren Lebanon that is close to Israel and the Galeel mountains …


  2. Sing in the voice of liberty ,
    And allow the grace to be ,
    Know the truth everyone,
    For the truth would set you free ,
    Martin Luther is a true king ,
    Glowing like a star in the universal sky and sea ,
    Singing joy , growing like mighty tree ,
    All inspired by God , to unite ,
    And ignite the power of global we ,
    The greatest good awaitsΒ  , you andΒ  me …


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