Don’t Starve Yourself

So in the past few days,
I took a break from my ways.
Although in the eye,
I waited few moments to stand by.
You know, like a break.
Maybe sit down and in rest partake.

But when you're posted at the line of control,
You can't snooze two days and not patrol.
Because you see, the adversary...
is fluent in warfare, his level is not nursery.
He's just waiting to devour.
A moment of weakness and he'll overpower.

I didn't wear the armour.
Just sat there like a helpless farmer.
Almost believed the lies.
From the lord of flies.

Why spend time or money for what is not bread.
You can't get nourishef if on lies you're fed.
Eat what is good.
Don't starve yourself of spiritual food.
Delight yourself in the Word in abundance.
He never gets tired of feeding His children or your over-indulgence.

Enter into His banquet of fine wine.
Drink from this cup and your soul will align.
He has kept waiting for you, choice pieces of meat with marrow.
Ruminate and it will take away unbelief and sorrow.

I'm still drinking milk; it's been so many years.
Only tasted solid food in bouts, you can tell by the tears.
By this time I ought to have been a teacher.
Yet I am sitting here revising elementary principles and features.

Still longing for milk like newborn babies.
Instead of adult food: bread, meat and gravies.
Because solid food is for the mature.
Only those with experience and skill can savour.

A newborn infant, if she isn't fed.
As cute as can be will still starve and be dead.
Well, I took a break.
Thought I've been eating meat and steak.
Survived on the excess calories I had saved.
But burned up muscle, being protein deprived.

I almost starved, and started asking: but how.
Anxiety creeped in just a wee bit.
No reason to smile within my spirit.
Just then, I remembered: He is the bread.
Eat my flesh and live forever, is what He said.

The Bible is the Word of God.
Jesus is the Word made flesh.
Read the Word; eat the Word.
Because man does not live on bread alone.
The Word is the nourishment that cuts through marrow and bone.

I think I'm back.
Right on track.
A soldier cannot leave his post.
Because all it takes is a moment's lapse.
For the whole system to crumble and collapse.


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Pic credit:Jordan’


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