Divorce your obsessions and distractions, not your spouse

So they tried to trick Jesus with questions about divorce.
Should a man be able to write his wife away with no remorse?
To this, the Son of Man didn't mince words as He replied.
Now He took them back to Genesis, and this is the logic He applied.

When God first created man,
He made a suitable helper by his side to stand.
This was His will right from the beginning.
The Lord abhors divorce, so don't think of quitting.
He made them male and female to be interdependent and loving,
to teach them together in the process - to become forgiving.

The nature of God infused ...as a spouse and parents.
While they struggle in the world just running errands. 
Unconditional, agape love comes from God.
Through forgiveness and learning, still loving what is flawed.

It is through the storms of life that they weather.
Through the good and bad, in one body to be together.
Just like we are all unique in the body of Christ.
Literate, illiterate, rich, poor, black, white - all united by the blood sacrifice.

A diamond is nothing but a piece of coal.
After being subject to years of pressure, it shines brighter than gold.
It was always so, even in the time of Moses.
But you were so incorrigible, hence taught in doses.

A man can divorce his wife only for her unfaithfulness.
Even that is not preferred, by His gracefulness!
If he marries again, that would be adultery.
Though practiced everywhere, this is not a new set boundary.

Jesus, if this is how it is, better not to marry!
A lifelong commitment seems a lot more scary.
There are some who cannot marry because they cannot.
And there are some who choose to give the Kingdom, all they've got. 
But those who can keep in their heart, this teaching,
only they must go to the altar, all blushing.

Then came a rich young man,
Asking the good Lord for a plan.
What good must I do to have eternal life;
I have already been avoiding sin and strife.

There is only One who is good.
And for your sake, will hang on wood.
The wages of sin is death.
Sinless perfection and good works reduces debt.

You know the commandments.
They bring life, no eternal disappointments.
But over and above, to be perfect,
Through the curse of the law, to not be wrecked,
Give to the poor all your wealth and money. 
These don't come before God; your possessions is your honey.
Seek first the Kingdom and come follow
Me, while gently I remove all that was shallow.

It is easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle
Than between a rich man and his gold, to get in the middle.
Saved, how then, can any man be?
Impossible for man, not with God, you see?
You can through good works, being sinless and perfect.
Or choose the Cross and gain full righteousness, authority and respect.

Now, Jesus never told
Everyone to leave their gold.
But even Abraham, his heir, his son.
Was asked to sacrifice, his only one.
Sometimes done as a test.
And at times to remove from your heart the pests.
The Kingdom first you seek, this comes first.
Once in the Word and the Spirit, you'll quench this thirst.

Don't lose focus and be distracted.
That to worldly pleasures, you get more attracted.
Those who are first now,
will be last and will have to bow.
And those who, now are last 
will be first, those downcast.

(Inspired by Matthew Chapter 19)

This poem is part of a series of rhymes titled The Matthew Series’This is the 19th poem in the series. They are all based on the gospel of Matthew and are in the correct sequence. Here are a few of my favorites:

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  1. I absolutely agree with you on this one – denominations are man made. I attend all kinds of Christian services, not just Roman Catholic. Perhaps we do🤗. Hugs and thank you so much for your blessings 🎀🙏🏼🎀🙏🏼🎀🙏🏼🎀🙏🏼🎀

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  2. It’s been my pleasure in getting to know you during our conversation. However I do have a class tonight and need to get to work. Hugs I will leave you with this, something I always say after my service, and sharing the message of God.
    The Lord Bless you and keep you, the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you,.the Lord turn his face toward you and give you his peace, now and forever. Amen (taken from Numbers 6:24-26) Old Testament
    Until we me again my friend ❤

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  3. Hi Ruelha! I agree completely, very good advice here! The problem as I see it is too many people have “obsessions and distractions” these days and don’t really know the true meaning of commitment; what the vow “till death do us part” really takes to accomplish, or in the least, won’t follow through with their obligations to each other and live the love, not just talk, dream and think it. By doing this, couples should always put their spouse before selfish obsessions and easy to find distractions! My father would always say when we were all growing up in my family, that, “there are too many temptations out in that world and people have to be strong in their faith and character;” as I see it to have moral integrity.

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    1. I couldnt agree more, Lawrence. The world we live in is just filled with too many temptations. And we are so accustomed to choice and instant gratification, that ….not just in marriage but in just about everything we get distracted so easily by worldly glitter, and then lose sight and become confused. ☹🎀🤔🎀

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      1. Absolutely said that perfect Ruuelha! The old saying, “all that glitters is not gold,” and temptation does that it entices and tricks those who will not be keenly aware of the trappings of this world; after all isn’t that what got to Eve and then Adam and they fell from grace with God Almighty!
        Hugs and Love to you Ruelha!

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          1. Thank you again Ruelha…you brought comfort and wisdom to all these point we discuss! That is a huge comfort and relief for me and I truly appreciate it from deep in my heart, honestly! You are so kind and helpful, like gentle hands helping a Dove here! God bless you. God sees and knows all things, He is watching always! Amen. ✝️ 😇 💗 🙏🦋 🙏

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            1. I’m not kind or helpful….I have just begun trying to walk in grace….these titles don’t feel right….but thank you Lawrence, you’re very kind. Have a beautifully blessed day 🙏🏼🎀🙏🏼

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              1. Ruelha those are not titles, they are qualities or virtues and I think you have confused or misunderstood something in the translation, from a simple compliment! Sorry you had this difficultly but its nothing to correct! Unless of course I’m mistaken and you actually are not a kind person or a helpful person? That would make no sense at all! I still think what I said about you is correct.

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                1. I’m having a Dove kinda situation….
                  I haven’t been kind or helpful for most of my life so both of those in a single sentence makes me feel weird. I am trying to be….but I haven’t been much kind or helpful for most of my life….so 🙃🕊🐢

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                  1. Ah now I see what you mean Ruelha! It is hard to fully appreciate what another person is saying let alone what they are all about in this forum or limited means. I had the impression to be honest hat you are a very genuinely kind or let’s say considerate Lady and person. You maybe haven’t had the conducive circumstances to afford you proper opportunity to express these virtues and still may not so you have to survive first and then time will tell if you are going to show these virtues in your outward behavior and actions. You were helpful to me so there you have shown or express this virtuous side and thus begun to travel on a new path perhaps, we are in God’s hands and He will guide you. 🕊🐢

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                2. Everyday I put on the armour of God and when I come to the breastplate of righteousness and then to the girdle of truth….I keep saying….I’m not what the deceiver and accuser of the brethren calls me to be….blah blah blah….I’m such a whackadoodle….I was telling you about not letting the accuser get you into guilt and pain with the 🕊 situation….whilst dealing with my own 🐢 situation🙃🙃🙃

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                  1. You see the defects that cause us pain and suffering well, and too how the accuser or deceiver wants us to believe we have failed before we even try! I think maybe that is you as you express many good strong insights and inner strength, but, lack worldly experience and thus confidence to move with the Holy Spirit of God in the direction He leads you! 🕊 Humility and Trust are essential and that was the thing that upset me the term or concept of “Trust” which I allowed that Dove to have in me, but then I’m not God and I slipped making a poor decision which didn’t cost me as much as it did the innocent Dove! Trusting in the Lord He will never let us be hurt unnecessarily, if we are in His good graces and following His will. As I see, it’s like if we are parents to our own child we must be decisive, steady and true for the sake of that child depending on us to provide all it needs, and beyond that then we ask God to make up for any lack or imperfections of our own and this worlds, as we are only human beings in an imperfect place we call home for now!
                    Do you see better what I mean Ruelha? 🕊 We may have to confer with 🐢 Myrtle again! LOL. 🙃🙃🙃

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                    1. I understand…surrender/obedience in humility and trust. Some days these reminders are really needed 🎀🎀🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🎀🎀🎀🎀🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼….thank you Lawrence 💐🙏🏼🎀🧸


  4. Hi Ruelha, Your post is excellent no doubt. But what Jesus said has to be understood by both. If one one does, then it becomes an exploitative arrangement. It is also a sin to bear torture. Torture for no reason has never purified anyone. Your post had highlighted very important issues about marriage and its sanctity. It is excellent

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