Ritually Unclean, but from the Heart

The teachings of our ancestors, your disciples don't obey.
Before they eat, never wash their hands the proper way.
Until all is accomplished, the law will remain.
The commandments they follow, not man-made restrains.
The law says, 'honour your father and mother'.
Yet, under the guise of Corban, from you riches will uncover.
You honour God with just mere words.
But your heart is still leaning elsewhere towards.
From the heart flows ideas that maketh a man.
Lust, arrogance, unforgiveness, anger, excetra, all immoral seeds bear the fruit he plans.
It is not what goes into the mouth that makes a person ritually clean or unclean.
Rather what comes out of the mouth is what must be seen.
Because what comes out of the mouth is conceived in the heart.
He walks around like a roaring lion to enter and devour through your coronary path.
If you eat without washing your hands or even washing it the proper way,
that does not make you ritually unclean because that is not how you stray.
Guard your heart then; don't let evil take root and fester when.
Let God live in and protect your heart.
He wants your heart, not just your wishlist sweetheart.

Then He went to Tyre and Sidon.
A Canaanite women when at his feet weeped in.
She recognized Jesus's authority.
Called Him the son of David, knew his superiority. 
When Jesus ignored and did not give the Word.
She followed him around no matter what He prefered.
First for the lost children of Israel;
can't take the children's food and throw it at the little dogs.
But even dogs eat the crumbs that fall from the children's table.
My daughter is possessed by demons, and to deliver her - only you are able.
You can only impress God with your faith,
while you in anticipation wait.
Even if it's not your destiny or His will for you,
He will wipe the board anew.
What you want will be done for you;
faith is all that is required of you.
And as He spoke those words,
her daughter at home was healed and delivered.


(Inspired by Matthew Chapter 15)

Pic credit:testifygod.org

This poem is part of a series of rhymes titled The Matthew Series’This is the 15th poem in the series. They are all based on the gospel of Matthew and are in the correct sequence.

Pic credit:knowing-jesus.com
Pic credit:knowing-jesus.com
Pic credit:easternlightningthelightofsalvationblog.com


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