Flavour of the week

If you’d rather have me recite this poem, here is a YouTube video of me doing exactly that.
Back in the day,
still a youth; she had some hay.
Never really was a lonely day.
Always surrounded and had her way.
She always loved walking,
a habit she keeps to this day.
Alone she prefers it, without any talking.
Or if the company is good, excuse her thoughts to make that leeway.
But not around a track or in circles,
on the open road with some traffic and other hurdles.
Just outdoors, wherever it leads.
Keeping rhythm with her thoughts, wherever the heart and soul proceeds.

This was during the summer vacation time.
Her bestie and her, everyday they walked around morning time.
Over four kilometers to the beach.
Would take a couple of hours to reach.
Just to sit on the sand,
and get a little tanned.
Girly talk: dress patterns, Christmas and peers.
Of dreams, and life  and passions, and fears.

Then a new boy just moved to the locality.
Interested in her, he joined in their walks daily.
Finally one day, asked the bestie for help.
Back in the day they spoke to real people, not Google or Yelp!
But of course, on him she did tell.
But, as usual the girls kept the secret so well.
And revealed to no one,
just friends, that line drawn seemed fun.
Didn't want no awkward show,
or the friendship to destroy and throw.

One fine day as they finished their walk,
came back as usual to their 'lukkha' talk.
Usually, her place was their 'adda',
where all her friends would gather and chill ... yada yada yada.
That day he sang her a song...
one that he'd written from the first day along.

She still remembers the title.
Not her type, no attraction y'all!
But a gesture this sweet,
how can one forget at all?
He sang as he played
...his heart on a guitar.
'Flavour of the week'
With a title like that, his hope was bleak!
The song was cheesy,
and the title - somewhat derogatory.

They never did hook up.
No feelings for him, not even as backup.
But fast forward now, almost twenty years.
That gesture is still remembered in nostalgic whispers.
Back then embarrassed in front of her bestie.
Unable to react, protecting her modesty.
Controlling the laughs and holding it back.
But today, she's smiling remembering that track.
In her mind, she was just rolling her eyeballs.
All that sweet talk, of kindness and beauty compared to dolls.
Waiting for the embarrassing song to end.
Oh, back then it was funny for her and her girlfriend.

Today she looks back on that innocent track.
And realised it took a lot of courage and some knack.
Oh back in the day, 
somewhere far away.
Someone wrote her a song,
On a chord he played his heart along.

The bestie and her secretly joked about it for days.
Not realizing - that was just a phase.
I ain't no flavour! And really? ...just of the week!
If he thinks this would work, that boy is a freak!
But looking back, at least he had the courage,
to sing it all when nobody encouraged.
Oh somewhere back in the day,
Who knew nature and age will soon work it's wicked way!


(1.Lukkha - hindi slang for wasted
2.Adda - hindi slang for hangout
3.Yada yada yada - excetra, as made popular by the sitcom Seinfeld)


    1. Good morning brother Matt….
      I love reading your greeting….such beautiful reminder everytime.
      Jesus loves you too.
      Have a beautifully blessed, productive and cheerfully peaceful day πŸ™πŸ•ŠβœοΈπŸŒˆ

      Liked by 1 person

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