Focus on God!

Herod was the ruler of Galilee.
But when his own brother's wife he did see,
he took Philip's wife.
Married Herodias and brought her into his life.
But John the Baptist was a man of God;
and such immoral behaviour he did not ignore or applaud.
He criticized Herod for this sin,
while everybody else ignored or cheered him.
Now John the Baptist was in prison,
but Herodias the vixen, was brimming with poison.
She conspired with her daughter.
On Herod's birthday, dressed her up and before him she brought her.
A sultry dance, she did perform.
For Herod and his guests - a tantalizing storm.
So then he promised her in front of all his guests,
she could have anything she would request.
Just as the mother and daughter had planned, she asked for John the Baptist's head on a platter in her hand.
Just as Herod had sworn,
John was beheaded and brought to his throne.

Now John was the son of Elizabeth, the cousin of His mother Mary.
So on hearing about John, Jesus felt upset and weary.
In pensive melancholy, he wanted to be alone.
So he hopped on a boat and went to a lonely zone.
But the people still went round about, leaving their towns to follow Him.
When Jesus seen the people managed to follow Him, still he had pity on them although His heart was grim.
He healed all those who were ill,
His disciples came to caution Him until. 
It is already so late and we are in such a lonely place;
send the people away to buy food for themselves and say grace.
They don't have to leave. Is there anything you carry?
Five loaves and two fish, but look at this multitude; it is all so scary.
He then sat them down on the grass,
looked up to heaven and gave thanks.
Broke the bread and asked them to pass.
Around five thousand men, not counting the women and children.
When all finished and ate well,
twelve baskets full of leftovers the disciples counted to tell.

Then He sent the people away.
He just wanted to be alone a while and pray. The disciples He sent on a boat ahead.
By evening time, the boat was being toseed about the seabed.
Between three and six in the morning, 
the good Lord thought of walking.
A perfect way to catch up.
So, on water He walked till they met up.
Many of His disciples, fishermen they were.
A man walking on water, a ghost they concurred!
Courage, it is I. Don't be afraid.
Jesus, if it's really you - I'd like to join your crusade.
Come He agreed and Peter on water walked.
Just as his master, while the boat still rocked.
But halfway through, he realised he was in the midst of a storm.
And started to sink as soon as he looked down.
Just then, Jesus grabbed him and saved him.
Where is your faith, Peter? Why did you suddenly doubt?
Why did you concentrate on the storm and start looking about?

And when they finally reached shore,
the people of Gennesaret recognized Jesus and flocked all the more.
Over John's death, Jesus was still grieving.
He just wanted to be alone, but the people were not leaving.
So remember, when you put your emotions and feelings aside,
to continue and follow the Lord's ways when you decide...
Some of the most profound miracles,
were recorded that day, all Biblical.
Focus on Jesus, not the storm.
And when the wind blows harder, don't let it transform.
Eyes on the Lord,
even when your emotions are not in accord.
You  might just change history.
In His name surely there is victory.
Even those who touched the edge of his cloack,
became well, at Gennesaret all of those folks.

Again, a similar miracle just a few days away.
He felt sorry for the people who relentlessly followed him for three whole days.
If we send them without food, they might just faint.
But how are we to feed this crowd, four thousand men plus women and children, the  sisciples complained.
Do you have any bread?
Just seven loaves, and of fish - some shreds. Looking up to Heaven, He gave thanks, broke the bread.
And then to the disciples, to distribute the food He said.
When all finished and ate well, 
Seven baskets full of leftovers, the disciples counted to tell.

(Inspired by Matthew 14 and 15:32-39)

This poem is part of a series of rhymes titled The Matthew Series’. This is the 14th poem in the series. They are all based on the gospel of Matthew and are in the correct sequence.


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