The Sabbath …and more

Through cornfields on a sabbath,
when the disciples were famished.
They began to eat the corn,
and invited the Israelites scorn.
So Jesus reminded them about King David.
How with sacred bread, the priest had aided.
And on every sabbath, the priests,
break the sabbath themselves, a feast
Not animal sacrifices, but kindness!
and definitely not, all this blindness.

Then at the synagogue, they attempted to trick Him.
Brought forth a man with a paralyzed upper limb.
Is it against our law on the sabbath to heal?
He healed that man; that's just how He chose to deal.
If one of your sheep falls into a hole,
would you just continue on the sabbath to stroll?
A man is worth so much more than sheep.
Against helping a brother out, no such commandment you were told to keep.
So they grumbled and plotted to kill,
the Son of Man who came their hearts to fill.

You can tell the type and health of a tree by it's fruits.
A poor tree is certain to have bad roots.
A person's speech will reflect,
What's in his heart for you to detect.
An account for every word on Judgement Day, innocent or guilty, every word ever spoken will weigh.
So then, after claiming he came from Beelzebub,
the teachers and pharisees demanded a new miracle.
How godless and evil, you people who ridicule!
A miracle was always an act of compassion, not a spectacle, minuscule.
On Judgement Day, Nineveh will come to accuse.
and also the Queen of Sheeba who travelled all the way when she heard the news.
When Jonah preached repentance,
and King Solomon's every wise sentence. 
Than Jonah and King Solomon, far greater
I assure you, is their creator.
Who is my mother? Who are my brothers?
Do the will of God, and you will not be of another.

(Inspired by Matthew 12:1-21, 33-42, 46-50)

This poem is part of a series of rhymes titled 'The Matthew Series'. This is the 11th poem in the series. They are all based on the gospel of Matthew and are in the correct sequence.
Pic credit:
Pic credit:
Pic credit: walk with jesus by Amy Tai
Pic credit:knightsofthelivinggod(Facebook)


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