Review: L’Oreal Hydrafresh Genius Multi-active Essence Cream

This product retails at INR 599/- but I got it absolutely free with another L’Oreal cream that I purchased. It is not something I would pay for simply because I am not a big fan of gel-creams….especially ones containing alcohol for that cooling effect. But free is always welcome 😉

This cream is actually a gel. It is lightweight and is almost instantly absorbed into your skin. Once applied, it gives this lovely cooling sensation which is great for the summer months. But that menthol-like effect does not last for more than a few minutes. It has this mild aqua marine colour that feels fresh and hydrating.

I think this cream would be great for very young girls/women who don’t require much assistance from moisturizers because it does not really do much in that department. It does keep you very mildly hydrated and helps create an even base before makeup application. I really dislike this product and will not be purchasing it ever. You will like it if you are looking for an extremely lightweight, non-greasy, gel based moisturizer. The only thing I really like about this cream is that it leaves my skin looking dewy. So it does look good on application, but it does not do much for me as a cream.

I hope my review helps you make an informed decision. Please note, this is not a paid review and this article solely represents my personal views based on my experience with the product. Please keep your specific skin/conditions in mind before you make your decision.

Take Care,


PS: I do not have my laptop anymore and it is extremely difficult to access/reply to posts/comments from my phone. Please bear with me. I will revert to you soon.


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