Rules of the game

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By the same yardstick others you judge,
those same rules will be applied, just a nudge.
What you see through that fog,
that speck in your brother's eye, instead of your own log.
You  deflecting, projecting hypocrite!
Clean out your own first, only then you will see fit.

To dogs do not give what is holy;
they'll turn around and attack you only.
And if you give these pearls to pigs,
they'll trample upon them like rotten figs.

All you have to do is ask;
and that is not a mighty task.
Receive you will,
up to your fill.
Seek and you will find,
even if by this world you are blind.
Don't be afraid to knock and knock;
it will eventually be opened in front of all who mocked.
Even a human father would not give a stone,
instead of bread, if asked by a son, his own.
Definitely when he asks for a fish,
you will not handover a snake as a dish.
Imagine then, with your heavenly father;
all you have to do is ask.
And I repeat that is not such a mighty task.
He will give you the entire flask;
all you need to do is ask.
Do for others as you would have them do unto you;
that is all that the law and prophets tried to tell you.

Go in through the narrow gate;
the gate to life is hard, but worth the wait.
If you choose the wide gate to hell,
the road to it is easy, and many others will you find there as well.

And against false prophets be on your guard.
On the outside, they appear as sheep from the farmyard;
but on the inside, they are just wild wolves.
If the tree is good,
the fruits also would.
Observe what they do;
a bad fruit, well that is your cue.

Just because you call me 'lord',
don't expect me to applaud.
It is only by doing God's will;
not driving out demons, preaching or any other skill.

Now then, if you hear my words and obey,
when the storms come, your home will stay.
The rain may pour;
even though the rivers overflow,
though the winds blow hard,
on my Word, stand your guard.

You see, unlike the teachers of the law and their superiority,
this man called Jesus, He taught with authority.

{inspired by Matthew chapter 7}

This poem is a part of a series of rhymes titled 'The Matthew Series'. This is the 6th poem in the series. They are all based on the gospel of Matthew and are in the correct sequence.
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  1. My problem with this “Thou shall not judge…” dictum is people thought they are being judged if you call their attention about something that is really a sin. There is no more a sense of sin for most people!

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    1. I completely agree….we live in horrible times. Our world is smitten by the antics of the evil one. I avoid judgement/condemnation and refrain from pointing fingers because I need mercy more than anyone else….but if I’m asked for my opinion….I’ll tell you I dont agree with some things however illogical and medieval I may sound 🙂
      Btw….there is such a thing as **holy anger.** It was displayed by Jesus when he seen the people outside the synagogue trading and making the temple like a market for trade activities….

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