Nothing can replace good old hair oil

I have been reckless for a while and not bothered about my hair for months. Well, it’s true – I never use styling products, heat styling or any kind of chemical treatment on my hair. In these last 8 years, I got my hair ironed once for my brother’s wedding. So my hair is what you would call ‘virgin hair’. It is not subject to ill-treatment per se. But, the climate where I live is extremely hot and humid and my hair is subject to UV damage and frizziness due to the sweltering heat and humidity. I had become pretty laxed for a few months and did nothing but shampoo and condition my hair. I even used a nice hair mask every now and then instead of a conditioner in hopes of getting the same effect as oiled hair. But, although my hair felt clean and fine after every wash, it lost its bounce and life.

I almost forgot what silky hair felt like. It had been months since I oiled my hair and I thought my fancy hair masks would compensate for that. But then one fine day, I finally oiled my hair and kept it for a couple of hours. And after I washed it, I remembered why I used to do it all along. My hair was soft and supple with bounce and vibrancy all over again. Just a single wash and I could run my fingers and feel that smoothness, volume and density that each strand gets when you wash your hair after oiling it. From a dry, frizzy mess, it became shiny and lovely again. I understand, life is so busy. But plan a little and save few moments to oil your hair a few hours before washing it. Absolutely nothing can replace the good that comes of it. And I repeat: always oil your hair before washing it.

Well, you could use any hair oil. Just stay away from mineral oil. Always check the list of ingredients. Most of the almond oil and hibiscus oils we get have a mineral oil base. No good comes from slathering your mane with mineral oil. Even most baby oils have a mineral oil base which is just horrifying. These are some good choices. I like coconut the best. It is local and rather inexpensive where I live.

  1. Coconut oil
  2. Olive oil
  3. Almond oil
  4. Argan oil
  5. Sesame oil
  6. Castor oil {this one takes some patience to apply as well as remove because the consistency is so dense.}
  7. Hibiscus enriched oil

Happy hair days to you!



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